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Another Reason to Keep the Piano Lid Open

If you are an art and music aficionado and money isn’t a problem, why not start your own grand piano art collection?

Bösendorfer has chosen 2012 to introduce their new “Artist Series” pianos, and have dedicated it’s first edition to Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918) in order to honor the 150th Anniversary of his birth.
The grand pianos are being made with the cooperation of the Belvedere Museum in Vienna who has the most extensive collection of Klimt paintings in the world. There will be just 25 of the beautifully hand-crafted Klimt models made.

Bösendorfer took Belvedere’s high-resolution image of The Kiss and used advanced reprographic techniques to render the painting on the inside of the Model 200 grand piano lid.
Further Klimt-like design elements have also been added to the piano. Inspired by Klimt’s use of asymmetrical organic lines, Bösendorfer have created lines, inlaid with real gold leaf, on the music desk and on the legs of the instrument.

Brian Kemble introduces the new limited edition Klimt model at the Musikmesse 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany:


Yamaha and Bösendorfer Collaboration Intensifies

The new Bösendorfer Selection Center in Wiener Neustadt

The new Bösendorfer Selection Center in Wiener Neustadt

In January 2008, Yamaha purchased Bösendorfer Pianos, one of the most prestigious brands in the piano industry. Last month, a plan was announced that will intensify the collaboration of sales and marketing activities between the two companies. Integrated within a multiple-brand strategy, the strengths of both brands will be more intensively leveraged in order to capture new market share. Together, Yamaha and Bösendorfer are able to offer complete solutions to every pianist, every teacher and every audience. Bösendorfer grands, available in a wide array of unique designs and finishes, have a European flavour that renders a full, warm sound and special interpretation possibilities for pianists. With the support of Yamaha and its infrastructure, artist management should be expanded worldwide and collaboration with concert halls and renowned educational institutions accelerated. Bösendorfer headquarters and manufacturing will remain in Austria.

According to Paul Calvin, Vice President and General Manager of Yamaha’s Keyboard Division, “We look forward to the integration of this historic and well-regarded brand. Bösendorfer’s instruments are famous for their fine sound and craftsmanship since 1828. As such, they make a wonderful addition to the Yamaha family of products.”

Bösendorfer was founded in 1828 and is a manufacturer of premium pianos, especially concert grands. As a symbol of Vienna’s musical culture, Bösendorfer pianos sustain the city’s legacy of unique, warm, and rich sound-creation combined with top-quality production, based on a long tradition of craftsmanship, and have many fans principally among pianists and professional musicians. After becoming a subsidiary of Kimball Piano and Organ Company, a U.S. piano manufacturer, in 1966, Bösendorfer was acquired in 2002 by the BAWAG an Austrian financial group. Yamaha began the manufacturing of pianos in 1900 and has built a position as a full-line supplier, offering a wide range of pianos led by the top-of-the-line concert grand CFIIIS. In addition, Yamaha maintains a branch of its European subsidiary in Vienna and has nurtured close ties with the musical community in Vienna. Over the years, at the request of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, along with the decrease in the number of local instrument manufacturers, Yamaha has developed, and is continuing to manufacture, instrument groups that inherit Vienna’s sound and musical tradition, including Vienna oboes and Vienna horns in the wind instruments section. Bösendorfer pianos, too, have a uniquely Viennese resonance, and the traditional methods of manufacturing have been preserved. In its management role, Yamaha believes that, going forward, it will be possible to support the healthy growth and development of Bösendorfer and contribute to sustaining Vienna’s musical culture and traditions for future generations.


A Bösendorfer Grand by Porsche?

– designer collaborations link instrument making to fashion and contemporary trends.
Porsche - Bösendorfer Grand Piano

In close co-operation with the world-famous Porsche Design company, Bösendorfer has created a contemporary approach to grand piano design. Bösendofer states; In keeping with our motto — “cherish traditions, transcend limits” — this new interpretation incorporates ground-breaking new features that will have a lasting impact on the development of grand piano design. Other collaborations include Josef Frank, Chrysler and Swarovski (where each grand is adorned with 8,000 hand-cut Swarovski crystals).

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