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Claude Debussy: Preludes

Debussy’s two books of preludes amount to a revolution in piano writing, and reflect better that any of his other works the span of Debussy’s achievement.
The first book (1910) proved to be his most successful work: it includes some of the more popular preludes, such as La fille aux Cheveux de Lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair), and La Cathédrale Engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral), based on the legend of the sunken city of Ys, whose cathedral was allowed to rise to the surface once a day.
Both books include musical idioms from many different parts of the world (Spain, Scotland, Italy, the Orient etc.) and the evocative titles, placed as afterthoughts at the end of each piece, often allude to literary works by Shakespeare, Dickens, Baudelaire, Shelley and others.

Sheet Music Downloads:

TitleASTKey Published Type Level
Prelude - Danceuses de Delphes Book 1 No. 1B-flat Major 1908 Piece 8
Prelude - Voiles Book 1 No. 2n/a 1908 Piece 8
Prelude - Le Vent Dans la Plaine Book 1 No. 3n/a 1908 Piece 8
Prelude - Les Sons et les parfums tornent dans l'air du soir Book 1 No. 4n/a 1908 Piece 8
Prelude - Les Collines d'Anacapri Book 1 No. 5n/a 1908 Piece 8+
Prelude - Des pas sur la neige Book 1 No. 6n/a 1908 Piece 8+
Prelude - Ce qu'a vu le Vent d'Ouest Book 1 No. 7n/a 1908 Piece 8+
Prelude - La fille aux cheveux de lin Book 1 No. 8n/a 1908 Piece 7
Prelude - La sérénade interrompue Book 1 No. 9n/a 1908 Piece 8+
Prelude - La Cathédrale engloutie Book 1 No. 10n/a 1908 Piece 8+
Prelude - La Danse de Puck Book 1 No. 11n/a 1908 Piece 8+
Prelude - Minstrels Book 1 No. 12n/a 1908 Piece 8+
Prelude - Brouillards Book 2 No. 1n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Feuilles mortes Book 2 No. 2n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - La puerta del vino Book 2 No. 3n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Les fées sont d'exquises danseuses Book 2 No. 4n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Bruyères Book 2 No. 5n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - "Général lavine" excentric Book 2 No. 6n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune Book 2 No. 7n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Ondine Book 2 No. 8n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Hommage à S. Pickwick Esq. P.P.M.P.C. Book 2 No. 9n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Canope Book 2 No. 10n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Les tierces alternées Book 2 No. 11n/a 1913 Piece 8+
Prelude - Feux d'artifice Book 2 No. 12n/a 1913 Piece 8+

Posts in the piano forum about Preludes by Debussy:

xx Debussy Preludes
December 29, 2008, 09:08:21 AM by alialvarez

Hey, so I just wanted to post some Debussy Preludes I just remembered I uploaded on youtube some time ago. Comments are welcome!  Grin


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