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The Music’s Secret Language

Ever wonder why a certain classical piece evokes a consistent emotional response? Scientist and musician Manfred Clynes has done extensive research on the topic and discovered that many of the great composers all had their own unique signature of underlying emotional “pulse” in their music. But he was not the first to explore the music’s secret language. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Two Cadenzas for Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 20  (Read 38 times)
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Movement I Cadenza

Movement III Rondo Cadenza

If my works were published chronologically this would be my opus 1, it is my oldest completed composition that I consider worthy. I've always had a love for counterpoint which is apparent in both cadenzas.

In measure 28 of the first movement cadenza I combined two themes from the first movement. I was inspired to do this after hearing Fritz Kreisler's cadenza for the Beethoven violin concerto where he also combines two separate themes from that concerto's first movement. Even though it's over a decade old I still consider it one of the most beautiful moments I've yet to produce.

I hope you enjoy it! If anyone would like the sheet music send me a message. Thanks for listening!
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