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Rameau to Scarlatti

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Composer - Title Key Type Level
Rameau: The Procovative One no 2G MajorPiece6
Rameau: The Timid One, Rondo 1 no 3A MinorPiece7
Rameau: The Timid One, Rondo 2 no 4A MajorPiece7
Rameau: The Indisctreet One no 5B-flat MajorPiece5
Rameau: Prelude no 1A MinorPiece4
Rameau: Allemande no 2A MinorPiece4
Rameau: Second Allemande no 3A MinorPiece3
Rameau: Courante no 4A MinorPiece3
Rameau: Gigue no 5A MinorPiece4
Rameau: First Sarabande no 6A MinorPiece3
Rameau: Second Sarabande no 7A MinorPiece4
Rameau: Venitienne no 8A MajorPiece3
Rameau: Gavotte no 9A MinorPiece4
Rameau: Minuet no 10A MinorPiece3
Rameau: Minuet in C no 1C MajorPiece2
Rameau: Allemande no 2E MinorPiece6
Rameau: Courante no 3E MinorPiece5
Rameau: Gigue no 4E MinorPiece4
Rameau: Second Gigue no 5E MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Gathering of the Birds no 6E MinorPiece5
Rameau: First Rigaudon no 7E MinorPiece3
Rameau: Second Rigaudon no 8E MajorPiece3
Rameau: Second Rigaudon, variation no 9E MajorPiece4
Rameau: Musette no 10E MajorPiece4
Rameau: Tambourin no 11E MinorPiece3
Rameau: The Village Girl no 12E MinorPiece4
Rameau: The Gentle Complaints no 13D MinorPiece4
Rameau: The Pretending Fools no 14D MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Pretending Fools, variation 1 no 15D MajorPiece5
Rameau: The Pretending Fools, variation 2 no 16D MajorPiece5
Rameau: The Sighs no 17D MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Merry One no 18D MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Madcap no 19D MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Discourse of the Muses no 20D MinorPiece4
Rameau: The Whirlwinds no 21D MajorPiece4
Rameau: Les Cyclopes no 22D MinorPiece4
Rameau: The Jibe no 23D MajorPiece2
Rameau: The Lame One no 24D MinorPiece3
Rameau: Allemande no 1A MinorPiece5
Rameau: Courante no 2A MinorPiece6
Rameau: Sarabande no 3A MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Three hands no 4A MinorPiece6
Rameau: Fanfarinette no 5A MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Triumhpant One no 6A MajorPiece4
Rameau: Gavotte with Six Variations no 7A MinorPiece5
Rameau: Les Tricotets no 8G MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Indifferent One no 9G MajorPiece4
Rameau: Minuet no 10G MajorPiece4
Rameau: Second Minuet no 11G MinorPiece3
Rameau: The Hen no 12G MinorPiece4
Rameau: Les Troilets no 13G MajorPiece4
Rameau: The Savages no 14G MinorPiece4
Rameau: The Enharmonic Change no 15G MinorPiece5
Rameau: The Egyptian no 16G MinorPiece5
Ravel: In the style of Borodin - Waltzn/aPiece8
Ravel: In the style of Emanuel Chabrier - Paraphrase on a melody by Gounodn/aPiece8
Ravel: Jeux d'eauE MajorPiece8+
Ravel: La Valsen/aPiece8+
Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperinn/aPiece8+
Ravel: Minuet on the Name of HaydnG MajorPiece7
Ravel: Mother Goose - Five Childrens Piecesn/aPiece7
Ravel: Pavane pour une infante défunteE MinorPiece8+
Ravel: Preluden/aPiece7
Ravel: SonatinaF-sharp MinorSonata8+
Ravel: Valses Nobles et Sentimentalesn/aPiece8+
Ravel: Ondine no 1C-sharp MajorPiece8+
Ravel: Le Gibet no 2E-flat MinorPiece8+
Ravel: Scarbo no 3n/aPiece8+
Ravel: Noctuelles no 1n/aPiece8+
Ravel: Oiseaux Tristes no 2n/aPiece8+
Ravel: Une Barque sur l'océan no 3n/aPiece8+
Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso no 4n/aPiece8+
Ravel: La Vallée des Cloches no 5n/aPiece8+
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scherzino - op 11 no 3A MajorPiece8
Rimsky-Korsakov: Romance - op 15 no 2A-flat MajorPiece7
Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumble Bee (arr by Oborin)A MinorPiece8+
Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumble Bee (arr by Rachmaninoff)A MinorPiece8+
Rossini: Duet from Barber of SevilleG MajorTranscription4
Rossini: Overture from William TellG MajorTranscription6
Rubinstein: Melody - op 3 no 1F MajorPiece7
Satie: Gold DustD MajorPiece7
Satie: In Riding Habitn/aFour hands8
Satie: Prelude to The Heroic Gate of Heavenn/aPiece8
Satie: Unpleasant Observationsn/aFour hands8
Satie: Sur un Vaisseau no 1n/aPiece8
Satie: Sur une Lanterne no 2n/aPiece8
Satie: Sur un Casque no 3n/aPiece8
Satie: Celle Qui Parle Trop no 1n/aPiece8
Satie: Le Porteur de Grosses Pierres no 2n/aPiece8
Satie: Regrets des Enfermés (Jonas et Latude) no 3n/aPiece8
Satie: Air à faire fuir 1 no 1n/aPiece8+
Satie: Air à faire fuir 2 no 2n/aPiece8
Satie: Air à faire fuir 3 no 3n/aPiece8
Satie: Danse de Travers 1 no 4n/aPiece7
Satie: Danse de Travers 2 no 5n/aPiece7
Satie: Danse de Travers 3 no 6n/aPiece7
Satie: d'Holothurie no 1n/aPiece8
Satie: d'Edriophthalma no 2n/aPiece8
Satie: de Podophthalma no 3n/aPiece8
Satie: Sévère Réprimande no 1n/aPiece8
Satie: Suel à la Maison no 2n/aPiece8
Satie: On Joue no 3n/aPiece8
Satie: Gymnopedie no 1D MajorPiece5
Satie: Gymnopedie no 2C MajorPiece5
Satie: Gymnopedie no 3A MinorPiece5
Satie: Chez le Marchand d'Or (Venise, XIIIe Siècle) no 1n/aPiece8
Satie: Danse Cuirassée (Période Gresque) no 2n/aPiece8
Satie: La Défaite des Cimbres (Cauchemar) no 3n/aPiece8
Satie: Sarabande no 1A-flat MajorPiece5
Satie: Sarabande no 2D-sharp MinorPiece5
Satie: Sarabande no 3D-flat MajorPiece6
Satie: Tyrolienne Turque no 1n/aPiece8
Satie: Danse Maigre (à la Manière de Ces Messieurs) no 2n/aPiece8
Satie: Españaña no 3n/aPiece8
Satie: Prelude - La Vocation no 1n/aPiece7
Satie: Prelude - The Initiation no 2n/aPiece7
Satie: Prelude - The Incantation no 3n/aPiece7
Satie: Gnossiennne no 1F MinorPiece5
Satie: Gnossiennne no 2E MinorPiece7
Satie: Gnossiennne no 3A MinorPiece7
Satie: By Way of a Beginning no 1n/aFour hands8
Satie: Extention of the Same no 2n/aFour hands8
Satie: Piece I no 3n/aFour hands8
Satie: Piece II no 4n/aFour hands8
Satie: Piece III no 5n/aFour hands8
Satie: In Addition no 6n/aFour hands8
Satie: Repetition no 7n/aFour hands8
Satie: Air de L'ordre no 1n/aPiece7
Satie: Air du Grand Maitre no 2n/aPiece7
Satie: Air du Grand Prieur no 3n/aPiece7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 2G MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata (Pastorale) - K 9D MinorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 11C MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 20E MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 27B MinorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata (Cat's Fugue) - K 30G MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata (Aria) - K 32D MinorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 33D MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 34D MinorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata (Minuetto) - K 40C MinorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 47B-flat MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 54A MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata (Gavotte) - K 64D MinorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 87B MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 95C MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 96D MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 101A MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 113A MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 127A-flat MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 132C MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 135E MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 146G MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 149A MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 159C MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 162E MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 175A MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 184F MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 198E MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 208A MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 247C-sharp MinorSonata8
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 260G MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 319F-sharp MajorSonata8
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 322A MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata (Capriccio) - K 380E MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 396D MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 397D MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 398C MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 399C MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 400D MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 401D MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 402E MinorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 403E MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 404A MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 405A MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 406C MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 407C MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 408B MinorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 409B MinorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 410B-flat MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 411B-flat MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 412G MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 413G MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 414D MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 415D MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 416D MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 417D MinorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 418F MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 419F MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 420C MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 421C MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 422C MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 423C MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 424G MajorSonata5
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 425G MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 426G MinorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 427G MajorSonata7
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 428A MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 429A MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 430D MajorSonata6
Scarlatti: Sonata - K 431G MajorSonata5

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