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Recent Articles & News
Kathleen Supové Redefining the Pianist as Art
Kathleen Supové is one of America’s most acclaimed and versatile contemporary music pianists, known for continually redefining what it means to be a pianist and keyboardist/performance artist in today’s world. Read more...
Hear Daniil Trifonov live from Carnegie Hall!
Combining consummate technique with rare sensitivity, Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov has made a spectacular ascent to classical stardom. Today, Medici TV offers the chance to watch a streaming live performance on their website and also up to 90 days after the event. Read more...
Murray Perahia: Not of this World
Perahia’s now legendary status means that he is often regarded as someone who is somewhat removed from normal life – which corresponds to the title of the documentary “Not of this world”. But it is only Perahia’s playing, with its otherworldly beauty, that seems to be beyond all earthly limitations. As this film shows, the artist engages in all facets of life as well as his work. Read more...
Pianistic Legends from Buenos Aires Sharing Neurones
A recent article featured in Piano Street’s News Flash explains that four-hand piano duo partners share neurons dealing with spatial seizing while playing. That suggests that we give you readers a gem on the same topic. Watch the sample from Michael Beyer’s film production for EuroArts Music. Read more...
Live Streamed Piano Recital with Murray McLachlan
A new piano recital series has been launched in Stockholm this fall. The first recital, with pianist Peter Jablonski took place on September 15 and today, you can hear British pianist Murray McLachlan play live from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Read more...
Noriko Ogawa asks Beethoven to Leave her Alone
Noriko Ogawa seems to be comfortable in the same pea pod as Claude Debussy; she displays a similar maverick streak to the French composer. In this video Nogawa makes her point by discussing the different aspects of Debussy’s Prelude No. 12, Book 2, Feux D’Artifice (Fireworks). Read more...
A Major Mozart Discovery
Four pages from Mozart's original manuscript for the Piano Sonata in A major, K 331 (whose last movement is the well-known "Turkish March") has been found in Budapest. There are many interesting details to consider in terms of slurs, dynamics and even some occasional notes that differs from the first published edition. Read more...
Kissin Breathing Fresh Air
Striking a very special chord for many world class performers the Verbier festival just completed its 21st edition. A regular guest artist there, pianist Evgeny Kissin believes it’s crucial to combine rest with work because it helps the performer to regain lost focus. Read more...
Piano News Flash
What killed Mozart?
There have been many hints, suggestions and theories, conspiracy and otherwise, about what finally laid Mozart to rest. Far from some Masonic plot to off him because of the references to the number three in The Magic Flute, it seems that a simple strep infection that went wild was to blame. Login to read more >>
A font of difficulties
Lamenting how today's students cannot recognize a "Pedal" direction written in an ornate script, Gail Fischer describes her frustration with her studio members who think that "Ped" is actually "Led." Login to read more >>
Is memorization really that tough?
Ever since Franz Liszt made it popular, memorizing what one plays has become the standard rather than the exception. New research indicates it's much harder than we thought. Login to read more >>
Concentration, rather than mindless repetition, is key to fruitful practicing
Any pianist can spend hours of drudgery hammering away at technical practice, but it takes a true artist dedicated to rigorous concentration to achieve great things in the practice room. Login to read more >>
Who is Christian Blackshaw?
He began life as a prodigy and made a big splash. Then, after a terrible personal tragedy, he disappeared for almost three decades. Now, he's back and is set to take the piano world by storm. Login to read more >>
Lina Prokofiev's survival story
Abandoned by her husband Sergei, Lina Prokofiev was falsely tried and convicted on trumped-up espionage charges and spent eight years in a Russian gulag. Login to read more >>
Mountaineering with a piano
It's tough enough to get oneself high up in the Himalayas; imagine what it's like to heft a piano 20,000 feet up to reach a Buddhist enclave so remote that the children living there have never even seen a piano. Login to read more >>
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