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Recent Articles & News
Piano Street Reaches 20,000 Likes on Facebook!
The Piano Street team would like to say a special thank you to all piano fans around the world who like us on Facebook, where our page has recently passed 20,000 likes! Read more...
Garrick Ohlsson live in Fort Worth
In this season-closing concert of the Cliburn Live series in Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, Ohlsson performs works by Beethoven, Schubert, and Chopin. Read more...
Schiff Horses Around in Master Class
In a piano masterclass on Schubert’s Moments Musical at The International Musicians Seminar at Prussia Cove, Andras Schiff noted, for one of his students, that, in Schubert’s time, horse-drawn conveyances were the norm instead of just a tourist attraction. Read more...
Talking Pianos with Trifonov
Can “water practice” along with yoga and stretching enhance performance endurance and pianistic feeling? The luminous Sarah Willis, French horn player in Berliner Philharmoniker meets with Russian star pianist Daniil Trifonov in Hamburg while he is preparing for a recital. Read more...
Travel in Time and Meet Sergei Rachmaninoff
In Piano Street’s recent interview with Valentina Lisitsa she told us about the blind test her teacher gave the piano class at the music school in her youth. Three recordings were presented; Richter, Rubinstein and Rachmaninoff. Who was hammering out loud and who was the gentle, delicate player? Here we can hear Rachmaninoff play his own G minor Prelude op 23 no 5. Read more...
Valentina Lisitsa on Searching for the Rachmaninoff Affinity
When Valentina Lisitsa came to Stockholm to play Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto, it was a welcome fact not only for all her fans but also for anybody well aware of the enormous challenge this concerto means for any performer. In 2013 Lisitsa released her Complete Rachmaninoff Concertos (including the Paganini Rhapsody) on Decca and therefor this was a rare chance for Piano Street’s Patrick Jovell not to talk to her about YouTube but… Sergei Rachmaninoff. Read more...
Mendelssohn, Albéniz and Six More Composers Added to the Audiovisual Study Tool
245 pieces by 8 composers have been added in a recent update of Piano Street’s Audiovisual Study Tool (AST). Sheet music and hand-picked YouTube, Spotify and Naxos recordings of piano pieces by Albéniz, Alkan, Balakirev, Bartok, Burgmüller, Field, Kuhlau and Mendelssohn are now available one mouse click away, along with Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and others. Read more...
The New List of Instructive Editions
At the Music Education Expo in London last week, we received a lot of positive feedback from piano teachers and students who had successfully used Piano Street’s Instructive Editions to improve the learning process. You can easily find the pieces having instructive editions on the new list. Read more...
Piano News Flash
Now York to Beijing
Let me tell you Astoria 'bout Steinway. The venerable Queens piano makers may have moved to Manhattan, but their biggest market outside the Five Boroughs is China. With the explosion of interest in the keyboard in China across all demographics, they need pianos, pianos, pianos. Read more at nytimes.com
Kun-woo Paik's Quirky Musical Thoughts
He seems to be the antithesis of the driven concert pianist. Although he performs more than 50 concerts a year, he still takes time to take requests for a recital. He wants to enjoy music instead of conquer it. Read more at donga.com
Cho Scores One for Korea
Cho Seong-jin, a rising Korean star, recently won the International Chopin Competition. As the first Korean to win such a prestigious award, he has brought significant 'street cred' to the Korean music scene. Because of this win, Cho also received another prestigious award. Read more at koreatimes.co.kr
Schools are Being About Transformations
The President of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, David Stull sees 'a professional development curriculum, that should go far beyond just teaching students how to get a job with an orchestra. We want to teach them how to launch a record label, how to market themselves, how to become an entrepreneurial businessperson'. Read more at livingtheclassicallife.com
Instead of the Competition, He Won the World
He finished fourth, for some reason. He did, however, impress the critics and the audience with his unique blend of vision, character, quirkiness, and talent. Lucas Debargue is that rarest of pianists: one who plays everything inarguably well. Read more at crosseyedpianist.com
Tragedy to Triumph
Focal dystonia drove Leon Fleisher to the depths of an abyss darker than any soul ever might dare to imagine. At first, redirection into teaching and conducting and then, later, Botox injections brought him happiness. The toxin injections actually allowed him to play an extensive tour at the age of 77. Through it all, he always maintained one of the most solid senses of rhythm and pulse of any pianist. Read more at interlude.hk
Engagingly Weird
If you go to a Nils Frahm performance, you would be as likely to see him holding a hair dryer tuned to E-flat as see him sitting at the piano. Frahm juxtaposes a powerful keyboard technique with a unique vision of performance that might, on occasion, involve wielding a toilet brush. Read more at musicomh.com
The Impossible Top 20
When one asks audiophiles what the 20 greatest piano concertos are, one is likely to get a collection of lists that seem almost identical to each other. What are the criteria, though? Why is 'The Emperor' either at the top or very near the top of every list like this ever comprised? Perhaps it's unexplainable? Read more at classicfm.com
More news: News Flash Archive >

Piano Street Site Updates
18 February 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

12 February 2016:
Six more composers added to the Audiovisual Study Tool

15 September 2014:
The piano recital series at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, sponsored by Piano Street has its premiere today.

29 July 2014:
The first four pieces in Instructive Editions are available for download and print

7 April 2014:
Premiere issue of the bi-weekly Piano News Flash e-mail.

3 February 2014:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2014 in London

23 December 2013:
Piano News Flash Revamped

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