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Recent Articles & News
How to Prepare for a Piano Competition – an Interview with Mariam Batsashvili
Soon after the 10th International Franz Liszt Competition Utrecht, Piano Street’s guest writer Alexander Buskermolen spoke to its most recent winner: the Georgian 21 year old pianist Mariam Batsashvili. The main theme for this interview with the first female winner of this particular competition in The Netherlands: how to prepare for a competition and what happens if you win? Mariam Batsashvili should know. Read more...
Medical Professionals See Irregular Heartbeat in Beethoven’s Music
Citing rhythmic shifts and sudden stops in the German master's music, certain doctors and researchers think he suffered from arrhythmia. Read more...
New Piano Design for the Future
It's futuristic, to be sure, but the newest piano design from Gergely Bogányi has several components that hark back to the 19th century. Read more...
Minimalist Philip Glass sought to maximize his piano-playing potential
The journey he began in 1994 covered the following 19 years, and, during that time, he composed each of the chronologically numbered etudes he intended to use to make himself better at the keyboard. Pianist Maki Namekawa has now become the second artist to record these remarkably disparate works. Read more...
International Piano – January/February 2015
A new issue of International Piano is out! Highlights: The return of Ivo Pogorelich, The Piano Etude: The evolution of the genre, in conversation with Clare Hammond, Jeremy Siepmann explores piano duos with some of the world’s leading exponents, and much more... Read more...
Behind the Scenes of the Piano Puzzler
So, what is a Piano Puzzler? On the air every week, Bruce Adolphe re-writes a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer. In this video we get behind the scenes and learn the core secrets behind the construction of a Puzzler. Read more...
Happy New Year! Top Picks of 2014
We wish all piano fans a Happy New Year with a list of highly recommended reading from Piano Street’s Classical Piano Blog. These are the 10 most read, discussed or shared articles of 2014. Read more...
Musical Holiday Greetings from Piano Street!
DOWNLOADABLE GIFTS: As a musical holiday gift, you are welcome to try out to learn “a small piece that sounds big” in 49 easy steps or to compose your own ending to one of Mozart’s most loved piano pieces. Read more...
Piano News Flash
Bill Evans Still Affects Jazz Musicians 35 Years Later
He died far too young, but Bill Evans was a giant during his all-too-short life. He pioneered the style of improvising modally along the lines of different scales, rather than choosing notes from chord progressions. He also had the uncanny ability to improvise out of time without sounding out of place. Login to read more >>
Late Teacher Still Has a Terrific Impact on her Students
Vera Gornostaeva was a teaching legend. Scores of Russian students competed with each other for her nuggets of wisdom. She made her studio members feel like family, and a few of them even confessed to having crushes on her throughout their education. Login to read more >>
Some 21st-century Pianists Will Play it if You Hum a Few Bars
Great virtuosos of the past would sit at the keyboard and toss off a set of variations on almost any tune you could whistle. Why can't pianists of today do that? Gabriela Montero thinks they can. Login to read more >>
Emmanuel Ax Delights Toronto's Citizens
Donning the mantle of a "street pianist," the Ukrainian virtuoso played five different pianos around Ontario's capital as the start of the RBC Piano Extravaganza. Login to read more >>
Maverick Harpsichordist Made a Career Out of Nothing
Mahan Esfahani began his journey on the harpsichord at Stanford University, where he was busy teaching himself to play. After moving to England, he's spent the last seven years building a career while alienating the purists. Login to read more >>
How to Go Viral
Faced with the doldrums of being unknown, Valentina Lisitsa decided to do something about it. She created a YouTube channel where she uploaded videos of her performances. Now, she's all the rage. Login to read more >>
California Has State Pianists
In the middle of its two full reams of paper, California's mind-numbing assessment of the almost 4,000 jobs paid for by the state includes a few positions for pianists to play at state-sponsored events. Login to read more >>
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