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Recent Articles & News
Famous Composers Alive and Just a Click Away
That a recording exists of the voice of Tchaikovsky tantalizes the imagination. If there is a Tchaikovsky recording on an Edison cylinder, might there not also be, hidden away in a dusty shoebox in an attic somewhere, another cylinder with Liszt at the piano? Read more...
Classical Music Everywhere – Interview with Simone Dinnerstein
Simone Dinnerstein is trying to boost awareness and appreciation of classical music in both children and adults in places as different as New York City and Havana. See her introduce Bach’s Inventions to a room full of schoolchildren and read about the new ablum celebrating the transatlantic link. Read more...
The Harpsichord – Old, but Still Relevant
“If you buy only one record of harpsichord music in your life . . . buy this sensational album” wrote Richard Morrison, The Times (London). Although most of us don’t buy records anymore, this recently released album “Time Present and Time Past” could be worth checking out. Read more...
No Great Music Without Great Tension
Anthony Tommassini, classical music critic for The New York Times, invites us all to a mini-lecture at the piano on dissonance. With a series of examples by well known composers, Tommassini elaborates on one of the most crucial components in Western music. Read more...
Aimard’s Bach in Lights
As part of a multimedia project that had never before been attempted, visual artist Alan Warburton created a virtual animation that highlighted not only Bach’s genius but also Warburton’s own creativity. Read more...
How About Building a Grand Piano?
Engineering and drafting students at a Virginia private school are pushing the envelope by attempting a project that no one else is currently doing in a school setting: building a piano from scratch. Read more...
Watch Live Stream Now: Piano Recital with Juliana Steinbach
Welcome to watch the live broadcast of the recital with pianist Juliana Steinbach at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm starting today, May 11, at 17.00 GMT. Read more...
Chopin is more popular than football – at least in Warsaw
More than 3 million people visit Warsaw each year. Of those, about 200,000 visit the museum dedicated to Poland’s national music hero: Frédéric Chopin. Be a Chopin Tourist – take the 3 minute tour in the new museum! Read more...
Piano News Flash
The Weird Life of Erik Satie
Satie experienced a life that Hollywood filmmakers would probably decry as 'too unbelievable' to try to film. The acerbic French composer who retired to the deepest depths of squalor and depravity from the time he was in his late 20s gave us some of the most meticulously crafted piano music of all time. Login to read more >>
Grammy Award Winner Reminisces
Tierney Sutton just won a Grammy, but her roots in jazz vocals and piano go back to 2004. During that year, she recorded a series of old favorites as a tribute to Frank Sinatra with her accompanist, Christian Jacobs. Song choices included 'Route 66' and 'Last Night When We Were Young.' Login to read more >>
Ivan Moravec has died
The internationally acclaimed Czech pianist Ivan Moravec has died at the age of 84. Moravec who studied at the Prague Academy of Music and later with Italian masters, captivated audiences in New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague and Milan. Login to read more >>
How an iPad Helps You Practice
An app called 'Piano Maestro' is making the rounds of piano teachers, and initial indications are that it's quite useful. Login to read more >>
Lyricism or Power?
There is recent debate over which version of the B-flat minor concerto Tchaikovsky really intended as his last edition. Is it the 1879 lyrical version that is almost Schumannesque, or is it the 1894 Siloti edition, with its thrilling, racing octaves and incredible power? Login to read more >>
The Toughest Piano Technician Job on the Planet
Arguably, Ara Vartoukian is under more pressure than the performers for whom he readies the magnificent Steinway on the stage at the International Tchaikovsky Competition. Login to read more >>
Nicholas McCarthy Defies Expectations
McCarthy, displaying intense emotion and superb artistry at the keyboard, honorably carries on Paul Wittgenstein's legacy as a left-hand-alone pianist, despite the naysayers. Login to read more >>
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