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Recent Articles & News
13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt
Piano Street adds six pieces by Beethoven and seven pieces by Gurlitt to our catalogue of easy and intermediate pieces. Recordings of all the pieces will soon be available. Read more...
Beauty and Hope in the 21st Century
The recently published compilation “Beauty and Hope in the 21st Century” contains contemporary solo piano pieces from many internationally renowned composers. Nikolas Sideris and Editions Musica Ferrum generously give access to complete scores of new piano pieces from the compilation that are available to download and print for Piano Street members. Read more...
Murray Perahia’s Major Transfer
Perahia releases his first album for Deutsche Grammophon presenting Bach’ French Suites. He sees the French Suites as “Bach on the highest level”, adding, “I don’t think Bach wrote one note that didn’t have wider meanings and that wasn’t to be tackled with all one’s heart and soul.” Read more...
Italian and International Excellence in Cremona
Piano Street visited Cremona last weekend to meet with Italian and international pianists and piano brand representatives at the Piano Experience. Read more...
Liszt’s Love Story with Lisitsa
In Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz No.1, Faust gets seduced by Mephistopheles’ intoxicating violin playing on a wedding at the village inn. Hear it performed by Valentina Lisitsa in this new video. Read more...
The Simultaneous Conversation
Daniel Barenboim describes music as different from human interaction through speech. If two people cross talk each other, then neither understands the other. Conversation only works if one talks and one listens and then switch roles. In music, the conversation isn’t verbal, so each participant’s voice is heard and understood at the same time. Hear him explain this musical principle. Read more...
Ditching the Intermission?
British pianist Stephen Hough addressed the issue of shrinking and ageing classical music audiences. Admitting that it’s a complicated issue, and acknowledging that many ideas have been floated – better education, more creative repertoire, lower pricing etc – he went on to focus on one of the more practical aspects of the subject: the intermission. Read more...
Explosive Piano and Percussion Rendezvous in Beijing
The rare combination of Yuja Wang and famous drummer and multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger performed together at the Concert Hall of NCPA in Beijing on August 18th. In this exceptional and particular formation, a special version of Bartók’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion was presented along with “One Study One Summary” by John Psathas. Read more...
Piano News Flash
Spanish Jazz Goes Back Further Than We Think
Alex Conde grabs the audience's attention at each even he plays by fusing jazz with flamenco. He draws heavily both on the music of his homeland and on the ground-breaking melodies of Thelonius Monk to produce his rare sound. Read more at berkeleyside.com
Young Jazz Pioneer Hopes to Inspire
Breaking with the tastes of millennials, Joey Alexander harks back to the carefree days of Jelly Roll Morton and the beginnings of jazz. Alexander, at age 13, is normal in many ways. He's also an extraordinary jazz pianist who thinks that it's cool that people simply like jazz. Read more at theguardian.com
Biret Reminisces on Seven Decades of Musical Growth
She was able to reproduce Bach after a single hearing. She forced a change in national policy just by being herself. She also studied with many towering giants of the musical world in the 20th century, including Kempff, Cortot, and Boulanger. Each contributed to her development into one of the leading pianists of the last 100 years of either gender. Read more at theartsdesk.com
Olafsson Looking Through Glass
The Icelandic pianist's take on the minimalist compositions of Philip Glass is as interesting as it is innovative. Instead of approaching each of the composer's Etudes linearly, he tackles each as if it were an infinite and connecting spiral, which enables the listener to form his or her own conclusions about the composer's intent. Read more at icelandreview.com
Hyuk Lee Wins Padarewski Competition
Lee may not have short, stubby fingers like the Polish giant of the keyboard, but he beguiled the judges nonetheless. He did the competition's eponymous Polish national treasure proud in this very prestigious event. Read more at thenews.pl
Moving Forward in Music Education?
Traditionalists may react with the expected sarcasm and suspicion to the results of a new survey, but the data are in: Students using technology in their music education do slightly better than those who don't. Read more at geekdad.com
Humble Roots Belie Great Talent
He finished fourth at the 2015 Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition. In college, he gigged with a rock band and bagged groceries to get by. Now, he's set to take on the world as a supremely talented pianist with a formidable memory. Read more at seattletimes.com
Equal-Opportunity Pianist
What do you do when you work very hard as a teacher to nourish your students' development, and no one will give them a chance? You found your own piano competition and give them those opportunities yourself! Read more at ft.com
More news: News Flash Archive >

Piano Street Site Updates
25 november 2016:
13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt.

29 July 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

18 February 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

18 February 2016:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2016.

12 February 2016:
Six more composers added to the Audiovisual Study Tool

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