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Recent Articles & News
ABRSM Releases New Piano Syllabus for 2017/2018
ABRSM has released a new Piano syllabus for candidates taking exams in 2017 and 2018. The syllabus offers a broad selection of inspiring pieces that have been carefully selected to offer variety and new challenges to teachers and learners alike. It features a range of works from composers from around the world. Read more...
Elisabeth Leonskaja In Conversation
When Johannes Brahms was celebrated in Malmö, Sweden, legendary pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja played both piano concertos at the very same concert. Piano Street talked to Ms. Leonskaja after one of the rehearsals. Read more...
Piano Street Reaches 20,000 Likes on Facebook!
The Piano Street team would like to say a special thank you to all piano fans around the world who like us on Facebook, where our page has recently passed 20,000 likes! Read more...
Garrick Ohlsson live in Fort Worth
In this season-closing concert of the Cliburn Live series in Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, Ohlsson performs works by Beethoven, Schubert, and Chopin. Read more...
Schiff Horses Around in Master Class
In a piano masterclass on Schubert’s Moments Musical at The International Musicians Seminar at Prussia Cove, Andras Schiff noted, for one of his students, that, in Schubert’s time, horse-drawn conveyances were the norm instead of just a tourist attraction. Read more...
Talking Pianos with Trifonov
Can “water practice” along with yoga and stretching enhance performance endurance and pianistic feeling? The luminous Sarah Willis, French horn player in Berliner Philharmoniker meets with Russian star pianist Daniil Trifonov in Hamburg while he is preparing for a recital. Read more...
Travel in Time and Meet Sergei Rachmaninoff
In Piano Street’s recent interview with Valentina Lisitsa she told us about the blind test her teacher gave the piano class at the music school in her youth. Three recordings were presented; Richter, Rubinstein and Rachmaninoff. Who was hammering out loud and who was the gentle, delicate player? Here we can hear Rachmaninoff play his own G minor Prelude op 23 no 5. Read more...
Valentina Lisitsa on Searching for the Rachmaninoff Affinity
When Valentina Lisitsa came to Stockholm to play Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto, it was a welcome fact not only for all her fans but also for anybody well aware of the enormous challenge this concerto means for any performer. In 2013 Lisitsa released her Complete Rachmaninoff Concertos (including the Paganini Rhapsody) on Decca and therefor this was a rare chance for Piano Street’s Patrick Jovell not to talk to her about YouTube but… Sergei Rachmaninoff. Read more...
Piano News Flash
Bax is an Advocate for Live Performance
According to Alessio Bax, recorded music cannot hold a candle to the live experience, where, as he puts it, '... the magic happens'. Imagine a recording of the famous Thalberg-Liszt duel. It would be great. Now, imagine being in the salon during it. It would be indescribable. Read more at classicfm.com
Pressler as Guru
Menahem Pressler is famous for his wise statements. One of his wisest statements concerned when he felt he was at his best. It wasn't in sections of a work with technical pyrotechnics or foundation shaking thunder. Instead, it was the delicate passages that showed his true measure as an artist. Read more at bulletproofmusician.com
Hewitt's Herculean Project
Most pianists take on Bach in small doses. Even some of Bach's single pieces, such as the 'Goldberg Variations' or 'The Art of Fugue', are gigantic in their own right and don't really qualify as 'small doses' even by themselves. Angela Hewitt is preparing both of those pieces, along with everything else that Bach wrote for the keyboard, at once and plans to perform everything over the next four years. Read more at ottawacitizen.com
A Boy and His Hero
Frederic Lamond entered Liszt's room in 1885, when the master had only about a year to live. Far from the fiery artiste who had hundreds of women swooning at his combination of flowing locks and Czerny-fueled, transcendental technique, Liszt addressed him as would a kindly uncle. Nevertheless, Liszt had a profound effect on the young Scot that could still be heard in this interview 60 years later. Read more at youtube.com
Music and Cognitive Development
For scores of years, musicians themselves have known the benefits of music education on cognitive development. After all, musicians routinely score higher on standardized tests than nonmusicians. It was never clear, however, which came first: the higher development or being a musician. A new study by the Brain and Creativity Institute is correlative to musicianship fostering better development. Read more at edweek.org
The Link Between Physical and Mental Exercise
We all know that exercising is good for our bodies. How many people, though, know that it's good for our brains too? Dutch researchers have shown the link, which is bound to send hundreds of musicians scurrying for walking trains and bike paths all over the world. Read more at themusiciansbrain.com
Andsnes and Beethoven on Film
Leif Ove Andsnes comes from Norway, and the tone of his piano playing exudes the same kind of crisp, clear precision as Scandinavian ice. During the four years that Andsnes spent making the film 'Concerto' with Phil Grabsky, he explored not only Beethoven's music but also his life and how it affected his music. Read more at seventh-art.com
Wolowitz as Accompanist
Simon Helberg makes audiences laugh as one of the quartet of nerds on 'The Big Bang Theory'. What many don't know is that he's actually a talented pianist who gigged at jazz clubs in college. For the movie 'Florence Foster Jenkins', he delved into the world of method acting, watching videos of Horowitz and Rubinstein. Read more at latimes.com
More news: News Flash Archive >

Piano Street Site Updates
18 February 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

12 February 2016:
Six more composers added to the Audiovisual Study Tool

15 September 2014:
The piano recital series at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, sponsored by Piano Street has its premiere today.

29 July 2014:
The first four pieces in Instructive Editions are available for download and print

7 April 2014:
Premiere issue of the bi-weekly Piano News Flash e-mail.

3 February 2014:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2014 in London

23 December 2013:
Piano News Flash Revamped

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