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Recent Articles & News
Hollywood Greats Explore the Piano
Grammy-winning pianist Gloria Cheng invited some of the most prominent film composers of today to write new music for solo piano. Alexandre Desplat and John Williams were a few of the composers who took the bait and have now contributed to the contemporary piano repertoire. Read more...
What Did the Young Horowitz Sound Like?
In March of 1924, Vladimir Horowitz was a 20-year-old pianist ready to storm the gates of heaven with his soon-to-be-famous combination of bravura technique and passionate emotion. Read more...
Famous Composers Alive and Just a Click Away
That a recording exists of the voice of Tchaikovsky tantalizes the imagination. If there is a Tchaikovsky recording on an Edison cylinder, might there not also be, hidden away in a dusty shoebox in an attic somewhere, another cylinder with Liszt at the piano? Read more...
Classical Music Everywhere – Interview with Simone Dinnerstein
Simone Dinnerstein is trying to boost awareness and appreciation of classical music in both children and adults in places as different as New York City and Havana. See her introduce Bach’s Inventions to a room full of schoolchildren and read about the new ablum celebrating the transatlantic link. Read more...
The Harpsichord – Old, but Still Relevant
“If you buy only one record of harpsichord music in your life . . . buy this sensational album” wrote Richard Morrison, The Times (London). Although most of us don’t buy records anymore, this recently released album “Time Present and Time Past” could be worth checking out. Read more...
No Great Music Without Great Tension
Anthony Tommassini, classical music critic for The New York Times, invites us all to a mini-lecture at the piano on dissonance. With a series of examples by well known composers, Tommassini elaborates on one of the most crucial components in Western music. Read more...
Aimard’s Bach in Lights
As part of a multimedia project that had never before been attempted, visual artist Alan Warburton created a virtual animation that highlighted not only Bach’s genius but also Warburton’s own creativity. Read more...
How About Building a Grand Piano?
Engineering and drafting students at a Virginia private school are pushing the envelope by attempting a project that no one else is currently doing in a school setting: building a piano from scratch. Read more...
Piano News Flash
Is There Really a "Right" Way to Notate?
Ever since the first monks drew a single line to give singers a reference point from which to work, musical notation has evolved. There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of rules regarding such notation over the years. Many of these conflict with each other, so the question remains: Who's right? Login to read more >>
Spivakovsky Finally Comes to Light
Jascha Spivakovsky had to flee Nazi-controlled Germany when he got a tip from Richard Strauss that he was on a hit list. Because Australia, where he wound up, didn't have a single record company that was making classical recordings, he never made a record. Now, we can hear him. Login to read more >>
Duet for Piano and Pulsar
In what must be the longest commute in music history, the 12-million-light year distant pulsar Y Cam A has been harnessed as a partner for a pianist in a new piece by Burak Ulaş, a Turkish astronomer and budding composer. Login to read more >>
A Soundtrack for Life
Have you ever wanted a carefully selected soundtrack to improve your life? Perhaps you've fantasized about breastplate-clad Valkyries hopping from tree to tree while cutting your lawn? Maybe you've even pictured the twittering birds and barking dog from Vivaldi's 'Spring?' Login to read more >>
A Rock Star Without a Guitar
Although he has a bevy of followers who sing his praises to high heaven, Lang Lang still hasn't gotten all the critics on his side. It cannot be denied, however, that he is classical music's rock star, packing concert halls with adoring fans anxious to see the combination of genius and almost Liberace-esque stage antics. Login to read more >>
Pires' Beethoven and Anderszewski's Bach Score
Gramophone Award winners 2015 announced. Login to
First Savage Breasts, Now Seizing Breasts
Exciting new research indicates that certain musical sounds have the power to calm epileptic and other types of seizures. Specifically, Mozart's piano music had the strongest anti-seizure effect. Login to read more >>
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15 September 2014:
The piano recital series at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, sponsored by Piano Street has its premiere today.

29 July 2014:
The first four pieces in Instructive Editions are available for download and print

7 April 2014:
Premiere issue of the bi-weekly Piano News Flash e-mail.

3 February 2014:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2014 in London

23 December 2013:
Piano News Flash Revamped

22 December 2013:
International Piano Jan/Feb 2014 issue out now - available for Piano Street Gold members

19 December 2013:
By Request: The Perfect Piano Gift is Now Back and Improved!

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