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Recent Articles & News
Minimalist Philip Glass sought to maximize his piano-playing potential
The journey he began in 1994 covered the following 19 years, and, during that time, he composed each of the chronologically numbered etudes he intended to use to make himself better at the keyboard. Pianist Maki Namekawa has now become the second artist to record these remarkably disparate works. Read more...
International Piano – January/February 2015
A new issue of International Piano is out! Highlights: The return of Ivo Pogorelich, The Piano Etude: The evolution of the genre, in conversation with Clare Hammond, Jeremy Siepmann explores piano duos with some of the world’s leading exponents, and much more... Read more...
Behind the Scenes of the Piano Puzzler
So, what is a Piano Puzzler? On the air every week, Bruce Adolphe re-writes a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer. In this video we get behind the scenes and learn the core secrets behind the construction of a Puzzler. Read more...
Happy New Year! Top Picks of 2014
We wish all piano fans a Happy New Year with a list of highly recommended reading from Piano Street’s Classical Piano Blog. These are the 10 most read, discussed or shared articles of 2014. Read more...
Musical Holiday Greetings from Piano Street!
DOWNLOADABLE GIFTS: As a musical holiday gift, you are welcome to try out to learn “a small piece that sounds big” in 49 easy steps or to compose your own ending to one of Mozart’s most loved piano pieces. Read more...
Kathleen Supové Redefining the Pianist as Art
Kathleen Supové is one of America’s most acclaimed and versatile contemporary music pianists, known for continually redefining what it means to be a pianist and keyboardist/performance artist in today’s world. Read more...
Hear Daniil Trifonov live from Carnegie Hall!
Combining consummate technique with rare sensitivity, Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov has made a spectacular ascent to classical stardom. Today, Medici TV offers the chance to watch a streaming live performance on their website and also up to 90 days after the event. Read more...
Murray Perahia: Not of this World
Perahia’s now legendary status means that he is often regarded as someone who is somewhat removed from normal life – which corresponds to the title of the documentary “Not of this world”. But it is only Perahia’s playing, with its otherworldly beauty, that seems to be beyond all earthly limitations. As this film shows, the artist engages in all facets of life as well as his work. Read more...
Piano News Flash
Modern Music Doesn't Have to be Scary
When American audiences hear the name Wolfgang Rihm, they ask, ¨who?¨ When they hear the term ¨modern music¨, all they think of is atonal or aleatoric pieces they don't ¨get¨. Rihm offers them surprisingly tuneful stuff reminiscent of the 19th century instead of avant-garde works. Login to read more >>
German and Chinese Piano Makers Deepens Relationship
German craftsmanship and commitment to exceptionality from Steingraeber & Söhne meet Chinese production muscle by way of Pearl River since the two companies signned an accord in 2012 that allows Steingraeber & Söhne to export its instruments to China. Now the two plan to set up a joint venture in Germany Login to read more >>
Virtual Reality Isn't Just for Games Anymore
Fove has designed a headset that will allow disabled people to play the piano by using their eyes. Login to read more >>
Practicing Piano Helps Much More Than Just Musicianship
James Hudziak and his colleagues recently studied the brain scans of more than 200 children and found strong correlative evidence that studying piano helps build not only character but also intellectual capacity. Login to read more >>
Ravel's "Sad Birds" Brings Happiness to His Fans
More than 90 years since Ravel recorded it at a player piano, "Sad Birds" is testament to both his genius and the magnificence of the Duo-Art reproducing piano. Login to read more >>
Israeli Pianist Talks About Music and Life
Ariel Lanyi was born in Jerusalem in 1997. By the time he was four, he could recognize not only theoretical modulations but also complete works by only a few chords. Today, he stresses emotional connection and the building of atmosphere as much as pure technique. Login to read more >>
Blind Pianist Gives Whole New Meaning to Playing By Ear
She can repeat a concerto after hearing it. She has perfect pitch. She practices so much her fingers bleed. She's even uncomfortable being away from the piano for any stretch of time. Login to read more >>
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