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Recent Articles & News
Italian and International Excellence in Cremona
Piano Street visited Cremona last weekend to meet with Italian and international pianists and piano brand representatives at the Piano Experience. Read more...
Liszt’s Love Story with Lisitsa
In Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz No.1, Faust gets seduced by Mephistopheles’ intoxicating violin playing on a wedding at the village inn. Hear it performed by Valentina Lisitsa in this new video. Read more...
The Simultaneous Conversation
Daniel Barenboim describes music as different from human interaction through speech. If two people cross talk each other, then neither understands the other. Conversation only works if one talks and one listens and then switch roles. In music, the conversation isn’t verbal, so each participant’s voice is heard and understood at the same time. Hear him explain this musical principle. Read more...
Ditching the Intermission?
British pianist Stephen Hough addressed the issue of shrinking and ageing classical music audiences. Admitting that it’s a complicated issue, and acknowledging that many ideas have been floated – better education, more creative repertoire, lower pricing etc – he went on to focus on one of the more practical aspects of the subject: the intermission. Read more...
Explosive Piano and Percussion Rendezvous in Beijing
The rare combination of Yuja Wang and famous drummer and multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger performed together at the Concert Hall of NCPA in Beijing on August 18th. In this exceptional and particular formation, a special version of Bartók’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion was presented along with “One Study One Summary” by John Psathas. Read more...
ABRSM Releases New Piano Syllabus for 2017/2018
ABRSM has released a new Piano syllabus for candidates taking exams in 2017 and 2018. The syllabus offers a broad selection of inspiring pieces that have been carefully selected to offer variety and new challenges to teachers and learners alike. It features a range of works from composers from around the world. Read more...
Elisabeth Leonskaja In Conversation
When Johannes Brahms was celebrated in Malmö, Sweden, legendary pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja played both piano concertos at the very same concert. Piano Street talked to Ms. Leonskaja after one of the rehearsals. Read more...
Piano Street Reaches 20,000 Likes on Facebook!
The Piano Street team would like to say a special thank you to all piano fans around the world who like us on Facebook, where our page has recently passed 20,000 likes! Read more...
Piano News Flash
The Ohio Relation to Steinway
Everyone knows that American Steinways are made in New York, originally in Manhattan, then in Astoria and now in Manhattan again. One part of their legendary instruments, however, comes from Springfield, Ohio: the piano plates. Read more at springfieldnewssun.com
The Cuban Mystique
It's an island country smaller than the State of New York in the Caribbean. It's been the 'enemy' of the capitalistic world for nearly 60 years. It's also been an undeniable giant in the music world for at least twice as long. Early jazz syncopated rhythms, as described by Jelly Roll Morton, were Cuban and not Spanish. Read more at sfjazz.org
Book: The Art of Piano Fingering
In the piano world, there are hundreds of topics more well-known than fingering patterns and conventions. Many don't pay much attention. Others change their fingering patterns because of pain or injury. In some cases, that can lead to disaster. There are certain ‘non-negotiable’ elements to the practice of piano fingering, but there are also new ideas coming forth about reasonable and effective alternatives in appropriate situations. Read more at pianodao.com
The Magic of Edison
Edison famously said he never failed; he just did it wrong 10,000 times. In this case, we musicologists and audiophiles can rejoice that he succeeded on the 10,001st try with the Edison phonograph. Imagine hearing a recording of Tchaikovsky's voice! Read more at classicfm.com
A New 'Trauermarsch'
Jorg Widmann drew on the inexorability of the second movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in Eb when he composed his 'Trauermarsch'. He was obsessed with the work. The German composer also took a page from Percy Grainger's playbook from 'Hill Song No. 2', which is a musical stream of consciousness. Widmann composed at a furious rate until the piece emerged as a 'Funeral March'. Read more at wbur.org
Clara's Piano
Clara Schumann, the wife of famous composer Robert Schumann, was at least his equal as a musician. During her life, she had a greater effect on the world of music than her husband not only because she outlived him by 50 years but also because she was a great teacher as well as pianist. The Birmingham Conservatory has within its walls one of Clara's pianos. Because it lacks a serial number, it was probably custom built for her. Read more at birminghampost.co.uk
The Hall is the Thing
If you play in Vienna, you'll be in the greatest concert hall on Earth. If you play in the Sydney Opera House, despite it's world-famous looks, you'll be in nearly the worst. Even great performers sound poor in poor halls. As time goes on, however, more and more audience members than ever before are developing a keen ear for what they like, and acoustic designers are taking what they have to say very seriously when either building a new hall or renovating an old one. Read more at businessinsider.com
The Value of Piano Competitions?
The laureates of the major international piano competitions are lifted up as the paragon to which all up-and-coming artists should aspire. Many performers, however, citing such claims as partisan judging, backroom deals, and the unrelenting pressure on the musicians, are angry that there is no other method of discovering talent. Read more at pianosao.com
More news: News Flash Archive >

Piano Street Site Updates
18 February 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

12 February 2016:
Six more composers added to the Audiovisual Study Tool

15 September 2014:
The piano recital series at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, sponsored by Piano Street has its premiere today.

29 July 2014:
The first four pieces in Instructive Editions are available for download and print

7 April 2014:
Premiere issue of the bi-weekly Piano News Flash e-mail.

3 February 2014:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2014 in London

23 December 2013:
Piano News Flash Revamped

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