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Recent Articles & News
Schiff Horses Around in Master Class
In a piano masterclass on Schubert’s Moments Musical at The International Musicians Seminar at Prussia Cove, Andras Schiff noted, for one of his students, that, in Schubert’s time, horse-drawn conveyances were the norm instead of just a tourist attraction. Read more...
Talking Pianos with Trifonov
Can “water practice” along with yoga and stretching enhance performance endurance and pianistic feeling? The luminous Sarah Willis, French horn player in Berliner Philharmoniker meets with Russian star pianist Daniil Trifonov in Hamburg while he is preparing for a recital. Read more...
Travel in Time and Meet Sergei Rachmaninoff
In Piano Street’s recent interview with Valentina Lisitsa she told us about the blind test her teacher gave the piano class at the music school in her youth. Three recordings were presented; Richter, Rubinstein and Rachmaninoff. Who was hammering out loud and who was the gentle, delicate player? Here we can hear Rachmaninoff play his own G minor Prelude op 23 no 5. Read more...
Valentina Lisitsa on Searching for the Rachmaninoff Affinity
When Valentina Lisitsa came to Stockholm to play Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto, it was a welcome fact not only for all her fans but also for anybody well aware of the enormous challenge this concerto means for any performer. In 2013 Lisitsa released her Complete Rachmaninoff Concertos (including the Paganini Rhapsody) on Decca and therefor this was a rare chance for Piano Street’s Patrick Jovell not to talk to her about YouTube but… Sergei Rachmaninoff. Read more...
Mendelssohn, Albéniz and Six More Composers Added to the Audiovisual Study Tool
245 pieces by 8 composers have been added in a recent update of Piano Street’s Audiovisual Study Tool (AST). Sheet music and hand-picked YouTube, Spotify and Naxos recordings of piano pieces by Albéniz, Alkan, Balakirev, Bartok, Burgmüller, Field, Kuhlau and Mendelssohn are now available one mouse click away, along with Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and others. Read more...
The New List of Instructive Editions
At the Music Education Expo in London last week, we received a lot of positive feedback from piano teachers and students who had successfully used Piano Street’s Instructive Editions to improve the learning process. You can easily find the pieces having instructive editions on the new list. Read more...
Google Builds One-Tone Piano
In their most recent “Be together – not the same” commercial for Android, Google doesn’t exactly choose the easy way of hammering home their message about the beauty of diversity. The video shows the pianist Ji playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on two different instruments, one normal piano and one that Google modified to have all 88 strings tuned to middle C. Read more...
Visit Piano Street at Music Education Expo 2016 in London!
Music Education Expo is the one event in the year when thousands of people involved in music education come together to share ideas and celebrate good practice. Piano Street will present new educational material at stand J16 at the exhibition. We hope to see you there! Read more...
Piano News Flash
Collectors Weren't Gaga for Gaga
Lady Gaga might have written her first song at her piano when she was five, but collectors weren't that interested. The bidding didn't reach the seller's reserve price. Conversely, seven dozen Elvis items went, including a guitar for $134,000. Login to read more >>
Multimedia is the Key
Tomoko Mukaiyama recently joined forces with Bill Morrison and Michael Gordon, filmmaker and avant-garde impresario, respectively, to present a performance of 'The Unchanging Sea'. The symphonic performance combined audio, visual, and visceral stimuli to present a multimedia experience. Login to read more >>
What Do You Know About Beethoven in China?
At the turn of the twentieth century, students returning from abroad introduced Beethoven to China. The composer's perseverance in the face of adversity and his musical genius resonated in a nation searching for a way forward. Login to read more >>
It's Not Just the Football Pitch Where National Style Counts
In piano competitions around the world, players of all levels play with their own styles; however, those players' country of origin has as much to do with their style as they themselves. Login to read more >>
The Electronic Page Turner
Ever since the first student sat at Cristofori's newfangled contraption and played a piece of more than one page, someone has sat dutifully by and turned the pages. Now, people are turning to iPads outfitted with pedals to do the page turning themselves. The technology has, so far, gotten rave reviews. The first person whose iPad runs out of battery on stage, however, might be doing a different kind of raving. Login to read more >>
Music and Speech
In a world where an increasing number of school administrators are feeling the pressure to cut, cut, cut just to appease the people who worship at the altar of the almighty dollar, music educators are looking for more reasons to keep their essential programs active. New research suggests that babies as young as nine months of age can benefit from listening to music, and the returns only go up from there. Login to read more >>
Conservatories in a New Light?
In a world that is becoming ever more diverse, classical music seems out of place. If you were to ask random passersby on the street what they thought of classical music, the answer, nearly universally, would be, 'boring'. Conservatories, seeing the writing on the wall, are beginning to change that perception by teaching 21st-century skills to people mired in the 19th. Login to read more >>
More news: News Flash Archive >

Piano Street Site Updates
18 February 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

12 February 2016:
Six more composers added to the Audiovisual Study Tool

15 September 2014:
The piano recital series at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, sponsored by Piano Street has its premiere today.

29 July 2014:
The first four pieces in Instructive Editions are available for download and print

7 April 2014:
Premiere issue of the bi-weekly Piano News Flash e-mail.

3 February 2014:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2014 in London

23 December 2013:
Piano News Flash Revamped

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