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Recent Articles & News
Why is Debussy’s Clair de lune the most downloaded piece?
A challenge for both the intermediate pianist and the professional, Debussy’s Clair de lune seems to contain specific qualities which both instrumentalists and listeners find attractive. The piece, which is a part of the composer’s Suite Bergamasque, is the most downloaded piano score in Piano Street’s sheet music library. Why? Read more...
How to Prepare for a Piano Competition – an Interview with Mariam Batsashvili
Soon after the 10th International Franz Liszt Competition Utrecht, Piano Street’s guest writer Alexander Buskermolen spoke to its most recent winner: the Georgian 21 year old pianist Mariam Batsashvili. The main theme for this interview with the first female winner of this particular competition in The Netherlands: how to prepare for a competition and what happens if you win? Mariam Batsashvili should know. Read more...
Medical Professionals See Irregular Heartbeat in Beethoven’s Music
Citing rhythmic shifts and sudden stops in the German master's music, certain doctors and researchers think he suffered from arrhythmia. Read more...
New Piano Design for the Future
It's futuristic, to be sure, but the newest piano design from Gergely Bogányi has several components that hark back to the 19th century. Read more...
Minimalist Philip Glass sought to maximize his piano-playing potential
The journey he began in 1994 covered the following 19 years, and, during that time, he composed each of the chronologically numbered etudes he intended to use to make himself better at the keyboard. Pianist Maki Namekawa has now become the second artist to record these remarkably disparate works. Read more...
International Piano – January/February 2015
A new issue of International Piano is out! Highlights: The return of Ivo Pogorelich, The Piano Etude: The evolution of the genre, in conversation with Clare Hammond, Jeremy Siepmann explores piano duos with some of the world’s leading exponents, and much more... Read more...
Behind the Scenes of the Piano Puzzler
So, what is a Piano Puzzler? On the air every week, Bruce Adolphe re-writes a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer. In this video we get behind the scenes and learn the core secrets behind the construction of a Puzzler. Read more...
Happy New Year! Top Picks of 2014
We wish all piano fans a Happy New Year with a list of highly recommended reading from Piano Street’s Classical Piano Blog. These are the 10 most read, discussed or shared articles of 2014. Read more...
Piano News Flash
How Body Language Affects Musicianship
There are many ways a musician can approach an upcoming concert, audition or competition. Some people are timid, and others are bold. Amy Cuddy says fate favors intrepid musicians rather than unassuming ones. Login to read more >>
From Cristofori to Steinway
Many people can't quite put into words the reasons the piano is the grandest of all concert hall instruments. Here are 26 alphabetical features that prove the point. Login to read more >>
Pleyel Enthralls Audiences with its Custom Pianos
What's green, has five legs, a curved back and 88 keys? Don't be puzzled. Look at Pleyel's exquisitely customized Chinese piano for the answer. Login to read more >>
Discovering Recorded Schnabel Jewels 78 rpm at a Time
In today's age of MP3 players and downloaded music, people can scarcely remember buying CDs, let alone 78-rpm records. A small French company, however, is remastering some old shellac with amazing results. Login to read more >>
Early Brahms Beguiles
Long before Brahms wrote the plaintive horn melody that leads us into the B-flat minor piano concerto, he was writing charming solo works for the keyboard. One such work instantly seized Boris Giltburg's passion. Login to read more >>
Lengthy Study Reinforces Opinion that Music Matters to Student Development
For five years, researchers in Los Angeles have studied three groups of students on their journey from ages six to 11. The results, which bolster the idea that music education helps with cognitive development, have so far been promising. Login to read more >>
Avoiding Wasted Talent
As musicians, we've all considered the possibility that the person next to us on a train or walking by us on the street might have been something special, musically, if just a couple of more things had gone differently in this world. The Royal Conservatory of Music seeks to help unrealized talent come to the fore. Login to read more >>
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