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Recent Articles & News
How About Building a Grand Piano?
Engineering and drafting students at a Virginia private school are pushing the envelope by attempting a project that no one else is currently doing in a school setting: building a piano from scratch. Read more...
Watch Live Stream Now: Piano Recital with Juliana Steinbach
Welcome to watch the live broadcast of the recital with pianist Juliana Steinbach at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm starting today, May 11, at 17.00 GMT. Read more...
Chopin is more popular than football – at least in Warsaw
More than 3 million people visit Warsaw each year. Of those, about 200,000 visit the museum dedicated to Poland’s national music hero: Frédéric Chopin. Be a Chopin Tourist – take the 3 minute tour in the new museum! Read more...
World’s biggest piano helps funding an even bigger piano
The Klavins-Piano Model 370 is a one-of-its-kind instrument. Its soundboard has twice the size of a concert grand of 2,75 m and it weighs 2 tons. In this video you will meet piano maker and experimentalist David Klavins in his workshop in Stuttgart and climb the stairs up to the world’s biggest piano. Read more...
Why is Debussy’s Clair de lune the most downloaded piece?
A challenge for both the intermediate pianist and the professional, Debussy’s Clair de lune seems to contain specific qualities which both instrumentalists and listeners find attractive. The piece, which is a part of the composer’s Suite Bergamasque, is the most downloaded piano score in Piano Street’s sheet music library. Why? Read more...
How to Prepare for a Piano Competition – an Interview with Mariam Batsashvili
Soon after the 10th International Franz Liszt Competition Utrecht, Piano Street’s guest writer Alexander Buskermolen spoke to its most recent winner: the Georgian 21 year old pianist Mariam Batsashvili. The main theme for this interview with the first female winner of this particular competition in The Netherlands: how to prepare for a competition and what happens if you win? Mariam Batsashvili should know. Read more...
Medical Professionals See Irregular Heartbeat in Beethoven’s Music
Citing rhythmic shifts and sudden stops in the German master's music, certain doctors and researchers think he suffered from arrhythmia. Read more...
New Piano Design for the Future
It's futuristic, to be sure, but the newest piano design from Gergely Bogányi has several components that hark back to the 19th century. Read more...
Piano News Flash
The Root of All Piano Playing
Rachmaninoff stated that he felt scales should be the fundament of all technical development. He also remarked that just being proficient with a few works doesn't qualify as being musical. His chief point is that professional players, once becoming established, eschew these exercises completely when they should still be embracing them. Login to read more >>
The Real Danger of Burnout
Mitsuko Uchida doesn't approve of pushing young performers too far too fast. She cites the 250-year-old example of Mozart being forced to tour the world as a prodigy at the age of six. Login to read more >>
Kate Hull Bundy's Diary Shows Similarities Between the 1890s and 2010s
Even people who lived more than 100 years apart have the same difficulties, it seems. Ms. Bundy lamented receiving four proposals of marriage by letter when all she wanted to do was retreat to Europe to work and pursue her career. Login to read more >>
Claire Huangci Has Really Got the Goods
So fresh-faced that she looks barely out of grammar school, Ms. Huangci has a winning combination of supremely enviable chops and profound musicianship that is all-too-rare in this day and age. Login to read more >>
Schiff Grows Up, at Least Where the Fortepiano is Concerned
Having derided pianists who played fortepianos as mere "specialists' 20 years ago, Andras Schiff ate a large dose of crow with his latest recording. Login to read more >>
Rubalcaba Fuses Cuban and American Sounds
It may not have been 20 years ago today, but Gonzalo Rubalcaba delighted and astounded NPR audiences in 1995 with a mind-blowing set list of intricate keyboard tunes. Login to read more >>
Stephen Hough is a Renaissance Man
With a brain whose catalog of information resembles a small library, the British superstar of the piano approaches both playing and music itself from territory that's in rarefied air. Login to read more >>
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