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Top Picks of 2013

We wish all readers a Happy New Year with a list of highly recommended reading – the most popular articles of 2013 from Piano Street’s Classical Piano Blog:

Please let us know which article you find the most interesting and feel free to share if you have any specific plans or goals for your piano playing for next year!


  1. A. Simone Says:

    Happy New Year to all piano lovers everywhere! Many of the artices in the list are interesting but most of all I enjoyed listening to Baremboims recital.

  2. Dan Says:

    Thanks Piano Street & Happy New Year! I am looking forward to following the blog next year as well!

  3. Randall Fillion Says:

    A wonderful site. The best to you for 2014 …

  4. Lil WEIDLICH Says:


  5. Elaine Says:

    Happy New Year 2014

  6. Lisa Ann Says:

    Happy New Year,everyone!

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