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Eric Zuber:2022-12-03

The Young Chopin – Piano Concerto No. 1, Andante Spianato and Grande polonaise, Variations on La ci darem

During a period of just a few years, Eric Zuber was a recipient of major prizes from twelve prestigious international piano competitions including Rubinstein, Cleveland, Seoul, Sydney, Dublin, Honens, and the Piano-e-Competition. “I thought that it would be interesting to explore some of the repertoire that Chopin composed as a very young man, when he was flexing his pianistic muscles, so to speak, before he retreated to a life of mainly composition and teaching.”
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Sontraud Speidel:2022-12-01

Fanny Hensel – Piano Works 1821–46

Sontraud Speidel has recorded more than 50 commercial CDs, many of them with music by neglected composers such as Hummel, Kirchner, Reinecke, and Clara Schumann. She was the first pianist to record works for piano solo by Fanny Hensel, the sister of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. The compositions by Hensel on this album, 11 of which are premiere recordings, span a time frame from 1821 to 1846.
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Mari Kodama:2022-11-29

New Paths

Hardly any relationship is as well-documented as that of Robert and Clara Schumann to Johannes Brahms. "The fascination that emanates from this connection of lives has touched me so much over the years that it has always been a concern of mine to musically tell the story of its beginning at some point", says Mari Kodama. The pieces she has chosen – Brahms' Piano Sonata op. 1, his Variations on a Theme by Schumann, the Variations Op. 18b, and Schumann's Widmung transcribed by Clara – all demonstrate the "strength and energy, tenderness and affection" that came from this friendship.
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Daniel-Ben Pienaar:2022-11-27

William Byrd – Pavans & Galliards, Variations & Grounds

Daniel-Ben Pienaar has a reputation for highly individual readings of the German piano classics and for playing an extensive repertoire of pre-Bach works on the piano. His large discography includes complete traversals of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Goldberg Variations and Six Partitas, as well as the Sonata cycles of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. The latest album explores the dances and variation works of William Byrd (1543–1623).
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Mari Kawamura:2022-11-25

Ma - Space Between

Ma is an ancient Japanese concept concerning space and time, a "charged stillness" that has served as an essential element in Japanese traditional arts. In a polarized world where differences are often the focal point, Mari Kawamura seeks to highlight similarities between seemingly contrasting compositions by Joseph Haydn, Lei Liang, Katharina Rosenberger, Toru Takemitsu, and Iannis Xenakis by uncovering their inherent Ma-like structures.
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Duo Kravos:2022-11-24

Mozart, Schubert, Bizet, Choveaux

Despite their young age, Zala Kravos and her younger brother Val have already been performing internationally for many years. In addition to their individual careers, they enjoy playing the repertoire for piano four hands and for two pianos together, which they do with an exceptionally close affinity and coordination. On their debut CD, they play Mozart's D major Sonata K. 381, Schubert's F minor Fantasy, and Bizet's Jeux d'enfants.
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Orion Weiss:2022-11-22

Arc II – Ravel, Brahms, Shostakovich

This is part of Weiss's recording project Arc I–III, a recital trilogy representing an inverted arc, like a rainbow’s reflection in water. Part one headed downhill, beginning from hope and proceeding down to despair. The current album takes us to the bottom of the journey, with music from the two World Wars, dealing with loss and grief – which doesn't necessarily mean that the music itself is depressing or despairing.
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Anne Queffélec:2022-11-20

Beethoven – The Last 3 Piano Sonatas

Anne Queffélec has more than forty album releases to her credit, including music by Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Scarlatti, Schubert, Liszt, Chopin, Bach, Debussy, Fauré, Mendelssohn, Satie, and the complete piano works of Ravel and Dutilleux. In 2019, Warner/Erato released a 21-CD ‘birthday box set’. Here is her brand new recording of what she calls "The three sisters", Beethoven's Sonatas Opp. 109–111.
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Finghin Collins:2022-11-18

The bright day is done

The concept of this CD – putting together music based around different times of the day – was suggested to Finghin Collins by Ciara Higgins, artistic director of the Dublin International Chamber Music Festival. The idea appealed to him immediately; it allows for a programme which is diverse in its range of composers, periods and moods, and in which the pieces can be enjoyed individually or as a complete journey.
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Kenji Miura:2022-11-15

Identity – Franck, Debussy, Ravel, Takemitsu

Kenji Miura, winner of the 2019 Long-Thibaud-Crespin Competition, combines music of the French school with pieces by Toru Takemitsu. Born in Kobe, Japan, Miura studied in the UK and in Berlin, where he is now based. He says: “My torn-between-worlds feeling is shared by many around the world. This is my small musical letter to all those struggling with the many aspects of identity – a concept that should help us embrace who we are and our complicated, beautiful lives.”
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Qing Jiang:2022-11-13

Dreamed Landscapes

Composer Daniel Temkin’s Dreamed Landscapes, which receives its world premiere recording here, draws inspiration from nature, just as Janácek did with In the Mists and Ravel with Jeux d’eau. The other soundscapes on this album, with their mixture of new and old, all seem to recall times or places in memory, or evoke music of the past, with Ravel recalling Rameau and Couperin, and Adès conjuring the ghosts of Chopin and Szymanowski.
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Nenad Lecic:2022-11-11

Schumann & Prokofiev – Piano Works

Nenad Lecic's album deliberately combines two very contrasting composers and seemingly contradictory works, exemplifying the paradoxicality and complexity of a rapidly changing world. While Schumann's Fantasy, written during his painful separation from Clara, mirrors a passionate, despairing soul, Prokofiev's Seventh Sonata, composed in the midst of World War II, reflects the turbulence of the outside world.
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Diana Sahakyan:2022-11-10

Mel Bonis – Femmes de légende and other piano works

Born into a modest Parisian family who did not recognize her exceptional musical talent, Mel Bonis was eventually lucky enough to be introduced to César Franck who helped her get into the Paris Conservatoire, where she studied with the likes of Claude Debussy. While she was denied the possibility to complete her studies, she never gave up composing. Her works for piano on this recording are an impressive testimony to this.
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Paul Lewis:2022-11-07

Schubert – Piano Sonatas D. 537, 568 & 664

Paul Lewis has regularly devoted himself to in-depth explorations of a particular composer’s output, surveying aspects of the creativity of giants like Beethoven, Brahms and Haydn. On this album, he completes his exploration of Schubert’s sonatas, begun almost twenty years ago, with three masterpieces from the years 1816–1819, a time of feverish creativity and investigation for Schubert.
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A Bu:2022-11-05

New Memories – Nikolai Kapustin, A Bu

Nikolai Kapustin never identified himself as a jazz musician. Still, his thorough knowledge of jazz genres, styles and aesthetics, combined with the nourishment he received from the Russian Piano School caused his pianistic skills to expand in a unique fashion. A Bu (born Liang Dai) fell in love with Kapustin's music at 14 years of age and has studied and played his music ever since. On this album, he plays works by Kapustin along with two of his own compositions.
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Leif Ove Andsnes:2022-11-03

Dvorák – Poetic Tone Pictures

Leif Ove Andsnes first listened to Dvorák’s Poetic Tone Pictures in his youth on a recording by the Czech pianist Radoslav Kvapil. His interest grew from playing the first of them in a youth competition realizing that “I love this music and no one seems to play it”. The Covid-19 period of lockdown gave him the opportunity to study them in depth. He was also thrilled to find that Dvorák “hoped somebody would have the courage to play all of them together. Clearly he was thinking of them as a cycle.”
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Célimène Daudet:2022-11-02

Alter Ego – Mompou, Chopin

Célimène Daudet plays Chopin's Sonata No. 3, bookended by pieces in which Federico Mompou pays homage to Chopin. "Very few composers reveal the soul of the piano with such truth," says Daudet of the two, who share so many character traits that Mompou was sometimes called Frédéric II. The Variations on a Theme of Chopin has as its theme Chopin's Prelude No. 7, and from Chopiniana there emerges from a desolate landscape the specter of Prelude No. 4.
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Paul Wee:2022-10-31

Beethoven-Liszt – Symphony No. 3, Mozart-Alkan – Piano Concerto No. 20

This recording brings together two of the greatest works of the Classical era in transcriptions for solo piano by two of the greatest pianist-composers of the Romantic era. Paul Wee attempts to maneuver his pianist career alongside the demands of a busy practice as a barrister. His previous albums with music by Alkan and Thalberg have been met with great critical acclaim.
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Alex Szilasi:2022-10-29

Chopin – Piano Sonatas 2 & 3

Alex Szilasi's work has become almost synonymous with the music of Chopin in Hungary, and his great interest in 19th-century French and English pianos marks many of his performances and recordings. Among the instruments in his private collection are two Pleyel pianos from Chopin's time (1843 & 1847). This album was recorded using a Pleyel Concert Grand from circa 1886–1890.
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Haochen Zhang:2022-10-27

Beethoven – The Five Piano Concertos

Beethoven not only achieved a brilliant conclusion to the Classical piano concerto genre, but also established a new model: the Romantic concerto, a sort of symphony with obbligato piano. Haochen Zhang, winner of the Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2009, and recipient of the prestigious Avery Fisher Career Grant in 2017, releases his third album on BIS Records.
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Sarah Cahill:2022-10-24

The Future Is Female, Vol. 2 – The Dance

The Future is Female is a project started by Sarah Cahill in 2018, to celebrate and highlight women composers from the 17th century to today. It now includes more than 70 compositions – including new commissioned works – to be released on three albums, the second of which is loosely based on the theme of Dance.
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Luis González Lladó:2022-10-22

Preludios for a Young Pianist

Preludios for a Young Pianist consist of 19 premiere recordings. In 2017, Luis González Lladó commissioned Preludes from a large and heterogeneous group of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American composers. The collection documented on this album forms a melting pot of the different aesthetics and attitudes of our time.
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Peter Jablonski:2022-10-20

Chopin – Complete Mazurkas

Although Polish composers before him wrote mazurkas too, it is Chopin’s musical genius that elevated this country dance into an art form. For him it became a deeply personal, intimate statement of his feelings as an émigré Polish composer living in Paris. Peter Jablonski’s extensive and diverse discography includes recordings on Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, Philips, Altara and Octavia labels, and now Ondine, for whom he recently recorded Scriabin's Mazurkas.
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Mark Viner:2022-10-19

Chaminade – Piano Music, Vol. 2

After he won the 2012 Alkan-Zimmerman International Piano Competition in Athens, Mark Viner’s recordings of rarely heard repertoire has confirmed his reputation as one of today’s indisputable torchbearers of the Romantic Revival. This is his second recital with music by Cécile Chaminade, a composer whose popularity at the beginning of the 20th century was such that only in the USA there were around 200 "Chaminade Clubs".
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