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Edvard Grieg

A large part of Edvard Grieg's output consists of short pieces for piano; colorful, lyrical, often evoking beautiful scenes of nature. His style can seem straightforward, modest and firmly traditional, but his love and deep knowledge of the Norwegian folk tradition enabled him to enrich the Romantic style with plenty of harmonic inventions, making him an admired and influential figure not least among French composers of the 20th century.

Top Pieces:

Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16

The brilliance and virtuosity of this Concerto can seem far removed from Grieg's more subtle, lyrical creations for solo piano; but there is common ground, such as the distinct elements of Norwegian folk music.

To the Spring, Op. 43 No. 6

Grieg and his Scandinavian collegues - with their abundant experience of long and bleak winters - often evoked the magical emergence of spring. Here's one of the most beautiful examples.

Nocturne, Op. 54 No. 4

This soothing, ethereal night piece combines Grieg's signature folksong flavoring with an impressionistic mood, suspending time and evoking the Nightingale's call.

Wedding-Day at Troldhaugen, Op. 65 No. 6

A vigourous and joyful piece with a strong folkloric character, delivered as a present to Grieg's wife on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Ballade in the Form of Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song, Op. 24

Grieg’s most significant large-scale solo piano work had a very special emotional meaning for the composer, who said that it was written “with my life’s blood in days of sorrow and despair.”


Edward Grieg (1843-1907) wanted to create, in his own words, music that would "give the Norwegian people an identity." In the summer of 1858, the legendary violinist Ole Bull noticed the fifteen year old Grieg´s talent and persuaded his parents to send him to the Leipzig Conservatory, where he was to study piano with Ignaz Moscheles. Despite disliking the conservatory discipline and being diagnosed with a severe lung disease, Grieg managed to graduate with good grades in 1862. He held his first concert in his hometown of Bergen but settled in Copenhagen, where he continued his composition studies with Niels Gade and met the composer of the Norwegian national anthem Rikard Nordraak, who became a source of great inspiration.

Against his family´s wishes, Grieg married his cousin Nina Hagerup, a talented pianist and singer. Shortly after their wedding, the couple moved to Oslo, where Grieg supported them by teaching piano and conducting. The following summer, Grieg wrote his Piano Concerto in A minor, a work that was received with great enthusiasm and would secure the composer´s reputation. In 1870, Grieg paid two visits to Liszt in Rome, during which the two composers went over Grieg´s first violin sonata, which pleased Liszt greatly, and the Piano Concerto, which Liszt proceeded to play by sight (including the orchestral arrangement). Though greatly impressed, Grieg gently pointed out to the older master that he played the first movement too quickly.

Supplying incidental music to the premiere of Henrik Ibsen´s Peer Gynt in 1876 proved to be the next major step in Grieg’s career. This music became immensely popular and Grieg later scored it into two orchestral suites. He now enjoyed tremendous celebrity and continued travelling extensively, adhering to a surprisingly busy schedule considering his fragile health. In 1885, Grieg returned to his native Bergen, Norway, where he and Nina built their celebrated home, Troldhaugen, a popular tourist destination to this day. Many of Grieg’s best-known works for piano are contained in the ten sets of Lyric Pieces, miniature character-pieces that span the whole of Grieg’s development as a composer for the piano. Grieg died aged 64, after a long period of illness. The funeral drew between 30,000 and 40,000 people out on the streets of his home town to honour him.

Quotes by Grieg

"Artists like Bach and Beethoven erected churches and temples on the heights. I only wanted [...] to build dwellings for men in which they might feel happy and at home."

Quotes about Grieg

"You can’t imagine the power Grieg’s music had in Paris. Suddenly, our windows were open to the country and we were reminded we lived in flats, with closed doors and windows, ignoring what are rivers, trees, and birds... then came a musician who had knowledge of all that and used it in his music. It did us a lot of good and everyone was grateful to him. Through him we could perceive the mountains and the sea, gnomes and giants, a world that the city had made us forget." (Ravel)

Grieg Piano Sheet Music

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Total pieces by Grieg: 222

TitleKey YearLevel

Most popular pieces:

Piano Concerto Op. 16A Minor 18688+
To the Spring Op. 43 No. 6F-sharp Major 18867
Nocturne Op. 54 No. 4C Major 18915
Wedding-Day at Troldhaugen Op. 65 No. 6D Major 18977
Ballade in the Form of Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song Op. 24G Minor 18758+

All pieces:

Lyric Pieces

Arietta Op. 12 No. 1E Major 18675
Waltz Op. 12 No. 2A Minor 18674
Watchman's Song Op. 12 No. 3E Major 18674
Fairy Dance Op. 12 No. 4E Minor 18676
Popular Melody Op. 12 No. 5F-sharp Minor 18675
Norwegian Melody Op. 12 No. 6D Major 18676
Album Leaf Op. 12 No. 7E Minor 18675
National Song Op. 12 No. 8E-flat Major 18674
Berceuse Op. 38 No. 1G Major 18835
Popular Melody Op. 38 No. 2E Minor 18835
Melodie Op. 38 No. 3C Major 18835
Halling Op. 38 No. 4G Minor 18836
Springdans Op. 38 No. 5G Major 18836
Elegie Op. 38 No. 6A Minor 18835
Waltz Op. 38 No. 7E Minor 18835
Kanon Op. 38 No. 8B-flat Minor 18836
Butterfly Op. 43 No. 1A Major 18867
Solitary Traveller Op. 43 No. 2B Minor 18866
In my Native Country Op. 43 No. 3F-sharp Major 18865
Little Bird Op. 43 No. 4D Minor 18866
Erotikon Op. 43 No. 5F Major 18867
To the Spring Op. 43 No. 6F-sharp Major 18867
Valse - Impromptu Op. 47 No. 1E Minor 18886
Album Leaf Op. 47 No. 2F Major 18886
Melodie Op. 47 No. 3A Minor 18885
Halling Op. 47 No. 4D Major 18885
Melancholie Op. 47 No. 5G Minor 18885
Springdans Op. 47 No. 6G Major 18886
Elegie Op. 47 No. 7B Minor 18885
Shepherd's Boy Op. 54 No. 1G Minor 18916
Norwegian March Op. 54 No. 2C Major 18915
March of the Dwarfs Op. 54 No. 3D Minor 18918+
Nocturne Op. 54 No. 4C Major 18915
Scherzo Op. 54 No. 5E Minor 18915
Bell Ringing Op. 54 No. 6C Major 18915
Vanished Days Op. 57 No. 1D Minor 18935
Gade Op. 57 No. 2A Major 18935
Illusion Op. 57 No. 3A Minor 18935
Secret Op. 57 No. 4G Major 18935
She Dances Op. 57 No. 5C Major 18935
Homesickness Op. 57 No. 6E Minor 18935
Sylphe Op. 62 No. 1B Minor 18955
Tak Op. 62 No. 2G Major 18954
French Serenade Op. 62 No. 3A Major 18955
Brooklet Op. 62 No. 4B Minor 18956
Phantom Op. 62 No. 5A Major 18955
Homeward Op. 62 No. 6E Major 18955
From Early Years Op. 65 No. 1D Minor 18975
Peasant's Song Op. 65 No. 2A Major 18975
Melancholy Op. 65 No. 3B Minor 18976
Salon Op. 65 No. 4A Major 18976
Ballade Op. 65 No. 5C Minor 18975
Wedding-Day at Troldhaugen Op. 65 No. 6D Major 18977
Sailor's Song Op. 68 No. 1C Major 18995
Grandmother's Minuet Op. 68 No. 2G Major 18994
At Your Feet Op. 68 No. 3D Major 18995
Evening in the Mountains Op. 68 No. 4E Minor 18995
At the Cradle Op. 68 No. 5E Major 18995
Valse Mélancolique Op. 68 No. 6G Minor 18995
Once Upon a Time Op. 71 No. 1E Minor 19016
Summer's Eve Op. 71 No. 2B-flat Minor 19016
Puck Op. 71 No. 3E-flat Minor 19015
Peace of the Woods Op. 71 No. 4F-sharp Major 19016
Halling Op. 71 No. 5C Major 19016
Gone Op. 71 No. 6E Minor 19015
Remembrances Op. 71 No. 7E-flat Major 19015

Four Pieces Op. 1

1. Piano Piece D Major 18618
2. Piano Piece C Major 18618+
3. Piano Piece - mazurka A Minor 18617
4. Piano Piece A Minor 18618

Poetic Tone-Pictures Op. 3

1. Poetic Tone-Picture E Minor 18638
2. Poetic Tone-Picture B-flat Major 18637
3. Poetic Tone-Picture C Minor 18637
4. Poetic Tone-Picture A Major 18635
5. Poetic Tone-Picture F Major 18635
6. Poetic Tone-Picture E Minor 18637

Humoresques Op. 6

1. Humoresque D Major 18656
2. Humoresque G-sharp Minor 18656
3. Humoresque C Major 18656
4. Humoresque G Minor 18656

25 Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances Op. 17

1. Folk Dance C Major 18695
2. The Young Man D Minor 18694
3. Folk Dance A Minor 18694
4. Niels Tallefjorden A Major 18694
5. Dance from Jolster D Minor 18697
6. Wedding Song A Minor 18695
7. Halling A Major 18695
8. The Pig G Minor 18694
9. Religious Song G Major 18694
10. Wooer's Song A Minor 18694
11. Heroic Ballad B-flat Major 18695
12. Solfager and the Snake King G Minor 18695
13. Travel Song G Major 18695
14. I Sing with a Sorrowful Heart C Minor 18694
15. Last Saturday Evening A Minor 18694
16. I Know a Little Maiden F Minor 18695
17. The Horsefly and the Fly A Minor 18694
18. Peasant Dance C Major 18696
19. Holje Dale A Minor 18694
20. Halling D Major 18694
21. The Woman from Setesdhal A Minor 18695
22. Cow Call G Major 18694
23. Have You by Chance Seen My Wife? A Minor 18694
24. Wedding Song A Major 18695
25. The Raven's Wedding in Krakalund G Minor 18695

Scenes of Country Life Op. 19

1. In the Mountains A Minor 18718+
2. Bridal Procession E Major 18717
3. Carnival Scene A Minor 18718+

Album Leafs Op. 28

1. Allegro con moto A-flat Major 18646
2. Allegretto espressivo F Major 18746
3. Vivace A Major 18766
4. Andantino serioso C-sharp Minor 18786

Improvisations on Two Norwegian Folk Songs Op. 29

1. Improvisation on a Norwegian Folk Song A Minor 18788+
2. Improvisation on a Norwegian Folk Song F Major 18788

Four Norwegian Dances Op. 35

1. Norwegian Dance D Minor 18818+
2. Norwegian Dance A Major 18818
3. Norwegian Dance G Major 18817
4. Norwegian Dance D Minor 18818

2 Valse-Caprices Op. 37

1. Valse-Caprice C-sharp Minor 18877
2. Valse-Caprice E Minor 18877

From Holberg's Time Op. 40

1. Prelude G Major 18847
2. Sarabande G Major 18845
3. Gavotte G Major 18846
4. Air G Minor 18845
5. Rigaudon G Major 18846

2 Nordic Songs Op. 63

1. Folk Song D Minor 18958
2. Cow Keeper's Tune and Country Dance G Major 18958

19 Norwegian Folk Tunes Op. 66

1. Cattle Call D Major 18964
2. It Is the Greatest Folly G Minor 18965
3. A King Ruled in the East D Minor 18965
4. The Song of Siri Dale G Minor 18965
5. It Happened in my Youth C Minor 18966
6. Call and Cradle Song A Minor 18965
7. Cradle Song D Minor 18963
8. Call D Minor 18964
9. It Was a Little Lad A Minor 18964
10. Tomorrow You Shall Marry A Major 18966
11. There Stand Two Girls D Minor 18966
12. Ranveig A Minor 18964
13. A Little Grey Man G Minor 18965
14. In Ola Valley, In Ola Lake A Major 18966
15. Cradle Song G Minor 18966
16. Our Little Astrid A Major 18968
17. Cradle Song G Minor 18966
18. I Wander Deep in Thought D Major 18968
19. Gjendine's Cradle Song G Minor 18963

Slåtter Op. 72

1. Giboen's Bridal March D Major 19038+
2. John Vestafe's Springdans D Major 19038+
3. Bridal March from Telemark D Major 19038
4. Halling from the Fairy Hill D Major 19038
5. The Prillar from Os Parish D Major 19038
6. The Miller's Gangar D Major 19038+
7. Roetnams-Knut - Halling D Major 19038+
8. The Miller's Wedding March A Major 19038+
9. Nils Rekve's Halling D Major 19038
10. Knut Luraasen's Halling I G Major 19038+
11. Knut Luraasen's Halling II D Major 19038+
12. The Miller's Springdans D Major 19038
13. Haavard Giboen's Dream at the Oterholt Bridge. Springdans D Major 19038
14. The Goblins' Bridal Procession at Vossevangen G Major 19038
15. The Skuldal Bride D Major 19038
16. The Girls from Kivledal - Springdans F Major 19038
17. The Girls from Kivledal - Gangar F Major 19038

Moods Op. 73

1. Resignation E Minor 19055
2. Scherzo-Impromptu B-flat Major 19055
3. Night Ride D Minor 19055
4. Folksong A-flat Major 19055
5. Study (Hommage à Chopin) F Minor 19057
6. Students' Serenade A Major 19055
7. The Mountaineer's Song G Minor 19055

Peer Gynt Suites

Morning Mood Op. 46 No. 1E Major 18886
Åse's Death Op. 46 No. 2B Minor 18885
Anitra's Dance Op. 46 No. 3A Minor 18885
In the hall of the Mountain King Op. 46 No. 4B Minor 18886
Ingrid's Lament Op. 55 No. 1G Minor 18927
Arabian Dance Op. 55 No. 2C Major 18927
Peer Gynt's Return Home Op. 55 No. 3F-sharp Minor 18927
Solveig's Song Op. 55 No. 4A Minor 18926

Piano Transcriptions of Songs

Heart's Wounds Op. 34 No. 1C Minor 18815
Last Spring Op. 34 No. 2G Major 18815
Lullaby Op. 41 No. 1B Major 18846
Little Haakon Op. 41 No. 2A-flat Major 18846
I Love Thee Op. 41 No. 3C Major 18847
She Is So White Op. 41 No. 4E Minor 18846
The Princess Op. 41 No. 5D Minor 18848
To Springtime Op. 41 No. 6B Major 18846
A Mother's Grief Op. 52 No. 1B-flat Minor 18907
The First Meeting Op. 52 No. 2D-flat Major 18906
The Poet's Heart Op. 52 No. 3F-sharp Minor 18907
Solvejg's Song Op. 52 No. 4A Minor 18906
Love Op. 52 No. 5D-flat Major 18906
The Old Mother Op. 52 No. 6B Minor 18907
Norwegian Op. 53 No. 1G Major 18917
The First Meeting Op. 53 No. 2C Major 18916

6 Norwegian Mountain Melodies

Springdans EG 108 No. 1A Major 18755
Lullaby EG 108 No. 2F Major 18754
Springdans EG 108 No. 3D Major 18754
Sjugurd and the Troll-Bride EG 108 No. 4F Major 18754
Halling EG 108 No. 5A Major 18754
The Lad and the Lass in the Cow-Shed Loft EG 108 No. 6A Minor 18754

3 Piano Pieces

In the Whirl of the Dance EG 112E Major 18988
Procession of Gnomes EG 111E Minor 18987
Tempest Clouds EG 110G Minor 18988

Works for four hands or two pianos

In Autumn - for four hands Op. 11D Major 18667
Symphonic Piece - for four hands Op. 14 No. 1A-flat Major 18645
Symphonic Piece - for four hands Op. 14 No. 2C Minor 18645
Norwegian Dances - for four hands Op. 35 N/A 18808+
Old Norwegian Melody with Variations - for two pianos Op. 51 F Major 18908+
Folk Song - for four hands Op. 63 No. 1D Minor 18956
Cow Keeper's Tune and Country Dance - for four hands Op. 63 No. 2G Major 18956
Valse-Caprice 1 - for four hands Op. 37 No. 1C-sharp Minor 18835
Valse-Caprice 2 - for four hands Op. 37 No. 2E Minor 18835
Sonata in G major K 283 by Mozart - arrangement for two pianos G Major 18777
Fantasy in C minor K 475 by Mozart - arrangement for two pianos C Minor 18778+
Sonata in C minor K 457 by Mozart - arrangement for two pianos C Minor 18778+
Sonata in F major K 533 by Mozart - arrangement for two pianos F Major 18778+
Sonata in C major K 545 by Mozart - arrangement for two pianos C Major 18776

Miscellaneous pieces

Sonata Op. 7E Minor 18658+
Piano Concerto Op. 16A Minor 18688+
Ballade in the Form of Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song Op. 24G Minor 18758+
Prayer and Temple Dance - from the Opera "Olav Trygvason" Op. 50G Major 18938+
Nordraak's Funeral March A Minor 18666

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