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Recent Articles & News
Cremona Musica's 2021 Edition
The annual music exhibition Cremona Musica opened up again after its digital 2020 edition. A rich program utilizing the new worldwide digital reality to enhance the experience of the physical event. Clearly, the pandemic has not only led to thriving business for traditional instrument makers but also increased the music world's knowledge about technological solutions and its products. Read more...
Watch the Chopin Competition With Us!
With the 18th International Chopin Competition entering its Second Stage, Piano Street presents a new version of its popular tool (first presented during the 2010 Competition) for navigating the hundreds of great performances taking place during the event. Use our list of pieces and pianists to find and compare your personal favorites among this year’s 160 contestants. Read more...
New Book: The Piano - A History in 100 Pieces
Pianist Susan Tomes' praised book "The Piano - A History in 100 Pieces", charts the development of the piano from the late eighteenth century to the present day. Tomes takes the reader with her on a personal journey through 100 pieces including solo works, chamber music, concertos, and jazz. Piano Street talked to Susan Tomes about her book. Read more...
Liszt and the Keyboard - An Illustrated Lecture
Whatever else the world may debate about Franz Liszt's life and work, one thing is generally conceded: he was the first modern pianist. Entitled "Liszt and the Keyboard", master musicologist Dr. Alan Walker gives us an exciting 47 minute journey describing Liszt being the root of modern piano playing. Read more...
On Being a Pianist in Kenya - Against All Odds
It is hard enough to train as a classical pianist, even in a Western country with good access to instruments, sheet music and advanced tuition. If you happen to live in Kenya, where nothing of the above is easily available, the many obstacles make it almost impossible. Yet, there are people with an absolute determination to learn. Piano Street has talked to pianist Cordelia Williams, whose new documentary film depicts a new generation on track to break the "glass ceiling" of classical music in Kenya. Read more...
The 17th "Chopin and his Europe Festival"
The 17th Chopin and his Europe festival opens in Warsaw this Saturday and traditionally, accomplished musicians from all the world will arrive in the Polish capital: top pianists, virtuosos of all instruments, grand conductors and legendary ensembles. Read more...
Tonebase - Catching the Magic Moment
An interview with tonebase's piano executive Ben Laude about the challenges he faced building the platform, but also about how to forge a unified music education, reconciling our physical and virtual realities. Read more...
The International Chopin Competition in Warsaw - Preliminaries Are On!
The live streamed preliminary round of the 18th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition are on. Until 23 July, the Chamber Hall of the Polish National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw will resound with the music played by 150 young pianists from all over the world. Read more...
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Piano News Flash
Pianist Composer Goodyear
Pianist Stewart Goodyear's latest album "Phoenix" includes two of Goodyear's own compositions, piano reductions from larger pieces that reflect his part-West Indian heritage. Read more at limelightmagazine.com.au
Redlingers DG Debut
Lang Lang's pianist wife, Gina Alice Redlinger has released her debut album named "Wonderworld" which is a compilation of 28 pieces of music, including classical, modern, Western, Chinese, jazz and movie tunes. Read more at koreatimes.co.kr
An Expensive New Classic?
The legendary Rhodes piano is back, with Rhodes Music Group opening pre-orders for the new MK8 model. It costs an eye-watering $9,450. Read more at engadget.com
Jazz Pianist Hiromi Returns to New York
Award-winning jazz performer Hiromi has captivated an audience on her post-pandemic return to Broadway. Read more at nhk.or.jp
Looking for a Flying Piano?
Flying Piano, the newest attraction at Expo 2020 Dubai combines music and wonder, as the female pianist dressed in a white gown along with her white piano are slowly lifted up into the air. Read more at khaleejtimes.com
Bach and Chopin with Gagliano
Pianist Avery Gagliano Plays Bach and Chopin in the WRTI Performance Studio. Read more at wrti.org
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Most Popular Pieces
Piano Street Site Updates
15 January 2019:
Urtext editions of Debussy Clair de lune, Chopin Prelude in E minor and Major Piano Scales are now available to download for free at Piano Street.

21 December 2018:
The premiere issue of the magazine about the world of piano competitions is available for free download at Piano Street.

10 April 2018:
Visit Piano Street at the Frankfurt Music Expo.

19 april 2017:
New CD release by Op 111 Productions: "Alma Brasiliera" with pianist Paulo Steinberg.

25 november 2016:
13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt.

18 February 2016:
New pieces with piano practice tips added to the line of Instructive Editions.

Upcoming livestreams
FREE livestream: 2022-02-12 18:00:00 GMT
Sir Andras Schiff, Piano Concerto
From Philharmonie, Berlin. Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 with Berliner Philharmoniker under Kirill Petrenko. Listen at digitalconcerthall.com

Latest Piano Albums
David Fray:
Bach – Goldberg Variations

David Fray, known for his exactly nuanced touch and technical control, adds a landmark of the solo keyboard repertoire to his discography. "When, after these 30 transformations or changes (Bach called them “Veränderungen”), the theme reappears in its original bare form... the serenity that emerges, which never ceases to surprise, is that of fulfilment, of an order rediscovered."
Listen on NML >
Adam Kosmieja:
Tribute to Gulda

Friedrich Gulda was an extraordinary character, hugely admired as one of the great exponents of classical pianism in the Viennese tradition, but at the same time viewed as a freakish eccentric because of his ventures into the fields of jazz, free improvisation and performance art. Adam Kosmieja plays a number of his demanding, jazzy solo works, and Beethoven's last piano sonata, which Gulda performed a lot in his early years.
Listen on NML >
Ferenc Vizi:
Schubert – Piano Sonata D 664, Impromptus D 935

Ferenc Vizi writes about Schubert's Sonata D. 664: "if Schubert wanted to write a Spring Journey rather than his famous Winterreise, this music would fit perfectly. From the very first notes the music evokes an enchanted awakening in joyous natural surroundings, shining in the traveller’s eye." The Impromptus D. 935 are among Schubert's last works.
Listen on NML >
Dmitri Alexeev:
Scriabin – Complete Piano Music

Dmitri Alexeyev has spent the last decade recording this complete Scriabin cycle. Now in his seventies, he brings a lifetime of experience to the music. Included in the booklet is the pianist's very substantial essay on the works and on the Russian Scriabin performing tradition.
Listen on NML >
More albums: NML Archive >

All features and tools are available for unlimited use for Gold members. Welcome to sign up to get instant access to the web's most comprehensive toolkit for anyone playing the piano!

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