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Recent Articles & News
Piano Street's Top Picks of 2021
We wish you a Happy New Year with a list of highly recommended reading from Piano Street. These are the 16 most read, discussed or shared articles of 2021. /The Piano Street Team Read more...
Capturing The Christmas Spirit at the Piano!
Every December the world is overflooded with Christmas music in a multitude of forms. But what can pianists play besides traditional arrangements offered by every major music publisher? Piano Street has gratefully received lovely contributions by noteworthy pianist/composers who have managed to take our beloved Christmas tunes a bit further in their own unique way by offering fine arrangements for pianists to practice and enjoy during the holidays. Read more...
A Jazz Piano Christmas 2021
Again NPR's traditional season's celebration "A Jazz Piano Christmas", was recorded live from The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. and offers a joyful mix of musical Christmas glitter with a real West Coast feel; all three pianists have roots in California. Read more...
Hommage and Collaboration - Prosseda Plays Morricone
There are few names more synonymous with the sound of cinema than Ennio Morricone. The cultural titan was so prolific that nobody can say for certain how many film scores he actually wrote, but we have talked to a man who has played and recorded all of Morricone's compositions for solo piano. Read more...
The World of Piano Competitions - issue 2 2021
As a collaborating partner Piano Street is proud to present the sixth issue of The World of Piano Competitions, a magazine initiated by PIANIST Magazine (Netherlands and Germany) and its Editor-in-Chief Eric Schoones. Here we get a rich insight into the world of international piano competitions through the eyes of its producers and participants. Read more...
Chopin Competition Aftermath: Breakfast with Tony Yang
Many have enjoyed the Chopin Competition performances live and via streaming and the “now factor” has been very well provided for. But what about after-Warsaw? During his visit to Warsaw, Patrick Jovell had a breakfast talk with laureate 2015 Tony Yang, the youngest prize winner ever – in the history of the competition. Read more...
Cremona Musica's 2021 Edition
The annual music exhibition Cremona Musica opened up again after its digital 2020 edition. A rich program utilizing the new worldwide digital reality to enhance the experience of the physical event. Clearly, the pandemic has not only led to thriving business for traditional instrument makers but also increased the music world's knowledge about technological solutions and its products. Read more...
Watch the Chopin Competition With Us!
During the 18th International Chopin Competition, Piano Street presented a new version of its popular tool for navigating the hundreds of great performances taking place during the event. Use our list of pieces and pianists to find and compare your personal favorites among this year’s 160 contestants. Read more...
More articles >> Top picks: 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Piano News Flash
Chopin's Friends
Chopin wrote of Hiller, "a boy of great talent, full of poetry, passion, and spirit." For a while, Hiller and Chopin became inseparable at social events. Read more at interlude.hk
Piano Practice in History
Hermoine Lai looks at music specifically composed for the purpose of piano practice, all starting with the probably most hated composer in the history of piano playing, Carl Czerny. Read more at interlude.hk
Healthy Piano Technique
Pianist and tutor Penelope Roskell's course offers thirty-one high-quality videos (approximately 9 hours in total) on all aspects of teaching technique with very clear multiple camera angles. Read more at interlude.hk
Pianists to Look Out For
Pianist Magazine UK spotlights four pianists which attracted a lot of attention during 2021. Read more at pianistmagazine.com
Sumino's Math and Sound Passion
Classical pianist Hayato Sumino's arrangements posted across genres have attracted about 900,000 followers on YouTube. Read more at ashai.com
DJ and Trifonov in Piano Concerto
Mason Bates' new piano concerto, recently premiered with pianist Daniil Trifonov might - in spite of the composer's background - please traditionalists. Read more at inquirer.com
More news: News Flash Archive >

Most Popular Pieces
Piano Street Site Updates
15 January 2019:
Urtext editions of Debussy Clair de lune, Chopin Prelude in E minor and Major Piano Scales are now available to download for free at Piano Street.

21 December 2018:
The premiere issue of the magazine about the world of piano competitions is available for free download at Piano Street.

10 April 2018:
Visit Piano Street at the Frankfurt Music Expo.

19 april 2017:
New CD release by Op 111 Productions: "Alma Brasiliera" with pianist Paulo Steinberg.

25 november 2016:
13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt.

18 February 2016:
New pieces with piano practice tips added to the line of Instructive Editions.

Upcoming livestreams
FREE livestream: 2022-01-24 13:00:00 GMT
Elisabeth Brauss, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Mozart, Prokofiev, Ravel and Scarlatti. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk
Livestream: 2022-01-30 01:30:00 GMT
Natasha Paremski, Piano Concerto
From Des Moines Civic Center. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 with Des Moines Symphony under Joseph Giunta. Listen at desmoinesperformingarts.org
FREE livestream: 2022-02-03 19:30:00 GMT
Pavel Kolesnikov, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Schubert, Couperin, Hahn, Fauré and Franck. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk
FREE livestream: 2022-02-03 20:00:00 GMT
Pavel Kolesnikov, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Schubert, Couperin, Hahn, Faure and Franck. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk
FREE livestream: 2022-02-12 18:00:00 GMT
Sir Andras Schiff, Piano Concerto
From Philharmonie, Berlin. Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 with Berliner Philharmoniker under Kirill Petrenko. Listen at digitalconcerthall.com
Livestream: 2022-02-13 00:30:00 GMT
Alessio Bax, Piano Concerto
From The Whiting Auditorium, Flint. Grieg Piano Concerto with Flint Symphony Orchestra under Enrique Diemecke. Listen at thewhiting.com
FREE livestream: 2022-02-15 01:00:00 GMT
Simone Dinnerstein, Recital
From Aspen Armchair Concerts. Works by Glass and Schubert. Listen at aspenmusicfestival.com
Livestream: 2022-02-16 01:00:00 GMT
Mitsuko Uchida, Piano Concerto
From Boston Symphony Hall. Beethoven Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 4 with Boston Symphony Orchestra under Andris Nelsons. Listen at bso.org
Livestream: 2022-02-20 01:00:00 GMT
Martin Helmschen, Piano Concerto
From Boston Symphony Hall. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 17 with Boston Symphony Orchestra under Herbert Blomstedt. Listen at bio.org
FREE livestream: 2022-03-04 03:30:00 GMT
Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Piano Concerto
From Benaroya Hall, Seattle. Bartok Piano Concerto No. 2 with Seattle Symphony under Dalia Stasevska. Listen at seattlesymphony.org
FREE livestream: 2022-03-14 13:00:00 GMT
Ingrid Fliter, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Haydn, Scarlatti and Schumann. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk
FREE livestream: 2022-03-15 01:00:00 GMT
Maxim Lando, Recital
From Aspen Armchair Concerts. Works by Corea, Kapustin and Balakirev. Listen at aspenmusicfestival.com

Latest Piano Albums
François Chaplin:
Chopin - 19 Waltzes

Half a century ago, a disc of Chopin's 14 Waltzes (the official number has now risen to 19) held pride of place in every record library. Since then they have lost some of their exceptional status. But with this and several other recent recordings, perhaps we are seeing a renaissance for these works of incredible charm and harmonic richness.
Listen on NML >
Yu Kosuge:

Yu Kosuge's three previous albums have all been named after one of the four elements - 'Water' (2018), 'Fire' (2019) and 'Wind' (2021). The project now comes to an end with the theme of 'Earth'. Human tragedy, struggle and hope is illustrated with Sonatas by Chopin and Janacek, Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy and Dai Fujikura's "Akiko's Diary", written in remembrance of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.
Listen on NML >
Vladimir Feltsman:
Beethoven - Variations and Rondos

At the end of the 18th century, countless sets of piano variations were produced, published, and eagerly consumed by the public. Beethoven was not exempt from this trend. Vladimir Feltsman offers a broad selection, including early works written in a conventional manner as well as sets from Beethoven's middle period, when he departed from the 'ready-made' contemporary models.
Listen on NML >
Nicolas Namoradze:

Nicolas Namoradze came to international attention in 2018 upon winning the Honens International Piano Competition, and has since been named a Gramophone "One to Watch" and BBC Music Magazine "Rising Star". Here he presents some reflections on Robert Schumann, from both pianistic and compositional viewpoints, interleaving Schumann's work with his own.
Listen on NML >
More albums: NML Archive >

All features and tools are available for unlimited use for Gold members. Welcome to sign up to get instant access to the web's most comprehensive toolkit for anyone playing the piano!

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