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Recent Articles & News
Zlata Chochieva: As an artist, you have to be unique
Zlata Chochieva is a unique pianist of the highest calibre. From Salzburg, where she lives and teaches at the Mozarteum, she enchants music-lovers all over the world with her exceptional artistry, combining natural musical expression with outstanding and self-evident technical ability. Read more...
Comfort and Beauty – Rethinking the Piano Bench
Poised with a contemporary air and pure timeless beauty, the creations of piano bench designer and maker Mario Koch were conspicuously present at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2018. Under the trademark MAKONI visitors were given a chance to indulge in a different world of the piano’s best friend and companion; the piano bench. Read more...
International Piano – May/June issue
From transcriptions by Liszt and Busoni to new commissions from her own contemporaries, the brilliant young French pianist Lise de la Salle tells IP how J S Bach has inspired her programming across three centuries of piano repertoire; the revolutionary role of the piano in the French protests of 1968; and do technical terms deter listeners? Read more...
Mozart Affinity Embracing Domenico Scarlatti
Federico Colli just released his first album of sixteen Scarlatti Piano Sonatas on Chandos Records. Colli has emerged as one of the most interesting pianists of his generation after victories in the Salzburg Mozart Competition and the 2012 edition of the Leeds International Piano Competition. Read more...
Piano Street at Musikmesse in Frankfurt 2018
This April, Piano Street will be exhibiting at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition will take place at the Messe Frankfurt Convention Centre and is the world’s biggest trade show for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing. Piano Street will be showing the digital services available for individuals and for institutions. Read more...
Documentary: In the Footsteps of Debussy
Warner Classics has recently contributed to both a distant and a close look on Claude Debussy. Their 33-disc set aims to include everything Debussy wrote, from his earliest compositions of 1879-80 to the late sonatas composed during the first world war. As a part of the project Warner Classics has produced a three-part documentary series named ”In the Footsteps of Debussy”. Read more...
A Debussy 100 Tribute
The great French composer Achille-Claude Debussy died 100 years ago, on March 25 in Paris. Debussy is considered one of the fathers of modern music and the most influential of all French composers. From Debussy’s Suite bergamasque, Clair de lune has emerged as the most beloved and appreciated piece of the suite appreciated by pianists on all levels. From the beautiful interiors of Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia, Rome we hear Italian pianist Alessandra Ammara play the piece. Read more...
International Piano – March/April issue
Pianistic polymath Pierre-Laurent Aimard brings a spirit of adventure to Messiaen’s Catalogue d’oiseaux; Paul Roberts explores Debussy’s fascination with visual imagery in the composer’s centenary year; IP celebrates the 80th birthday of virtuoso and activist Frederic Rzewski; and rare treats at Husum’s annual piano festival in northern Germany. Read more...
Piano News Flash
More on Chopin's Bauza Piano
"In the cell where Chopin had worked and slept, she found a piano made by Juan Bauza, which had been there, barely touched, for more than 70 years. She arranged to buy it - as a relic, of course, but also because she knew it was midwife to one of the greatest collections of piano miniatures ever written – the Preludes." Read more at unimelb.edu.au
Chopin's Piano
"The composer’s contemporary, Joseph Filtsch, talked about its ability to "throw us into the darkest recesses of our own thoughts". The Preludes show this in microcosm. Playing them as a cycle, a practice familiar to listeners now, was inaugurated by performers who wanted Chopin to fit the grand narratives of high Romanticism and do away with his "sickly" and "febrile" image. Read more at ft.com
The Power of Piano
"Lloyd gives a potted genealogy of piano playing female literary and historical figures alongside these personal stories. She explores "the ivory ceiling"and oppressive ideas of gender and identity that hinder the liberating potential of this artistic form for women." Read more at smh.au
The Science of Hearing
James Hudspeth has spent the last five decades studying the inner ear. He maintains that the cochlea, which contains 16,000 hairs designed to receive sound data from the tympanum and the bones of the middle ear, is an "inverse piano". Read more at scientificamerican.com
All-Gershwin Concert Dazzled
Kevin Cole mesmerized his audience with his Gershwin interpretations. Using the original scores, Cole performed four of Gershwin's masterworks: "Rhapsody in Blue", the Concerto in F, the "Second Rhapsody", and the "I Got Rhythm Variations" on the same program, which had never been done before. Read more at timesunion.com
More Debussy 100
World-renowned pianist Thérèse Fahy is organizing a tribute to the founder of Impressionism. Along with works by the master himself, the event will feature the music of seven Irish composers and the Tombeau de Claude Debussy. The Tombeau was published in 1920 and included works by Dukas, Stravinsky, and others in memory of Debussy. Read more at irishtimes.com
Dinara Klinton's Possible Past Lives
Ms. Klinton enjoyed fairy tales as a child, and she often dreamed of having lived in the past. When she plays certain music, however, she now gets the feeling that she has lived past lives. She believes in the primacy of education through art, literature, and music, too, and strives to inspire young people to learn. Read more at freepressjournal.in
Bernstein the Pianist
Most of us remember Bernstein holding the baton or the pen. Many forget that he was equally gifted at the keyboard. He often conducted therefrom while performing concertos. Lenny was also a terrific chamber musician, and the new, 11-disc box set shows that he was right to be proud of his many collaborations. Read more at broadwayworld.com
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Piano Street Site Updates
19 april 2017:
New CD release by Op 111 Productions: "Alma Brasiliera" with pianist Paulo Steinberg.

25 november 2016:
13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt.

29 July 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

18 February 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

18 February 2016:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2016.

12 February 2016:
Six more composers added to the Audiovisual Study Tool

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