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Recent Articles & News
On Being a Pianist in Kenya - Against All Odds
It is hard enough to train as a classical pianist, even in a Western country with good access to instruments, sheet music and advanced tuition. If you happen to live in Kenya, where nothing of the above is easily available, the many obstacles make it almost impossible. Yet, there are people with an absolute determination to learn. Piano Street has talked to pianist Cordelia Williams, whose new documentary film depicts a new generation on track to break the "glass ceiling" of classical music in Kenya. Read more...
The 17th "Chopin and his Europe Festival"
The 17th Chopin and his Europe festival opens in Warsaw this Saturday and traditionally, accomplished musicians from all the world will arrive in the Polish capital: top pianists, virtuosos of all instruments, grand conductors and legendary ensembles. Read more...
Tonebase - Catching the Magic Moment
An interview with tonebase's piano executive Ben Laude about the challenges he faced building the platform, but also about how to forge a unified music education, reconciling our physical and virtual realities. Read more...
The International Chopin Competition in Warsaw - Preliminaries Are On!
The live streamed preliminary round of the 18th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition are on. Until 23 July, the Chamber Hall of the Polish National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw will resound with the music played by 150 young pianists from all over the world. Read more...
"We humans need music" - Martha Argerich at 80 - Ever Totally Irresistible
Noticed everywhere and named one of the greatest pianists of our time, Martha Argerich turned 80 on June 5. To mark the anniversary of the legendary artist, Symphoniker Hamburg presents Martha Argerich Festival 2021 featuring 12 live concerts - live streamed in very high quality video and sound for fans of Martha Argerich around the world. Read more...
Andras Schiff, Brahms and the Question of Tradition
Much attention and mention is given Sir Andras Schiff's latest remarkable recording of both Brahms’ piano concertos with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Schiff's choice of instrument is a Blüthner grand piano built in Leipzig around 1859, the year in which the first D minor concerto was premiered. Schiff has changed foot in his views on period instruments and the recording can be seen as an ambitious attempt to scrutinize and fully bring out the true characteristics of Brahms' works. Read more...
The World of Piano Competitions - issue 1 2021
As a collaborating partner Piano Street is proud to present the fifth issue of The World of Piano Competitions, a magazine initiated by PIANIST Magazine (Netherlands and Germany) and its Editor-in-Chief Eric Schoones. Here we get a rich insight into the world of international piano competitions through the eyes of its producers and participants. Read more...
Beethoven Celebration in Retrospect
The Beethoven year 2020 was more than just a great anniversary. It also represented the final stage of a mega project started seven years earlier - the Mount Everest of all LvB 250 homage projects. We talk to Nikolas Sideris about how this gigantic and thought-provoking project turned out. Read more...
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Piano News Flash
Meet Pianist Thomas Kelly
Inspirations for the British pianist were a diverse palette of pianists such as: Richter, Gould, Michelangeli, Pletnev, Hough and Hamelin. His professional aim is to achieve the perfect balance of sincerity and charisma. Read more at crosseyedpianist.com
53 Weeks, Composers and Pieces
Pianist Asiya Korepanova's project "Midnight Pieces" presents 53 works from 53 composers, originally meant as one piece for each week of the year, plus one. Hear episode No. 6. Read more at pianistscorner.com
The Leeds' Finalists
The five finalists in The Leeds International Piano competition are now announced: Alim Beisembayev, Dymtro Chon, Kaito Kobayashi, Ariel Lanyi and Thomas Kelly. Follow the competition on medici.tv. Read more at medici.tv
Piano Warm-up?
Are you careful with warm-up before your piano practice? Here are some tips including extensions, Hanon and hand coordinaton. Read more at pianistmagazine.com
Have You Heard of Yoav Levanon?
The 17-year old Israeli pianist Yoav Levanon has just signed an exclusive contract with Warner Classics. Since the age of 11, Levanon has studied with Murray Perahia at the Jerusalem Music Center. Read more at forward.com
The Alfred Cortot Secrets
The young Vladimir Horowitz travelled all the way to Paris, hoping to learn from Alfred Cortot. Cortot's recordings can reveal the multifaceted elements of true piano "technique". Read more at pianomagazine.online
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Most Popular Pieces
Piano Street Site Updates
15 January 2019:
Urtext editions of Debussy Clair de lune, Chopin Prelude in E minor and Major Piano Scales are now available to download for free at Piano Street.

21 December 2018:
The premiere issue of the magazine about the world of piano competitions is available for free download at Piano Street.

10 April 2018:
Visit Piano Street at the Frankfurt Music Expo.

19 april 2017:
New CD release by Op 111 Productions: "Alma Brasiliera" with pianist Paulo Steinberg.

25 november 2016:
13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt.

18 February 2016:
New pieces with piano practice tips added to the line of Instructive Editions.

Upcoming livestreams
FREE livestream: 2021-09-18 18:30:00 GMT
Francesco Piemontesi, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Schubert. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk
FREE livestream: 2021-09-21 12:00:00 GMT
Ariel Lanyi, Recital
From Royal Academy of Music, London. Works by Debussy, Scriabin and Schumann. Listen at ram.ac.uk
Livestream: 2021-09-25 17:00:00 GMT
Nikolai Lugansky, Piano Concerto
From Philharmonie, Berlin. Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 1 with Berliner Philharmoniker under Tugan Sokhiev. Listen at digitalconcerthall.com
Livestream: 2021-10-01 18:00:00 GMT
Seong-Jin Cho, Recital
From Tanzsaal an der Panke, Berlin. Works by Szymanowski and Chopin. Listen at dg-premium.com
FREE livestream: 2021-10-04 12:00:00 GMT
Kirill Gerstein, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Komitas, Debussy, Janacek, Kapralova and Scriabin. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk
FREE livestream: 2021-10-04 18:30:00 GMT
Boris Giltburg, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Prokofiev, Ravel and Schumann. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk
Livestream: 2021-10-29 18:00:00 GMT
Daniil Trifonov, Recital
From Siemensvilla, Berlin. Bach; The Art of Fugue. Listen at dg-premium.com

Latest Piano Albums
Igor Levit:

This is a triple CD containing two gigantic 20th century cycles - Shostakovich's 24 Preludes and Fugues, and Ronald Stevenson's Passacaglia on DSCH. For Igor Levit, Shostakovich's work "is a ritual of self-exploration and self-discovery," while the Passacaglia "is a veritable compendium of life, a kind of music that tells us of our responsibility towards the world as a whole."
Listen on NML >
Claire Huangci:
Bach - Toccatas

Claire Huangci first established herself as an expressive interpreter of Chopin, but has since proved her versatility in a broad repertoire - her already impressive discography ranges from Scarlatti to Prokofiev. The new album starts with Busoni's transcription of Bach's famous Organ Toccata in D minor, and continues with Bach's original, rarely performed Seven Toccatas.
Listen on NML >
Imogen Cooper:
Le temps perdu

This very personal album has Imogen Cooper returning to her study years. "It all came from a strong desire on my part to re-explore pieces – good pieces – learned when I was a teenager in Paris, or as a twenty-year-old with Alfred Brendel in Vienna. None of these pieces have I performed in my adult years on the concert platform. What has happened to them, cocooned inside me and unaddressed for half a century?"
Listen on NML >
Paul Lewis:
Haydn - Piano Sonatas Nos. 33, 53, 61 and 62

Paul Lewis's cycles of core piano works by Beethoven and Schubert have received a lot of critical and public acclaim. His discography to date includes Beethoven piano sonatas, concertos, and the Diabelli Variations, and Schubert’s major piano works including the 3 song cycles. He is now immersing himself in Haydn's Sonatas; this is the second album in the series.
Listen on NML >
More albums: NML Archive >

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