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Recent Articles & News

Pianist Lucas Debargue recently recorded the complete piano works of Gabriel Fauré on the Opus 102, a very special grand piano by Stephen Paulello. Eric Schoones from the German/Dutch magazine PIANIST had a conversation with him. Read more
Today, with smartwatches and everyday electronics, it is increasingly common to measure training results, heart rate, calorie consumption, and overall health. But monitoring heart rate of pianists and audience can reveal interesting insights on several other aspects within the musical field. Read more
Piano Street’s digital sheet music library is constantly growing. With the additions made during the past months, we now offer the complete solo piano works by fifteen of the most famous Classical, Romantic and Impressionist composers in the web’s most pianist friendly user interface. Read more
Piano Day is an annual worldwide event that takes place on the 88th day of the year, which in 2024 is March 28. Established in 2015, it is now well known across the globe. Every year it provokes special concerts, onstage and online, as well as radio shows, podcasts, and playlists. Read more
Legendary pianist Maurizio Pollini defined modern piano playing through a combination of virtuosity of the highest degree, a complete sense of musical purpose and commitment that works in complete control of the virtuosity. His passing was announced by Milan’s La Scala opera house on March 23. Read more
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Piano News Flash

Piano Playing Gloves..?
An experimental pair of gloves, crafted from thin cotton and stitched in just 20 minutes, may not be considered stylish or practical for keeping hands warm. However, these gloves are uniquely designed with tactile sensors woven into the fabric, serving a different purpose altogether: to assist in learning piano and other hands-on skills.
Read at scientificamerican.com/
Hardest Music to Memorize?
Performers have different preferences when it comes to memorizing music. Factors such as the performer's preference and the complexity of the work influence the decision. We interviewed three performers about the most challenging piece they've memorized.
Read at classical-music.com
Pianist Diehl Between Jazz and Classical
Combining jazz and classical music presents a challenge as it requires capturing the essence of Black American music while incorporating the beauty and complexity of orchestral music. This balancing act is difficult due to the diverse backgrounds of musicians involved.
Read at createastir.ca
The Global Lang Lang
At Lang Lang concerts, fasten seat belts for an exhilarating ride. The 42-year-old pianist loves to excite audiences, showing a full picture of himself on stage. Experience his passion and talent firsthand, unlike recordings.
Read at chinadaily.com.cn
Glass' Etudes Everywhere
Philip Glass' complete set of 20 etudes has become indispensable, with numerous recordings including the latest by Polish pianist Maciej Ganski. Renowned pianists like Yuja Wang have turned these pieces into popular encores, loved by both pianists and choreographers.
Read at latimes.com
Lang Lang on Walk of Fame
Chinese piano star Lang Lang has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, acknowledging his exceptional live performances. He is the first Asian pianist to earn this prestigious honor.
Read at chinadaily.com.cn
Pianist Trifonov Teaching
On March 21, piano students from Rice University's Shepherd School of Music had the opportunity to learn from Grammy Award-winning pianist, Daniil Trifonov. Known for his virtuosic performances, students experienced his profound interpretations during a public master class.
Read at rice.edu

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Upcoming livestreams

Livestream: 2024-05-04 00:30:00 GMT
Imogen Cooper, Recital
From 92NY, New York City. Works by Bach, Ades, Beethoven and Schubert. Listen at 92ny.org

FREE livestream: 2024-05-05 20:00:00 GMT
Cedric Tiberghien, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Beethoven, Ligeti, Kurtag and J.S. Bach. Listen at wigmore-hall.org.uk

FREE livestream: 2024-06-04 20:00:00 GMT
Boris Giltburg, Recital
From Wigmore Hall, London. Works by Chopin, Medtner, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky. Listen at wigmore-hall.co.uk

Latest Piano Albums


Mozart – The Sonata Project (Salzburg)

Although often associated with Chopin (he was the first Chinese and the youngest pianist in history to win the International Chopin Piano Competition), Yundi returns to his musical roots with the Mozart Sonata Project. He was captivated by Mozart already at the age of 7, and aims for his audience to experience a similar infatuation with the “singing, colorful, human tone of the most ingenious composer”.
Listen on NML >

Valentin Magyar:
Rachmaninov – Sentimental Moments

Valentin Magyar plays a selection of Rachmaninoff's Preludes and Études-tableaux on his debut album. The young Hungarian pianist won gold medal at the Vienna International Music Competition and received the György Cziffra Talent Award in 2023. He is now doing his masters in Budapest with Gábor Farkas and Dénes Várjon, and simultaneously in Berlin with Kirill Gerstein.
Listen on NML >

Sophia Weidemann:
Fanny Hensel – Das Jahr

Sophia Weidemann has been fascinated by the wealth of harmony and the variety of heart-rendering emotions in Fanny Hensel's das Jahr (The Year) ever since she first heard the work. On this album, letters and diary entries by Fanny (read in German by Tinka Kleffner) are interwoven between the pieces.
Listen on NML >

Kristjan Randalu:
Schumann/Randalu – Dichterliebe

Kristjan Randalu has one foot in the improvised world of jazz and the other one in the traditional realm of classical music. His recasting in 2020 of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition with saxophone legend David Liebman gained him mention in The New York City Jazz Record’s “Best of 2020” list. This is his solo take on Schumann's song cycle Dichterliebe.
Listen on NML >

Piano Street Site Updates

17 November 2023:
The sheet music library now contains the complete solo keyboard pieces by J. S. Bach.

12 September 2023:
Rachmaninoff's complete piano works are now available in our sheet music library.

26 January 2023:
The complete piano works of 12 composers are now available in our sheet music library.

1 February 2022:
We celebrate 20 years online with an updated webdesign of pianostreet.com and a special bonus package for all our memebers!

10 January 2022:
Pages about composer have a new design with additional content and the best solo piano pieces listed separately for composers such as Beethoven and Chopin.

26 November 2021:
A new issue of the magazine about the world of piano competitions is available for free download at Piano Street.

8 October 2021:
Piano Street's multimedia tool for watching the Chopin Competition has been updated.

24 September 2021:
Piano Street participated in the annual Media Lounge of Cremona Musica.

15 January 2021:
Urtext editions of Debussy Clair de lune, Chopin Prelude in E minor and Major Piano Scales are now available to download for free at Piano Street.

24 October 2020:
New pieces by Bach and Mozart with piano practice tips have been added to the line of Instructive Editions.

10 April 2018:
Visit Piano Street at the Frankfurt Music Expo.