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Added pieces, December 2020

Composer Title Key Type Level
BeethovenLustig-Traurig WoO 54C MajorPiece3
BeethovenAllegretto WoO 61B MinorPiece4
BeethovenRondo, Anh 6 B-flat MajorPiece8
BeethovenAndante WoO 211C MajorPiece3
BeethovenRondo WoO 49A MajorPiece7
BeethovenAllegretto WoO 53C MinorPiece5
BeethovenFugue WoO 31D MajorPolyphonic4
BeethovenRondo WoO 48C MajorPiece5
BeethovenPrelude WoO 55F MinorPiece6
BeethovenSonata for piano four hands Op. 6D MajorSonata, Four hands5
Beethoven3 Marches Op. 45N/ASuite, Four hands8
BeethovenEight variations on a theme by Count Waldstein WoO 67C MajorVariations, Four hands8
Beethoven12 variations on a theme by Haibel WoO 68N/AVariations8
BeethovenSix variations on "Ich denke dein" WoO 74D MajorVariations, Four hands8
BeethovenTriple Concerto Op. 56C MajorConcerto8+
BeethovenChoral Fantasy Op. 80C MinorConcerto8+
BeethovenSonatina WoO 50F MajorSonata5
BeethovenBagatelle WoO 60B-flat MajorPiece5
BeethovenBagatelle WoO 61a G MinorPiece3
BeethovenBagatelle WoO 52C MinorPiece8
Beethoven12 German Dances WoO 8N/ASuite4
BeethovenWaltz WoO 85D MajorPiece3
BeethovenAllemande WoO 81A MajorPiece3
Beethoven12 German Dances WoO 13N/ASuite3
BeethovenMinuet WoO 217F MajorPiece3
BeethovenWaltz WoO 84E-flat MajorPiece3
Beethoven7 Ländler WoO 11N/ASuite3
BeethovenMinuet WoO 82E-flat MajorPiece5
Beethoven12 Minuets WoO 7N/ASuite5
Beethoven6 Écossaises WoO 83E-flat MajorSuite5
Beethoven6 Ländler WoO 15N/ASuite3
Beethoven6 minuets WoO 10N/ASuite4
BeethovenPolonaise Op. 89C MajorPiece8
MozartAllegro in D K. 626 No. 16D MajorPiece5

Added pieces, March 2020

Composer Title Key Type Level
ClarkeA Trumpet minuet C MajorPiece2
GurlittThe Rocking Horse Op. 228C MajorPiece1
HaydnMinuet in G Hob. 9 No. 3G MajorPiece1
LisztGalop S. 218A MinorPiece8+
LisztScherzo in g minor S. 153G MinorPiece8+
LisztImpromptu S. 191F-sharp MajorPiece8+
LisztWaltz in A S. 208A MajorPiece3
LisztLändler in A-flat S. 211A-flat MajorPiece7
LisztWiegenlied S. 198C MajorPiece5
LisztMephisto polka S. 217F-sharp MinorPiece8+
LisztAbschied S. 251A MinorPiece5
LisztR. W. Venezia S. 201N/APiece5
LisztAllegro di bravura S. 151E-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztBerceuse S. 174D-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztEn rêve S. 207B MajorPiece6
LisztRondo di bravura S. 152E MinorPiece8+
LisztCaroussel de Madame Pelet-Narbonne S. 214A MinorPiece4
LisztConcerto Pathétique S. 258E MinorTwo pianos8+
LisztFuneral Prelude and Funeral March S. 206N/APiece8
LisztScherzo and March S. 177D MinorPiece8+
LisztGrand Concert Solo S. 176E MinorPiece8+
LisztLa cloche sonne S. 238C MinorPiece4
LisztVariations on Bach's Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Sagen S. 180F MinorPiece8+
LisztMazurka brillante S. 221A MajorPiece8+
Liszt8 variations S. 148A-flat MajorVariations8+
LisztPrelude on Bach's Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Sagen S. 179F MinorPiece8
LisztAlbumblatt in waltz form S. 166A MajorPiece8
LisztRomantic Fantasy on Two Swiss Melodies S. 157B-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztAlbumblatt in E S. 164E MajorPiece7
LisztPiano Piece in F-sharp S. 193F-sharp MajorPiece8
LisztAlbumblatt in A-flat S. 165A-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztReceuillement S. 204C-sharp MajorPiece5
LisztAve Maria Bells of Rome S. 182E MajorPiece8
LisztBülow March S. 230N/APiece8+
LisztSancta Dorothea S. 187E MajorPiece5
LisztGoethe Festival March S. 521E MajorPiece8+
LisztSleepless! Question and Answer S. 203N/APiece8
LisztIn festo transfigurationis S. 188C MajorPiece4
LisztVariation on a Waltz by Diabelli S. 147C MajorPiece8
LisztLes Preludes S. 591C MajorTranscription, Four hands8
LisztValse-Caprice No. 1 S. 427A-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztValse-Caprice No. 2 S. 427A-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztValse-Caprice No. 3 S. 427E MajorPiece8+
LisztValse-Caprice No. 4 S. 427D-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztMalédiction S. 121E MinorConcerto8+
LisztPiano Concerto 2 S. 125A MajorConcerto8+
LisztFantasy on Hungarian Folk Melodies S. 123F MajorConcerto8+
LisztTotentanz S. 126D MinorConcerto8+
LisztRossini: Cujus animam S. 553A-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztWagner: Solemn march to the Holy Grail S. 450C MajorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: Wanderer Fantasy S. 653C MajorTranscription, two pianos8+
LisztWagner: Tannhäuser overture S. 442E MajorTranscription8+
LisztHandel: Sarabande and Chaconne S. 181G MinorTranscription8+
LisztWagner: Am stillen Herd S. 448D MajorTranscription8+
LisztBeethoven: An die ferne Geliebte S. 469N/ATranscription8
LisztWagner: Isolde's Liebestod S. 447B MajorTranscription8+
LisztWagner: Ballad from the Flying Dutchman S. 441B-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztBeethoven: Mignon S. 161A MajorTranscription7
LisztWagner: Pilgrim's Chorus S. 443E MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Lob der Tränen S. 557D MajorTranscription8+
LisztAuber: Tyrolean Melody S. 385G MajorPiece6
LisztSchubert: Meeresstille S. 557C MajorTranscription7
LisztWagner: Spinning Chorus S. 440A MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchumann: Frühlingsnacht S. 568F-sharp MajorTranscription8+
LisztWeber: Polonaise Brillante S. 367E MajorTranscription, two pianos8+
LisztWagner: Song to the Evening Star S. 444A-flat MajorTranscription8
LisztWagner: Valhalla S. 449D-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Die Rose S. 556G MajorTranscription8+
LisztBeethoven: Adelaide S. 466B-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztRossini: William Tell overture S. 552E MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Trauermarsch No. 1 S. 426E-flat MinorTranscription8+
LisztChopin: The Maiden's Wish No. 1 S. 480D MajorTranscription8
LisztWagner: Festival and Bridal Song No. 1 S. 446G MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Lebe wohl! No. 1 S. 563E-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Die Stadt No. 1 S. 560C MinorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Sei mir gegrüsst No. 1 S. 558B-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Das Wandern No. 1 S. 565B-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztWagner: Arrival of the Guests at Wartburg No. 1 S. 445B MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Litanei No. 1 S. 562E-flat MajorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: Mädchens Klage No. 2 S. 563C MinorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Himmelsfunken No. 2 S. 562G MajorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: Der Müller und der Bach No. 2 S. 565G MinorTranscription8+
LisztWagner: Elsa's Bridal Procession No. 2 S. 445E-flat MajorTranscription8
LisztArcadelt: Ave Maria No. 2 S. 183F MajorTranscription6
LisztSchubert: Das Fischermädchen No. 2 S. 560A-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztChopin: Spring No. 2 S. 480G MinorTranscription6
LisztWagner: Elsa's Dream No. 2 S. 446A-flat MajorTranscription7
LisztSchubert: Das Sterbeglöcklein No. 3 S. 563A-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztChopin: The Ring No. 3 S. 480E-flat MajorTranscription7
LisztSchubert: Die Gestirne No. 3 S. 562F MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Der Jäger No. 3 S. 565C MinorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Aufenthalt No. 3 S. 560E MinorTranscription8
LisztWagner: Lohengrin's Rebuke No. 3 S. 446C MajorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: March in C No. 3 S. 426C MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Am Meer No. 4 S. 560C MajorTranscription8
LisztChopin: Bacchanal No. 4 S. 480C MajorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: Die böse Farbe No. 4 S. 565C MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Trockne Blumen No. 4 S. 563C MinorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Hymne No. 4 S. 562D MajorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: Abschied No. 5 S. 560E-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Ungeduld No. 5 S. 563B-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Wohin No. 5 S. 565G MajorTranscription8+
LisztMendelssohn: Frühlingslied No. 5 S. 547B-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztChopin: My Joys No. 5 S. 480G-flat MajorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: In der Ferne No. 6 S. 560B MinorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Die junge Nonne No. 6 S. 558F MajorTranscription8+
LisztChopin: Homeward No. 6 S. 480C MinorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Der Lindenbaum No. 7 S. 561E MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Ständchen No. 7 S. 560D MinorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: Frühlingsglaube No. 7 S. 558A-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Ihr Bild No. 8 S. 560B-flat MinorTranscription7
LisztSchubert: Frühlingssehnsucht No. 9 S. 560B-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Liebesbotschaft No. 10 S. 560G MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Rastlose Liebe No. 10 S. 558E MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Der Atlas No. 11 S. 560G MinorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Der Doppelgänger No. 12 S. 560B MinorTranscription8
LisztSchubert: Die Taubenpost No. 13 S. 560G MajorTranscription8+
LisztSchubert: Kriegers Ahnung No. 14 S. 560C MinorTranscription8+
LisztCsárdás No. 1 S. 225F-sharp MinorPiece8
LisztCsárdás Obstiné No. 2 S. 225B MinorPiece8+
LisztLyon S. 156 No. 1 C MajorPiece8+
LisztLes cloches de G. S. 156 No. 3 B MajorPiece8+
LisztPsaume S. 156 No. 6 F MajorPiece7
LisztLa chapelle de Guillaume Tell S. 156 No. 5 C MajorPiece8+
LisztAu bord d'une source S. 156 No. 2b A-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztLe lac de Wallenstadt S. 156 No. 2a A-flat MajorPiece7
LisztVallée d'Obermann S. 156 No. 4 E MinorPiece8+
LisztAllegro pastorale S. 156 No. 7c G MajorPiece8
LisztAllegro moderato S. 156 No. 8c E-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztAndantino con molto sentimento - Allegro vivace S. 156 No. 9c G MajorPiece8+
LisztAllegretto S. 156 No. 9b D-flat MajorPiece8
LisztLento - Allegro vivace S. 156 No. 7b G MajorPiece8+
LisztAndante molto espressivo S. 156 No. 8b G MinorPiece8+
LisztAndante con sentimento S. 156 No. 8a G MajorPiece8+
LisztAllegretto S. 156 No. 9a A-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztAllegro S. 156 No. 7a C MajorPiece8+
LisztRanz de chèvres S. 156 No. 12 G MajorPiece8+
LisztUn soir dans les montagnes S. 156 No. 11 C MajorPiece8+
LisztRanz de vaches S. 156 No. 10 G MajorPiece8+
LisztDie Lorelei No. 1 S. 531G MajorTranscription8+
LisztAm Rhein in schönen Strome No. 2 S. 531E MajorTranscription8+
LisztKennst du das Land No. 3 S. 531F-sharp MajorTranscription8+
LisztEs war ein König in Thule No. 4 S. 531F MinorTranscription8+
LisztDer du von dem Himmel bist No. 5 S. 531E MajorTranscription8
LisztAngiolin No. 6 S. 531A MajorTranscription8+
LisztGastibelza S. 540G MinorTranscription8+
LisztEnfant! Si j'etais roi S. 537A-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztComment, disaient-ils? S. 535A-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztLa tombe et la rose S. 539G MinorTranscription8+
LisztOh! Quand je dors S. 536E MajorTranscription8
LisztS'il est un charmant gazon S. 538A-flat MajorTranscription8+
LisztElegy no 2 S. 197A-flat MajorPiece8
LisztElegy no 1 S. 196A-flat MajorPiece8
LisztReminiscences de Lucia di Lammermoor S. 397D-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztVerdi: Miserere S. 433A-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztFantasy on motifs from the Ruins of Athens S. 389B-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztParaphrase de concert sur Rigoletto S. 434D-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztParaphrase de concert sur Ernani S. 432F MajorPiece8+
LisztReminiscences de Don Juan S. 418N/APiece8+
LisztTarentelle di bravura d'après La Muette de Portici S. 386E MinorPiece8+
LisztReminiscences de Robert le diable S. 413B MinorPiece8+
LisztMeyerbeer: Les Patineurs S. 414G MajorPiece8+
LisztFantasy on themes from La Sonnambula S. 393N/APiece8+
LisztPhantasiestück on themes from Rienzi S. 439B-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztReminiscences de Norma S. 394N/APiece8+
LisztSehr langsam No. 1 S. 192E MajorPiece5
LisztLento assai No. 2 S. 192A-flat MajorPiece5
LisztSehr langsam No. 3 S. 192F-sharp MajorPiece4
LisztAndantino No. 4 S. 192F-sharp MajorPiece4
LisztSospiri No. 5 S. 192N/APiece6
LisztValse Oubliée No. 2 S. 215A-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztValse Oubliée No. 3 S. 215D-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztValse Oubliée No. 4 S. 215E MajorPiece8+
LisztOld Christmas Song No. 1 S. 186F MajorSuite6
LisztO Holy Night No. 2 S. 186D MinorSuite5
LisztThe Shepherds at the Manger No. 3 S. 186D-flat MajorSuite6
LisztMarch of the Three Holy Kings No. 4 S. 186A MajorSuite6
LisztScherzoso: Lighting the Candles on the Tree No. 5 S. 186F MajorSuite8+
LisztChimes No. 6 S. 186A MajorSuite8+
LisztSlumber Song No. 7 S. 186F-sharp MajorSuite7
LisztOld Provençal Christmas Song No. 8 S. 186B MinorSuite8
LisztEvening Bells No. 9 S. 186A-flat MajorSuite8
LisztOld Times No. 10 S. 186A-flat MajorSuite8
LisztHungarian No. 11 S. 186N/ASuite8
LisztPolish No. 12 S. 186B-flat MinorSuite8+
LisztHungarian Folksong No 1 No. 1 S. 245D MajorPiece6
LisztHungarian Folksong No 2 No. 2 S. 245G MajorPiece5
LisztHungarian Folksong No 3 No. 3 S. 245G MajorPiece6
LisztHungarian Folksong No 4 No. 4 S. 245C-sharp MinorPiece7
LisztHungarian Folksong No 5 No. 5 S. 245F MinorPiece6
LisztMephisto Waltz No 4 S. 696D MajorPiece8+
LisztMephisto Waltz No 3 S. 216D-sharp MinorPiece8+
LisztMephisto Waltz No 2 S. 515E MajorPiece8+
LisztBravura Waltz No. 1 S. 214B-flat MajorPiece8+
LisztValse Mélancolique No. 2 S. 214E MajorPiece8+
LisztValse a capriccio No. 3 S. 214A MajorPiece8+
SatieVexations N/APiece5

Added pieces, November 2019

Composer Title Key Type Level
MozartAndantino in E-flat K. 236E-flat MajorPiece4
MozartAllegro in G minor K. 312G MinorPiece6
Mozart8 Minuets K. 315N/ASuite4
MozartMinuet in D K. 355D MajorPiece6
MozartRondo for piano and orchestra K. 382D MajorConcerto8+
MozartRondo for piano and orchestra K. 386A MajorConcerto8
MozartPrelude and Fugue in C K. 394C MajorPolyphonic, Piece8+
MozartCapriccio K. 395C MajorPiece8+
MozartFantasy K. 396C MinorPiece8+
MozartSuite in C K. 399C MajorSuite8+
MozartAllegro in B-flat K. 400B-flat MajorPiece8
MozartFugue in G minor K. 401G MinorFour hands, Polyphonic5
MozartMarch in C K. 408C MajorPiece5
Mozart6 German Dances K. 509N/ASuite7
MozartRondo in A minor K. 511A MinorPiece8
MozartAdagio in B minor K. 540B MinorPiece7
MozartGigue in G K. 574G MajorPiece8
Mozart6 Variations K. 54F MajorVariations7
Mozart8 Variations on "Come un agnello" K. 460A MajorVariations8+
MozartAllegro in F No. 1F MajorPiece4
MozartAndantino in C No. 2C MajorPiece6
MozartMinuet in G No. 3G MajorPiece3
MozartRondo in D No. 4D MajorPiece4
MozartContredanse in G No. 5G MajorPiece3
MozartMinuet in C No. 6C MajorPiece3
MozartPrelude in G No. 7G MajorPiece5
MozartContredanse in F No. 8F MajorPiece4
MozartMinuet in A No. 9A MajorPiece3
MozartMinore in A minor No. 10A MinorPiece3
MozartContredanse in A No. 11A MajorPiece3
MozartMinuet in F No. 12F MajorPiece3
MozartAndante in C No. 13C MajorPiece5
MozartAndante in D No. 14D MajorPiece5
MozartSonata in G minor No. 15G MajorSonata6
MozartAndante in B-flat No. 16B-flat MajorPiece5
MozartAndante in G minor No. 17G MinorPiece5
MozartRondo in C No. 19C MajorPiece3
MozartSonatina in F No. 20F MajorSonata7
MozartAllemande in B-flat No. 23B-flat MajorPiece5
MozartSonata in F No. 24F MajorSonata5
MozartMinuet in G No. 25G MajorPiece3
MozartGigue in C minor No. 26C MajorPiece5
MozartSonata in B-flat No. 27B-flat MajorSonata4
MozartSonata in D No. 28D MajorSonata4
MozartMinuet in E-flat No. 29E-flat MajorPiece4
MozartAndante in A-flat No. 30A-flat MajorPiece5
MozartMinuet in E-flat No. 31E-flat MajorPiece4
MozartMinuet in A-flat No. 32A-flat MajorPiece2
MozartContredanse in B-flat No. 33B-flat MajorPiece3
MozartAndante in B-flat No. 35B-flat MajorPiece5
MozartSonata in E-flat No. 36E-flat MajorSonata6
MozartPresto in B-flat No. 37B-flat MajorPiece6
MozartMinuet in F No. 40F MajorPiece2
MozartMinuet in B-flat No. 41B-flat MajorPiece2
MozartMinuet in E-flat No. 42E-flat MajorPiece2
MozartAndante in C K. 1C MajorPiece3
MozartMinuet in F K. 1F MajorPiece3
MozartAllegro in C K. 1C MajorPiece3
MozartMinuet in C K. 1C MajorPiece2
MozartAllegro in C K. 6C MajorPiece6
MozartAndante in F K. 6F MajorPiece5
MozartMinuet in F K. 6F MajorPiece3
MozartMinuet in D K. 7D MajorPiece2
MozartAllegro in B-flat K. 8B-flat MajorPiece7
MozartAllegro in C K. 9C MajorPiece7

Added pieces, October 2019

Composer Title Key Type Level
DebussyEn blanc et noir N/ATwo pianos8+
DebussyDanse sacrée et danse profane N/ATranscription, Two pianos8+
DebussyDanse bohémienne B MinorPiece7
DebussyLindaraja D MinorTwo pianos7
DebussyImages oubliées N/ASuite8
DebussyLes soirs illuminés par l'ardeur du charbon A-flat MajorPiece6
DebussyMarche écossaise - Earl of Ross March A MinorFour hands7
DebussyLa mer N/ATranscription, Four hands8+
DebussyFantaisie for Piano and Orchestra G MajorConcerto8+
DebussyPage d'album F MajorPiece6
GriegIn Autumn Op. 11D MajorFour hands7
GriegOld Norwegian Melody with Variations Op. 51F MajorTwo pianos8+
GriegIn the Mountains Op. 19 No. 1A MinorPiece8+
GriegBridal Procession Op. 19 No. 2E MajorPiece7
GriegCarnival Scene Op. 19 No. 3A MinorPiece8+
GriegNo 1. Springdans A MajorPiece5
GriegNo. 4 Sjugurd and the Troll-Bride F MajorPiece4
GriegNo. 3 Springdans D MajorPiece4
GriegNo. 6 The Lad and the Lass in the Cow-Shed Loft A MinorPiece4
GriegNo. 5 Halling A MajorPiece4
GriegNo. 2 Lullaby F MajorPiece4
GriegFolk Song Op. 63 No. 1D MinorPiece8
GriegCow Keeper's Tune and Country Dance Op. 63 No. 2G MajorPiece8
GriegFolk Song (four hands) Op. 63 No. 1D MinorFour hands6
GriegCow Keeper's Tune and Country Dance (four hands) Op. 63 No. 2G MajorFour hands6
GriegCattle Call Op. 66 No. 1D MajorPiece4
GriegIt Is the Greatest Folly Op. 66 No. 2G MinorPiece5
GriegA King Ruled in the East Op. 66 No. 3D MinorPiece5
GriegThe Song of Siri Dale Op. 66 No. 4G MinorPiece5
GriegIt Happened in my Youth Op. 66 No. 5C MinorPiece6
GriegCall and Cradle Song Op. 66 No. 6A MinorPiece5
GriegCradle Song Op. 66 No. 7D MinorPiece3
GriegCall Op. 66 No. 8D MinorPiece4
GriegIt Was a Little Lad Op. 66 No. 9A MinorPiece4
GriegTomorrow You Shall Marry Op. 66 No. 10A MajorPiece6
GriegThere Stand Two Girls Op. 66 No. 11D MinorPiece6
GriegRanveig Op. 66 No. 12A MinorPiece4
GriegA Little Grey Man Op. 66 No. 13G MinorPiece5
GriegIn Ola Valley, In Ola Lake Op. 66 No. 14A MajorPiece6
GriegCradle Song Op. 66 No. 15G MinorPiece6
GriegOur Little Astrid Op. 66 No. 16A MajorPiece8
GriegCradle Song Op. 66 No. 17G MinorPiece6
GriegI Wander Deep in Thought Op. 66 No. 18D MajorPiece8
GriegGjendine's Cradle Song Op. 66 No. 19G MinorPiece3
GriegGiboen's Bridal March Op. 72 No. 1D MajorPiece8+
GriegJohn Vestafe's Springdans Op. 72 No. 2D MajorPiece8+
GriegBridal March from Telemark Op. 72 No. 3D MajorPiece8
GriegHalling from the Fairy Hill Op. 72 No. 4D MajorPiece8
GriegThe Prillar from Os Parish Op. 72 No. 5D MajorPiece8
GriegThe Miller's Gangar Op. 72 No. 6D MajorPiece8+
GriegRoetnams-Knut (Halling) Op. 72 No. 7D MajorPiece8+
GriegThe Miller's Wedding March Op. 72 No. 8A MajorPiece8+
GriegNils Rekve's Halling Op. 72 No. 9D MajorPiece8
GriegKnut Luraasen's Halling I Op. 72 No. 10G MajorPiece8+
GriegKnut Luraasen's Halling II Op. 72 No. 11D MajorPiece8+
GriegThe Miller's Springdans Op. 72 No. 12D MajorPiece8
GriegHaavard Giboen's Dream at the Oterholt Bridge. Springdans Op. 72 No. 13D MajorPiece8
GriegThe Goblins' Bridal Procession at Vossevangen Op. 72 No. 14G MajorPiece8
GriegThe Skuldal Bride Op. 72 No. 15D MajorPiece8
GriegThe Girls from Kivledal (Springdans) Op. 72 No. 16F MajorPiece8
GriegThe Girls from Kivledal (Gangar) Op. 72 No. 17F MajorPiece8
GriegSymphonic Piece Op. 14 No. 1A-flat MajorFour hands5
GriegSymphonic Piece Op. 14 No. 2C MinorFour hands5
GriegValse-Caprice Op. 37 No. 1C-sharp MinorPiece7
GriegValse-Caprice Op. 37 No. 2E MinorPiece7
GriegValse-Caprice (four hands) Op. 37 No. 1C-sharp MinorFour hands5
GriegValse-Caprice (four hands) Op. 37 No. 2E MinorFour hands5
GriegNo. 1 Tempest Clouds, EG 110 G MinorPiece8
GriegNo. 3 In the Whirl of the Dance, EG 112 E MajorPiece8
GriegNo. 2 Procession of Gnomes, EG 111 E MinorPiece7

Added pieces, June-September 2019

Composer Title Key Type Level
AttwoodAllegro (from Sonatina No. 2) C MajorPiece2
AttwoodAllegretto (from Sonatina No. 3) F MajorPiece2
BachAria F MajorPiece1
BachAllegro G MajorPiece3
BachSolfeggio D MajorPiece3
BachMarch BWV Anh. 127 E-flat MajorPiece4
BeethovenTurkish March B-flat MajorPiece8+
BeethovenAndante Favori WoO 57F MajorPiece8+
BeethovenPrelude Op. 39 No. 1C MajorPiece8
BeethovenPrelude Op. 39 No. 2C MajorPiece6
BeethovenRondo Op. 51 No. 1C MajorPiece6
BeethovenRondo Op. 51 No. 2G MajorPiece8
BeethovenFantasy Op. 77F-sharp MinorPiece8+
BeethovenRage Over a Lost Penny Op. 129G MajorPiece8+
BeethovenGrosse Fuge - for Four Hands Op. 134B-flat MajorFour hands8+
BeethovenBagatelle Op. 33 No. 1E-flat MajorPiece7
BeethovenBagatelle Op. 33 No. 2C MajorPiece7
BeethovenBagatelle Op. 33 No. 3F MajorPiece5
BeethovenBagatelle Op. 33 No. 4A MajorPiece6
BeethovenBagatelle Op. 33 No. 5C MajorPiece8
BeethovenBagatelle Op. 33 No. 6D MajorPiece5
BeethovenBagatelle Op. 33 No. 7A-flat MajorPiece7
BeethovenMinuet in G No. 2 WoO 10G MajorPiece3
BrahmsSonata for Two Pianos (Piano Quintet) Op. 34F MinorTwo pianos, Sonata8+
BrahmsVariations on a Theme by Haydn - for Two Pianos Op. 56B-flat MajorTwo pianos, Variations8+
BrahmsPiano Concerto 2 Op. 83B-flat MajorConcerto8+
ChopinGalop Marquis A-flat MajorPiece4
ChopinBourrée No. 2 A MajorPiece3
ChopinWiosna G MinorPiece3
ChopinSostenuto B. 133E-flat MajorPiece5
ChopinRondo - for Two Pianos Op. 73C MajorTwo pianos8+
ChopinRondo Op. 73C MajorPiece8+
ChopinEtude No. 1 B. 130F MinorStudy8
ChopinEtude No. 2 B. 130A-flat MajorStudy8
ChopinEtude No. 3 B. 130D-flat MajorStudy8
ChopinWaltz Op. posth.A-flat MajorPiece7
ChopinWaltz Op. posth.E MajorPiece7
ChopinWaltz Op. posth.E-flat MajorPiece7
ChopinPolonaise Op. posth.B-flat MajorPiece5
ChopinPolonaise Op. posth.G MinorPiece5
ChopinPolonaise Op. posth.G-flat MajorPiece8+
ChopinPolonaise Op. posth.A-flat MajorPiece7
ChopinPolonaise Op. posth.B-flat MinorPiece8
ChopinMazurka KK IVb:1 Op. posth.B-flat MajorPiece5
ChopinMazurka KK IVb:2 Op. posth.D MajorPiece6
ChopinMazurka KK IVa:7 Op. posth.D MajorPiece5
ChopinMazurka KK IIa:3 Op. posth.B-flat MajorPiece5
ChopinMazurka KK IVb:3 Op. posth.C MajorPiece8
ChopinMazurka KK IIa:2 Op. posth.G MajorPiece5
ChopinMazurka KK IVb:4 Op. posth.A-flat MajorPiece6
GranadosDedication Op. 1 No. 1F MajorPiece4
GranadosLento con tenerezza Op. 1 No. 6E-flat MajorPiece3
GriegSonata in F major K 533 by Mozart arrangement for Two Pianos F MajorTwo pianos, Transcription8+
HandelSonatina in G, HWV 582 G MajorPiece4
HandelImpertinence G MinorPiece3
HandelAir D MajorPiece1
HaydnAllegro F MajorPiece4
HaydnGerman Dance Hob. 9 No. 12C MajorPiece3
HaydnGerman Dance Hob. 9 No. 22D MajorPiece1
HaydnGypsy Dance Hob. 9 No. 28C MinorPiece2
HaydnQuadrille Hob. 9 No. 29C MajorPiece2
RebikovThe Clown F MajorPiece3
RebikovThe Chinese Doll C MajorPiece2
RebikovPlaying Soldiers Op. 31 No. 4C MajorPiece3
RebikovThe Shepherd Plays on his Pipe Op. 31 No. 8B MinorPiece3
RebikovThe Lame Witch Lurking in the Forest Op. 31 No. 9N/APiece3
ScarlattiSonata in g minor G MinorSonata4

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