Johannes Brahms
Four Ballades
Op. 10

About Johannes Brahms's Four Ballades

These four Ballades could almost be considered an unlabelled sonata, since they link together into a very compelling dramatic narrative.
The first of the set is the only one to be assigned with an explicit program by the composer. It is based on the Scottish ballad Edward, the dialogue structure of which Brahms follows.
In the ballad Edward’s mother questions her son, who first dissimulates, then confesses that he has just killed his father. He then departs cursing his mother, who apparently put Edward up to the crime in the first place.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Ballade Op. 10 No. 1  in D Minor by Brahms piano sheet music AAB 1. Ballade 8 D Minor 1854 8
2. Ballade Op. 10 No. 2  in D Major by Brahms piano sheet music AAC 2. Ballade 7 D Major 1854 8
3. Ballade Op. 10 No. 3  in B Minor by Brahms piano sheet music AAD 3. Ballade 36 B Minor 1854 8
4. Ballade Op. 10 No. 4  in B Major by Brahms piano sheet music AAE 4. Ballade 35 B Major 1854 8

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