Claude Debussy
Two Arabesques

About Claude Debussy's Two Arabesques

The word Arabesque originally described a style of Arab art and architecture consisting of intricate designs of geometric floral and foliate patterns.
It began to be used in classical music during the 19th century (Schumann) to designate a piece of music that is flowing, decorative and richly ornamented.
Written in the very beginning of Debussy’s career (1888-1891), the Arabesques are among the earliest of his pieces to have maintained a place in the recital repertory.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Arabesque 1   in E Major by Debussy piano sheet music AAB Arabesque 1 13 E Major 1891 7
Arabesque 2   in G Major by Debussy piano sheet music AAC Arabesque 2 23 G Major 1891 8

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