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Gabriel Fauré

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) was one of the towering figures in French music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and greatly influenced many later composers world-wide. He was born in Pamiers in the south of France, but was sent to Paris at the age of nine, to study at the Ècole Niedermayer in Paris, with teachers including Camille Saint-Saëns. He later became a regular at the salons of Saint-Saëns, and also eventually succeeded his former teacher as choir master at the Èglise de la Madeleine.
In 1870, he served in the army during the Franco-Prussian War. Following a broken engagement in 1877, he went travelling, spending some time in Germany where he met Liszt and Wagner.
He married in 1883, continued to hold various positions and to compose songs and piano music, slowly developing his very personal and harmonically complex musical style.
At the age of fifty-one, he finally became chief organist at the Èglise de la Madeleine, and months later he was appointed composition teacher at the Paris Conservatoire, where his pupils included Maurice Ravel, Nadia Boulanger and George Enescu. In 1905 he became director of the Conservatoire in the aftermath of the scandal of the refusal of the Prix de Rome to Ravel.
He retired from the Conservatoire in 1920, mainly due to his increasing deafness, but continued composing until his death at 79.

Major works:
Choral music: Requiem
Other Vocal music: songs (Après un Rêve, En prière, Sylvia etc) and song cycles (La Bonne Chanson, Le Jardin Clos etc)
Piano music: Barcarolles, Nocturnes, Impromptus
Chamber music: Two Violin Sonatas, two Cello Sonatas, String Quartet, Piano Trio, Piano Quartet, two Piano Quintets
Orchestral: Ballade (piano and orchestra), Fantasie (piano and orchestra), Elégie (cello and orchestra), Berceuse (violin and orchestra), Masques et Bergamasques, incidental music for Pelléas et Mélisande

Fauré Piano Sheet Music

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Total pieces by Fauré: 43

TitleKey YearLevel

All pieces:


Nocturne 1 Op. 33 No. 1E-flat Minor -8
Nocturne 2 Op. 33 No. 2B Major -8
Nocturne 3 Op. 33 No. 3A-flat Major -7
Nocturne 4 Op. 36E-flat Major -8
Nocturne 5 Op. 37B-flat Major -8+
Nocturne 6 Op. 63D-flat Major -8
Nocturne 7 Op. 74C-sharp Minor -8
Nocturne 8 Op. 84 No. 8D-flat Major -7
Nocturne 9 Op. 97B Minor -7
Nocturne 10 Op. 99E Minor -8
Nocturne 11 Op. 104 No. 1F-sharp Minor -7
Nocturne 12 Op. 107E Minor -8


Barcarolle 1 Op. 26A Minor -8+
Barcarolle 2 Op. 41G Major -8
Barcarolle 3 Op. 42G-flat Major -8+
Barcarolle 4 Op. 44A-flat Major -8
Barcarolle 5 Op. 66F-sharp Minor -8+
Barcarolle 6 Op. 70E-flat Major -8
Barcarolle 7 Op. 90D Minor -7
Barcarolle 8 Op. 96D-flat Major -8
Barcarolle 9 Op. 101A Minor -7
Barcarolle 10 Op. 104 No. 2A Minor -7
Barcarolle 11 Op. 105G Minor -8
Barcarolle 12 Op. 106E-flat Major -7


Prelude Op. 103 No. 1D-flat Major 19116
Prelude Op. 103 No. 2C-sharp Minor 19118
Prelude Op. 103 No. 3G Minor 19116
Prelude Op. 103 No. 4F Major 19116
Prelude Op. 103 No. 5D Minor 19118
Prelude Op. 103 No. 6E-flat Minor 19116
Prelude Op. 103 No. 7A Major 19117
Prelude Op. 103 No. 8C Minor 19118
Prelude Op. 103 No. 9E Minor 19115


Impromptu 1 Op. 25E-flat Major 18818+
Impromptu 2 Op. 31F Minor 18838
Impromptu 3 Op. 34A-flat Major 18838
Impromptu 4 Op. 91D-flat Major 19068+
Impromptu 5 Op. 102F-sharp Minor 19098


Waltz-Caprice 1 Op. 30A Major 18838
Waltz-Caprice 2 Op. 38D-flat Major 18848
Waltz-Caprice 3 Op. 59G-flat Major 18938
Waltz-Caprice 4 Op. 62A-flat Major 18948

Miscellaneous pieces

Ballade Op. 19F-sharp Major 18818+