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Zdenek Fibich

Although Zdenko Fibich (1850-1900) had equivalent skill to the more famous Czechs like Smetana and Dvor√°k, he was not as forceful in his Czech patriotism during a time of Czech protest against the rule of the Habsburgs. He was reared in a household with divided loyalties and never developed the fierce Czech patriotic streak, and therefore did not become as popular with his contemporaries. After spending two unhappy years as choirmaster in Vilnius, where his wife and newly born twins both died, he returned to Prague, and remarried with his first wife's sister. In 1895 he left her for his former student and lover Anezka Schulzov√°, who went on to write the libretti for all his later operas, and also served as the inspiration for his Moods, Impressions, and Reminiscences, a gigantic cycle of almost 400 piano works.

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Total pieces by Fibich: 2

TitleKey YearLevel
Capriccio Op. 2 No. 4D Minor 18674
Piece Op. 47 No. 2C-sharp Minor 18954