Edvard Grieg
Album Leafs
Op. 28

About Edvard Grieg's Album Leafs

This collection was written in the years 1864-1878. It has been unfairly neglected by posterity – surely all four pieces have fine qualities. As a group the Album Leafs present an interesting picture of Grieg’s early development as a composer.
About the last piece of the collection, Grieg later wrote:
"While writing this piece, I could suddenly hear faint music in the distance, which came from musicians who were rowing a boat up the fjord. The tones harmonized wonderfully with my piece, and gave me the inspiration for the middle section".

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Allegro con moto Op. 28 No. 1  in A-flat Major by Grieg piano sheet music AAB 1. Allegro con moto 27 A-flat Major 1864 6
2. Allegretto espressivo Op. 28 No. 2  in F Major by Grieg piano sheet music AAC 2. Allegretto espressivo 17 F Major 1874 6
3. Vivace Op. 28 No. 3  in A Major by Grieg piano sheet music AAD 3. Vivace 29 A Major 1876 6
4. Andantino serioso Op. 28 No. 4  in C-sharp Minor by Grieg piano sheet music AAE 4. Andantino serioso 5 C-sharp Minor 1878 6