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Louis Köhler

Louis Köhler (1820-1886) was born in Brunswick, Germany. Having studied piano in Vienna he settled in Königsberg (Kaliningrad), where he initially worked in the theatre and conducted the Singverein. Later Köhler devoted himself exclusively to piano pedagogy and to writing about music. His many journal articles and newspaper reviews and most of all his first book, Die Melodie der Sprache (1853), established him as one of the leading new German writers of the mid eighteenth century. His writings were well known and appreciated by among others Liszt and Wagner. Köhler long remained influential in the area of piano teaching: he published collections of graded instructional pieces and books of exercises, edited the works of Classical and Romantic composers, wrote books (under Liszt´s influence) about piano pedagogy and taught a great number of pupils. All in all there are over 300 original compositions, pedagogical works and editions by Köhler.

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Total pieces by Köhler: 4

TitleKey YearLevel
Sonatina G Major -3
Study: Moderato C Major -3
Study: Allegro C Major -1
Cock-A-Doodle Waltz Op. 243 No. 26A Major -3