Franz Liszt
2 Concert Etudes
S. 145

About Franz Liszt's 2 Concert Etudes

The two studies in this collection were composed in Rome in 1862. Liszt wrote them to fulfil a promise he had made to produce a couple of pieces for the so-called Grand Theoretical and Practical Piano School by Siegmund Lebert and Ludwig Stark, a piano method which was translated into several languages and widely distributed in both Europe and America.

Liszt was apparently quite satisfied with the result - he played the 2 Etudes himself in a number of concerts, published them independently the following year, and dedicated them to one of his pupils, Dionys Pruckner.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Waldesrauschen  S . 145 No. 1  in D-flat Major by Liszt piano sheet music AAB 1. Waldesrauschen 6 D-flat Major 1863 8+
2. Gnomenreigen  S . 145 No. 2  in F-sharp Minor by Liszt piano sheet music AAC 2. Gnomenreigen 20 F-sharp Minor 1863 8+

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