Franz Liszt
2 Csárdás
S. 255

About Franz Liszt's 2 Csárdás

The 2 Csárdás belong to the series of visionary miniatures Liszt wrote in the 1880s, when he was well aware that he was writing music for later generations rather than for his contemporaries, many of which thought he had lost his way.

The Csárdás is a characteristic Hungarian Folk Dance, which Liszt treats in a novel way. Both pieces circle round the note F sharp - the ambiguous tonality of the first finally settles on F sharp minor. The same F sharp serves as introduction to the obsessive, descending four-note motif that dominates the Csárdás obstinée.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Csárdás  S . 255 No. 1  in F-sharp Minor by Liszt piano sheet music AAB 1. Csárdás 20 F-sharp Minor 1884 8
2. Csárdás Obstiné  S . 255 No. 2  in B Minor by Liszt piano sheet music AAC 2. Csárdás Obstiné 36 B Minor 1884 8+