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Of Liszt’s two Ballades, the second is the more substantial, the more menacing and also the more popular. Its inspiration is supposed to have been Gottfried Bürgers Lenore, a spectral romance in which a ghostly rider, posing as Lenore’s dead lover, carries her away on a macabre night ride through an eerie landscape illuminated by flashes of lightning. It culminates in a revelation of the rider as Death himself—a skeleton with scythe and hourglass.
The earlier, first Ballade is a brighter work, clearly inspired by Chopin, who died in the year of its publication.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Ballade 1  S . 170  in D-flat Major by Liszt piano sheet music AAB Ballade 1 S . 1706 D-flat Major 1848 8+
Ballade 2  S . 171  in B Minor by Liszt piano sheet music AAC Ballade 2 S . 17136 B Minor 1853 8+

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