Franz Liszt
Venezia e Napoli (first version)
S. 159

About Franz Liszt's Venezia e Napoli (first version)

The original “Venice and Naples” set was written during Liszt’s Italian travels in the late 1830s.
Two of the pieces, the Andante placido No.3 and the Tarantelles Napolitaines No. 4 were rewritten twenty years later and included in the supplement to Années de pélerinage, Second Year. The pieces are partly adaptations of music Liszt encountered on his journey: the Andante placido is based on a popular Venetian song, and the Tarantelles Napolitaines includes themes from the French-born Italian composer and collector of songs Guillaume-Louis Cottrau.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Lento  S . 159 No. 1  by Liszt piano sheet music AAB 1. Lento N/A 1840 8+
2. Allegro  S . 159 No. 2  by Liszt piano sheet music AAC 2. Allegro N/A 1840 8+
3. Andante placido  S . 159 No. 3  by Liszt piano sheet music AAD 3. Andante placido N/A 1840 8+