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Samuel Maykapar

If Scandinavia had Schytte, and Germany had Czerny and Schmitt, then russia had Samuel Maykapar (1867-1938). He was the long-time professor of piano at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. His exploits as a pianist include an unparalleled, at the time, series of concerts lasting seven days where he played all 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas. He not only was a fine musician and teacher but also a lawyer. He founded his own music school where he used his own collection of piano exercises to teach many russian keyboard luminaries.

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Total pieces by Maykapar: 3

TitleKey YearLevel

All pieces:

At the Blacksmith Op. 8 No. 5B-flat Major -3
Tarantella Op. 33 No. 6B Minor -5
Quiet Morning Op. 33 No. 13F Major -1