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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The London Sketchbook

In 1763, the Mozart family went on a grand tour of Europe, lasting three and a half years and taking them as far afield as London. During these years of travel Mozart, already considered a wonder child, improved his abilities as a composer immensely. His father Leopold wrote: "What he knew when we left Salzburg is a mere shadow compared with what he knows now. It exceeds all that one can imagine... My boy knows in this his eighth year what one would expect only from a man of forty".

The London Sketchbook, perhaps more than any of the other manuscripts of the period, reveals Mozart’s expanding musical horizons - by the time he had finished using it he was already the composer of several symphonies.

Sheet Music Downloads:

Collection ID: 253
TitleASTKey Composed Type Level
Allegro in F No. 1F Major 1764 Piece 4
Andantino in C No. 2C Major 1764 Piece 6
Minuet in G No. 3G Major 1764 Piece 3
Rondo in D No. 4D Major 1764 Piece 4
Contredanse in G No. 5G Major 1764 Piece 3
Minuet in C No. 6C Major 1764 Piece 3
Prelude in G No. 7G Major 1764 Piece 5
Contredanse in F No. 8F Major 1764 Piece 4
Minuet in A No. 9A Major 1764 Piece 3
Minore in A minor No. 10A Minor 1764 Piece 3
Contredanse in A No. 11A Major 1764 Piece 3
Minuet in F No. 12F Major 1764 Piece 3
Andante in C No. 13C Major 1764 Piece 5
Andante in D No. 14D Major 1764 Piece 5
Sonata in G minor No. 15G Major 1764 Sonata 6
Andante in B-flat No. 16B-flat Major 1764 Piece 5
Andante in G minor No. 17G Minor 1764 Piece 5
Rondo in C No. 19C Major 1764 Piece 3
Sonatina in F No. 20F Major 1764 Sonata 7
Allemande in B-flat No. 23B-flat Major 1764 Piece 5
Sonata in F No. 24F Major 1764 Sonata 5
Minuet in G No. 25G Major 1764 Piece 3
Gigue in C minor No. 26C Major 1764 Piece 5
Sonata in B-flat No. 27B-flat Major 1764 Sonata 4
Sonata in D No. 28D Major 1764 Sonata 4
Minuet in E-flat No. 29E-flat Major 1764 Piece 4
Andante in A-flat No. 30A-flat Major 1764 Piece 5
Minuet in E-flat No. 31E-flat Major 1764 Piece 4
Minuet in A-flat No. 32A-flat Major 1764 Piece 2
Contredanse in B-flat No. 33B-flat Major 1764 Piece 3
Rondo No. 34F Major 1764 Piece 4
Andante in B-flat No. 35B-flat Major 1764 Piece 5
Sonata in E-flat No. 36E-flat Major 1764 Sonata 6
Presto in B-flat No. 37B-flat Major 1764 Piece 6
Andante No. 38E-flat Major 1764 Piece 2
Minuet in F No. 40F Major 1764 Piece 2
Minuet in B-flat No. 41B-flat Major 1764 Piece 2
Minuet in E-flat No. 42E-flat Major 1764 Piece 2

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