Audiovisual Study Tool (AST)

If you are like most other Piano Street visitors, you regularly listen to and enjoy piano music on YouTube or music streaming services like Spotify or Naxos Music Library. Compared to the era of LPs or CDs, the sheer amount of recordings we have instant access to today is completely overwhelming.

Blessing or curse?

Are you getting confused on YT?Are you getting distracted when listening to music on YouTube?

While this is mostly a blessing for everyone who loves music, it can also be confusing. Sites like YouTube are not exactly designed to promote concentrated listening. How often do you listen to a complete Beethoven Sonata without being distracted? Many of us often end up just skipping around, in the vague hope of finding something even better or more interesting.

An idea was born…

So a few years ago, with 2800 piano pieces in the online sheet music library, one of our team members got the brilliant but crazy idea to create a tool which could give you easy “one-click” access to the best videos and streaming audio tracks while following along in the scores. This seemed to us like the perfect way of helping members find their own way through the vast richness of the piano repertoire.

Since then the Piano Street Team has been hard at work: 1200 man hours of listening and hand picking the greatest among the many great performers playing the greatest piano music is tough work. But we have persisted. We have not complained. And here we are, now even more convinced of the amazing possibilities of the digital world and - not least - with a new update of Piano Street's unique AST.

The Audiovisual Study Tool (AST) allows you to:

  • Learn piano pieces faster
  • Improve your interpretational skills
  • Broaden your repertoire knowledge
  • Improve your sight reading
  • Effortlessly enjoy the great art of classical piano music

In the new AST version, 2200+ pieces by 28 of the most popular piano composers are included, and thousands of recordings from Naxos Music Library are fully integrated.

The AST feature is now available for unlimited use for Gold members. When logged in to your Gold membership account, look for the AST icon (left) in the digital sheet music library to instantly open the AST for that piece.

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