Sergey Prokofiev
Four Pieces
Op. 4

About Sergey Prokofiev's Four Pieces

Prokofiev's first four opus numbers were attached to solo piano works, showcasing the composer's unique technical skills at the instrument. Although this Op. 4 set wasn't published until 1911, its composition dates to 1908, shortly after the Op. 1 Sonata, making it among the earliest works whose publication was sanctioned by the composer. Nr 4, "Diabolic Suggestion", is one of the most effective and popular display pieces of Prokofiev's early years.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Reminiscences Op. 4 No. 1  by Prokofiev piano sheet music AAB 1. Reminiscences N/A 1912 8+
2. Elan Op. 4 No. 2  by Prokofiev piano sheet music AAC 2. Elan N/A 1912 8
3. Despair Op. 4 No. 3  by Prokofiev piano sheet music AAD 3. Despair N/A 1912 8+
4. Diabolic Suggestion Op. 4 No. 4  by Prokofiev piano sheet music AAE 4. Diabolic Suggestion N/A 1912 8+