Sergey Rachmaninoff
Morceaux de Fantaisie
Op. 3

About Sergey Rachmaninoff's Morceaux de Fantaisie

This set contains the first pieces recognizably characteristic of Rachmaninoff, showing the 19-year old composer’s increasing confidence and command of his instrument.
The No. 2 Prelude has become one of Rachmaninoff’s most famous pieces. The composer himself expressed some regret that he was more or less forced to play the piece, which reminded him of the church bells of his childhood, in almost every recital he gave for the rest of his life.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Élégie Op. 3 No. 1  in E-flat Minor by Rachmaninoff piano sheet music AAB 1. Élégie 12 E-flat Minor 1892 8
2. Prelude Op. 3 No. 2  in C-sharp Minor by Rachmaninoff piano sheet music AAC 2. Prelude 5 C-sharp Minor 1892 8
3. Mélodie Op. 3 No. 3  in E Major by Rachmaninoff piano sheet music AAD 3. Mélodie 13 E Major 1892 8
4. Polichinelle Op. 3 No. 4  by Rachmaninoff piano sheet music AAE 4. Polichinelle N/A 1892 8+
5. Sérénade Op. 3   No. 5  in B-flat Minor by Rachmaninoff piano sheet music AAF 5. Sérénade 34 B-flat Minor 1892 8

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