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Jean Philippe Rameau: New Suites of Harpsichord Pieces

The third and last of Rameau´s anthologies appeared in 1728 as Nouvelles suites de pieces de clavecin. It includes both dances and genre pieces, and is headed by a long and graceful allemande.
One of the favourites here is No. 12 The Hen, the clucking of which is specifically detailed by the composer in the printed music.

Sheet Music Downloads:

Collection ID: 124
TitleASTKey Composed Type Level
Allemande No. 1A Minor 1728 Piece 5
Courante No. 2A Minor 1728 Piece 6
Sarabande No. 3A Major 1728 Piece 4
The Three hands No. 4A Minor 1728 Piece 6
Fanfarinette No. 5A Major 1728 Piece 4
The Triumhpant One No. 6A Major 1728 Piece 4
Gavotte with Six Variations No. 7A Minor 1728 Piece 5
Les Tricotets No. 8G Major 1728 Piece 4
The Indifferent One No. 9G Major 1728 Piece 4
Minuet No. 10G Major 1728 Piece 4
Second Minuet No. 11G Minor 1728 Piece 3
The Hen No. 12G Minor 1728 Piece 4
Les Triolets No. 13G Major 1728 Piece 4
The Savages No. 14G Minor 1728 Piece 4
The Enharmonic Change No. 15G Minor 1728 Piece 5
The Egyptian No. 16G Minor 1728 Piece 5

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