Erik Satie
Dried Embryos

About Erik Satie's Dried Embryos

The focus of this collection is various species of marine invertebrates. Satie’s inspiration came from pictures of these fantastic creatures that he had found in a school textbook.
The pieces feature both Satie’s trademark humorous commentaries, and plenty of musical allusions. Among other things, the composer makes fun of Chopin’s Funeral March, referring to it as “the famous mazurka by Schubert”.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. d'Holothurie   by Satie piano sheet music AAB 1. d'Holothurie N/A 1913 8
2. d'Edriophthalma   by Satie piano sheet music AAC 2. d'Edriophthalma N/A 1913 8
3. de Podophthalma   by Satie piano sheet music AAD 3. de Podophthalma N/A 1913 8