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About Erik Satie's Gnossiennes

The three Gnossiennes are the first compositions in modern musical history written in bar-less notation; and they are the first of Satie’s works to contain his famous witty instructions and indications (“ask insistently within yourself”, “arm yourself with clairvoyance”, “with great kindness” etc).
The title of the work has been the object of some speculation: some believe that it’s a reference to Gnosticism. The most common explanation, however, is that the title refers to the dances of Crete, with its capital Knossos, where archaeological excavations were conducted in 1890.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Gnossienne 1   in F Minor by Satie piano sheet music AAB Gnossienne 1 18 F Minor 1890 5
Gnossienne 2   in E Minor by Satie piano sheet music AAC Gnossienne 2 14 E Minor 1890 7
Gnossienne 3   in A Minor by Satie piano sheet music AAD Gnossienne 3 30 A Minor 1890 7

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