Erik Satie

About Erik Satie's Sarabandes

These three pieces introduce a number of the techniques that are typical of Satie’s early style, including the use of modes, and unresolved dissonances.
They were probably directly influenced by Chabrier´s opera Le Roi malgré lui, which Satie heard for the first time a few months before the appearance of the Sarabandes.
Satie was no doubt taken by Chabrier´s liberal use of seventh and ninth chords; but while Chabrier used these chords for colour, Satie uses them to create a sense of tonality being suspended.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Sarabande 1   in A-flat Major by Satie piano sheet music AAB Sarabande 1 27 A-flat Major 1887 5
Sarabande 2   in D-sharp Minor by Satie piano sheet music AAC Sarabande 2 10 D-sharp Minor 1887 5
Sarabande 3   in D-flat Major by Satie piano sheet music AAD Sarabande 3 6 D-flat Major 1887 6