Erik Satie
The Son of the Stars

About Erik Satie's The Son of the Stars

In 1891 Satie became the official composer and chapel-master of the Rosicrucian Order "Ordre de la Rose-Croix Catholique, du Temple et du Graal". The Rosicrucians, under the leadership of the novelist and mystic Joseph-Aimé Péladan, were a sect of aesthetes whose artistic aims included the "ruin of realism," and the promotion of idealism. Satie produced this and a number of other works under the influence of Péladan and his brotherhood, but later distanced himself from this rather bizarre and eccentric group.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Prelude - La Vocation   by Satie piano sheet music AAB 1. Prelude - La Vocation N/A 1891 7
2. Prelude - The Initiation   by Satie piano sheet music AAC 2. Prelude - The Initiation N/A 1891 7
3. Prelude - The Incantation   by Satie piano sheet music AAD 3. Prelude - The Incantation N/A 1891 7