Arnold Schoenberg
Three Piano Pieces
Op. 11

About Arnold Schoenberg's Three Piano Pieces

The Three Piano Pieces Op. 11 were written in a very productive creative phase in 1909, during which Schoenberg also composed the Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 16, and “Erwartung,” Op. 17.
They are very important in the composer’s development. These pieces were Schoenberg´s first steps on the path toward serialism; they must therefore also be considered crucial landmarks in the music history of the 20th century.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Mässige Viertel Op. 11 No. 1  by Schoenberg piano sheet music AAB 1. Mässige Viertel N/A 1909 8+
2. Mässige Achtel Op. 11 No. 2  by Schoenberg piano sheet music AAC 2. Mässige Achtel N/A 1909 8+
3. Bewegte Achtel Op. 11 No. 3  by Schoenberg piano sheet music AAD 3. Bewegte Achtel N/A 1909 8+

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