Robert Schumann
Op. 9

Carnaval represents an elaborate and imaginative masked ball during carnival season. Schumann also put some musical puzzles into the score – "deciphering my masked ball will be a real game for you."

ID: 221
Robert Schumann

Op. 9

Key: N/A
Year: 1835
Level: 8+
Period: Early Romantic
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A Masked Carnival Ball

Schumann’s Carnaval is a collection of 21 short piano pieces that show musical portraits of both Schumann himself, characters from Italian comedy (commedia del'arte), and of his friends as they might appear during Fasching, the period leading up to Shrove Tuesday just before Lent. He even includes Chopin with a particularly apt tribute. This tribute was in spite of Chopin’s harsh criticism of the piece where he said that it “... wasn’t even music.” That is particularly unfair when one considers that Liszt compared Schumann’s wonderful work favorably with the “Diabelli Variations,” which Liszt himself used as part of his arsenal during his monumental duel with Thalberg.


Carnaval had its origin in a set of variations on a theme by Schubert, which Schumann worked on in 1833 and 1834. The variation work was never completed, but the opening 24 measures were re-used for the opening of Carnaval. Schumann puts himself into the work both musically, in the form of Eusebius and Florestan, and cryptically through musical codes, connecting the pieces through recurring motifs using the four notes Es–C–H–A, common to his name and the German word for Carnival, Fasching.

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