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Smallest 88 Key keyboard?? (Read 8012 times)

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Smallest 88 Key keyboard??
« on: August 04, 2003, 04:31:01 PM »

Hello Everyone - I am brand new to this board and would like to say hello.

I'm here though for a specific reason ... other than learning piano, I've been looking for something that doesn't seem to exist - so if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it:

My travel takes me far and wide - thus being able to practice on a regular basis (the ole' "twenty minutes a day") has become impossible.  So I figured my options were to find the tiniest weighted keyboard possible - it didn't have to have many features ...just weighted keys, the ability to plug in speakers or a headphone set (in other words, speakers aren't even attached in order to conserve room) and plug-in pedals ... on top of this it should be no wider or no deeper than the set of keys themselves.  Furthermore, ideally it should be able to fold in half (or dismantle into two pieces) somewhere, I guess around middle c, thus making it a very compact, portable instrument, not much longer than a flute case.

For those of you that may scoff at this - I must say if the ability is there to make personal computers and Mac's nearly as thin as pancakes - with enough power to edit and add special effects to movies like The Lord of the Rings... then what I'm asking above is not very outlandish at all.

So does anyone out there know if such an instrument exists - and if not, does anyone know how I could propose such an idea to any of the majors - or even find someone to build this myself?

Thanks much and I look forward to posting here in the future ...



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Re: Smallest 88 Key keyboard??
«Reply #1 on: August 09, 2003, 05:54:01 AM »
well i don't know much about "pancake" keyboards, but i think the yamaha p80 is pretty tiny. i think it was the smallest 88 key one when i was thinking about buying a keyboard. well hope this helped. good luck.
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