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Topic: Most of Bach's Partita 2 and some of Partita 4 (youtube)  (Read 6236 times)

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Comments about the playing are always much appreciated.  The ornaments are improvised, so no need to ask about what edition I am getting them from.  Some are more successful than others.


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Re: Most of Bach's Partita 2 and some of Partita 4 (youtube)
Reply #1 on: December 13, 2008, 03:30:42 AM
You play very well and I enjoyed the music.  So here is my problem.  I do not know you, (obviously) but are you really able to get away with that jacket in public?  Frankly it looks like you went out hunted down a bunch of care bears, skinned them for their pelts, and patched them all together.  It is a bit distracting while watching you play.     
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