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Newspaper article -- Amateur Pianist and Guardian Editor learns Chopin Ballade 1 (Read 2377 times)

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I noticed this article in the Guardian newspaper today about their editor returning to the piano and learning Chopin's first ballade ... interesting (I thought!)...


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I noticed this article in the Guardian newspaper today

Your link to the video seems to be broken and I don't get the article by clicking your link. The review of "Play it again: conquering Chopin's Ballade No 1" is here. There will be another one in the G2 section next Monday.

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Very interesting! One of my adult students told me last week that she wants to prepare the ballade! I have the first 3 in my repertoire, and know how hard they are and can be, so despite telling her ok, I had my concerns. I'm more up for the challenge of teaching her the piece now after reading it and will pass her this article! Thanks for posting :) M