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Did the United States of America attack itself? 911 (Read 11980 times)

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Re: Did the United States of America attack itself? 911
«Reply #150 on: February 21, 2013, 08:15:52 PM »
List of your points so far that 'support' a self-attack:


correlation does not imply causality. In addition, Afghanistan has had record growth in their own GDP post invasion from donations as well as investments in their country. While others have benefited, it's not been at the cost of their own citizens, exclusive of the death toll which is significantly lower than every other country, including Pakistan who we aren't even at war with.


Historical discussions of previous incidents, many of which have nothing to do with the US. Others were not even what the article states what they are or never even took place by their own admittance. Worthless point.


Page not found.


Theories that are supported by speculative or simply factually inaccurate events with accusations of the credibility of popular media with no supporting evidence.


Accusations on a page of someone selling books and DVD's of alternative theories. Also links to more factually inaccurate accusations. Including evidence of things like "Star Wars Guns" as well as the disproved dust theory.


Forum that includes not just evidence of 9/11 hoax, but every other terrorist attack in Europe. The have an entire section dedicated to the 'fact' that nobody actually died. My own first hand accounts indicate an entire forum of *** conspiracy theories that sh*t on American families.


Another factually incorrect dust theory.


This article is extremely disorganized and I truly have no idea what they are trying to prove, other than 'evidence' suggesting the police were extremely diligent in regards to traffic stops the night after a terrorist attack. Umm, duh?


Same forum from earlier. Factually incorrect evidence. More accusations, pointing out everyone caught on camera was an actor due to different reactions by different individuals. Obviously our entire discussion shows people react differently... more duh.


Topic change to Iraq war to discredit US government knowing about a lack of WMDs and an unsubstantiated war that most Americans agreed with the day it started. Disproving WMDs didn't really come as a shocker to anyone. Most Americans saw it as "daddy's war". Any relevance to 9/11 other than them using it as an excuse? Not really, proves nothing about your original accusations.


More irrelevant WMDs

Later, a post about how terrible the 9/11 memorial is, in that it does not inspire positive thoughts. A memorial about thousands of dead people shouldn't really have that effect. Go take a look at the Vietnam memorial.


More WMDs


Claims missiles hit the pentagon but the missile defense system did nothing. What if a plane ACTUALLY hit the building. The missile defense wasn't meant to target passenger planes that vary from their course and aren't known to be terrorist attacks. This theory only applies if it was an actual missile, which has been discredited by many witnesses (but obviously they are actors).


Accusations that Osama Bin Laden hasn't died and that the US government are liars. Still irrelevant to your original argument, but showing yet another topic change to move onto any topic of accusation. Try again. Transcriptions include comments about current affairs. The only way of refuting this is by simply more accusations that the US government are liars.


Still more speculation and accusations of being fake. Still nothing that disproves it other than people wanting to support their preconceived theories.

More accusations, many broken links supporting them. However, it's the first article you posted with legitimate sources and actual information about prior knowledge and preparation for potential terrorist attacks. That being said, the government practiced defense drills in case something like this happened. The major and incredibly significant detail was that their drills applied to planes coming from other countries. They state that they were prepared for that and had scramble drills. This is not the same as knowledge and scramble effects from planes within the country that pop off radar. It's more misapplication of evidence in an attempt to prove your preconceived beliefs, intentionally wording it to support a theory. Data mining.


The title of this article is completely misleading and typical of a tabloid. While the accusations are legitimate, this article twists both perspectives to create a tabloid story. Again, pick better sources if you want an intelligent discussion. But as we've consistently shown, that isn't your intention at all.

The rest are mostly discussed on this page so I won't repeat myself, and you are now starting to repeat links and reclaiming stories that have already been discussed/disproved. Too lazy to support articles you post, too lazy to look back a page. Your credibility is going down the tube, and you obviously have a hatred towards the US. Instead of dancing around the issue, why don't you just be straightforward and say it? Then we could skip the fake 'discussions' you state as your intention and just let you throw your sh*t around the room.
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