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Topic: It's Finally Here! First Recording on PF - Free Improv on 'My Favourite Things'  (Read 11186 times)

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Here is one done with my phone, so please excuse the quality.

Here is a short listening guide if you are into those kind of stuff:
This improvisation begins with a short introduction with a preview of the main theme.

I then preview the chord progression with some simple vamping before the exposition of the main theme with very little ornamentation. This is to let listeners know what I am working with. This is also so people can recognise the melody without having me to tell them!

After that, I begin my improvisation. I took many liberties with the melody, rhythm and harmonies. Apparently I had too much fun and I got carried away. Thus, it ended up slightly on the long side. The improvisation is based on somewhat the same chord progression. The improvisation is erring on the free side. You can hear me gradually 'bastardising' the main theme. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it does not, but I tried my best to give it fluidity.

The second half of the improvisation revolves around simple LH vamping on two chords with uninhibited experimentation with unconventional harmonies, rhythm and runs.

Finally, I recapitulate with the main theme and finish the piece with a corresponding phrase that matches the chord progression preview in the beginning, giving the whole improvisation some structure and coherence.

I hope you all enjoy it!
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I would like to hear a lot more of this sort of stuff on the forum. I do not like this "structure" and coherence musicians incessantly harp about. My brain is perfectly capable of imposing its own meaning onto musical sound without needing someone else's historically sanctioned jelly-mould as a crutch. "Structure" has ruined Western music for centuries. Time it was quietly euthanased. So be as free as you like to my ears, don't worry about that aspect.

I think you could use your left hand more. Are you a jazz pianist ? Very few jazz pianists can think through their left hands. Stride and ragtime use the left hand a lot, but in very restricted, if somewhat strenuous ways. The habit of actively thinking with both hands is well worth cultivating, takes a few months at most, but the rewards are immense.

Secondly, in solo improvisation it is unnecessary to take a repeated trip through the whole melody. In fact, the improvising mind seems to soar in inverse proportion to cell size. Small ideas, single phrases, particular chord changes, are the DNA of improvisation - grab hold of them and use them as springboards to take off on tangents.

Thirdly, unless you desire an impression of stasis, change key often and do not hesitate to inject your own harmony. Harmony is only surface colouring anyway isn't it ?

There we are, now I have probably shot myself in the foot good and properly with the diehards again as usual. What I am saying is that you should get carried away much more, not less, and what is music about if not fun for heaven's sake ? You should not hesitate to "bastardise" everything in sight.

Your rhythm is very good, and that is most important of all. I very much look forward to more from you.
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Great playing, I think that your right hand could have taken more breaks, if your left hand was the bass and your right was saxophone or something. I don't know, i just felt that the right hand could have been less busy imo. Great playing though, Would have loved to hear some nice jazzy drums and bass in the background too. You've put me in a jazz mood!!  ;D

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