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Topic: Chopin Prelude 24 in D minor  (Read 4924 times)

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Chopin Prelude 24 in D minor
on: November 19, 2004, 08:02:14 PM

I am a piano student of around grade 6 standard and enjoy playing Chopins preludes.

So far I have only attemped the more simple preludes, but my favourite prelude is number 24. This is significantly more difficult than the pieces I have played so far.

I just wanted to get people's opinions on attempting this piece, do you think it would be way beyond a grade 6 player and I am being ridiculous for even thinking about it?! I know the left hand will be a big challenge and the runs up and down the keyboard even more so.

My aim isn't to play it perfectly by any means or even remotely as fast as a top pianist would play it, but just to get through it reasonably.


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Re: Chopin Prelude 24 in D minor
Reply #1 on: November 19, 2004, 11:40:05 PM
Problem first and foremost I would say is blowing your chops.  Personally, I would get way into it and try to play it too fast, too aggressive... by the end I had nothing left.  The runs up and down are moderately hard, but only while trying to keep the whole piece in tempo - most cheat and just slow down a little there, like me  ;).  The thirds run isn't too hard once you get that ability, the basic feel (riding a bike).  Best prelude imo.
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Re: Chopin Prelude 24 in D minor
Reply #2 on: November 19, 2004, 11:42:09 PM
the left hand demands alot of endurance, this is my fave prelude too

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