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Help i need a grand piano ! (Read 1131 times)

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Help i need a grand piano !
« on: September 08, 2015, 07:11:21 PM »
Hi everyone,
I am an advanced level pianist who need to buy a new yamaha grand at an affordable price with limited space. I thought about buying a used yamaha C3 and had the choice between a 1970 model (2 pedals) at 9500 $ or a 1980 model(3 pedals) at 17000 $. I have seen on the internet that older yamaha models are not reliable and had a quality similar to G series, but after trying the old model I preferred its bright sound and tone over the newer model. Which one should i buy and why(is the statement about old yamaha c3 models true) ? Any other suggestions of equivalent model of another brand with the same price range and dimensions ?

Help is appreciated

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Re: Help i need a grand piano !
«Reply #1 on: September 16, 2015, 10:04:22 PM »
17 thousand dollars for a 30-odd-year-old C3? Zimbabwe dollars or what? Someone is surely having a laugh. Which country are you in? This question has a bearing on what to recommend 'cos piano availability varies a lot by country.
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