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mechanics and action of an old yamaha U3E (1965) (Read 1323 times)

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mechanics and action of an old yamaha U3E (1965)
« on: December 28, 2015, 01:36:41 PM »
Hello dear members,

I am from Israel, learning to play piano, amature.
i am new to the forum (:

I recently purchased an old yamaha U3E that was made in 1965 according to the serial # (422206).
It is imported to Israel from Japan and has the "USED PIANO ASSOCIATION" credential.
It is stated to be in excellent condition. I really like how it sounds.
The thing is that i dont have much experience with acoustic pianos as i am used to digital pianos (even my teacher has only digital pianos).

I want to know whether there are fundamental differences between older U3 like mine and newer U3 (say from the Eighties and Ninties) regarding their action mechanism. Do newer U3 allows for better dynamic range and response? Or there is little to no difference regarding the action and mechanism technology incorporated by Yamaha during this years.
I know each piano has its own "feel", but in terms of technology, is it really much different?
I could go to a store and compare to a new U3 but I know there are major changes since 2000 for the U3 line.
Also, i dont have access right now to a 20-30 year old U3 in order to compare it to my 50 year old piano.

Thank you