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Cardboard shim for loose tuning pin (Read 1797 times)

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Cardboard shim for loose tuning pin
« on: February 01, 2016, 09:00:48 AM »
Cardboard shim for loose tuning pin:

This is a cost-effective method of fixing a loose tuning pin. It avoids de-tuning adjacent strings, which can happen with methods that involve hammering tuning pins in.

First, turn the tuning pin enough to slacken the string coils. Then, using a narrow (but strong) screwdriver or an awl, lever the end of the string out of the tuning pin hole. (This point in the string is called the 'becket'). Lever against the tuning pin itself to prise the string out.

Now unscrew the tuning pin completely, leaving the string and coils in place. From some corrugated cardboard about 2mm or 3mm thick, cut a piece 20mm by 50mm. Insert this strip into the tuning pin hole (It may be helpful to curve the cardboard round a screwdriver shaft first, to make it easier to insert into the tuning pin hole). Firmly start the tuning pin into the hole, with the cardboard shim in place. Carefully turn the tuning pin into the hole, going quite slowly so as to avoid a build-up of heat. Turn the pin all the way in, to the same level as before.

Carefully insert the end of the string (the 'becket') back into the tuning pin hole, using suitable pliers. Make sure that the string coils are kept tight, using a stringing hook or a screwdriver.

Tune the string to pitch. The cardboard shim method will keep the pin tight for years and does not involve glue.
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