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Coronavirus Etude - A New Viral Piano Piece
A classic viral piano piece, "Dusting the Piano" has finally got a follow-up. While Dusting the Piano should be managable for players of ABRSM grade 1 and suitable for performances during less critical times, the new Coronavirus Etude is more complex (around ABRSM grade 5) and aimed to be more effective against viruses. Read more >>

Topic: Liszt Valse de concert sur deux motifs de "Lucia" et "Parisina" de Donizetti  (Read 1689 times)

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second (and superior, imho) version of the piece, S. 214
I'm learning this for a recital in September.

"The Valse de Concert (titled ‘Valse à capriccio’ in the earlier version) was published by Liszt as the third of Trois caprices-valses, the others being the revised versions of the Valse mélancolique and the Valse de bravoure (both recorded in Volume 1 of this series), so it is clear that here as elsewhere he did not mind mixing original works with those based on other material. But this waltz really is an original piece, both because of the extraordinary variety which Liszt brings to his treatment of the Lucia waltz, and because of his happy combination of that theme with the Parisina waltz in invertible counterpoint.

from notes by Leslie Howard © 1994"