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Topic: Playlists of the great composers and intermediate pieces on SPOTIFY  (Read 1447 times)

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Hi folks,

New to the board, and new again to relearning the piano. I'm about gd 5-6 ish. Not sure if this should be here on repertoire , as its sort of both.

I've been away from listening to piano music (rather than orchestral) since before all these modern devices for playlists were available.. lol

I use SPOTIFY and I was hoping some kind and patient person, has playlists of the complete piano works by Beethoven, Brams, Rach, Chopin, Mozart and a very others. In separate lists. Done by good pianists?

I'm wanting to start thinking about what I would like to play, pick some pieces say about 15-20 that really call to me, to go on my "learning list". But not listening to classical Piano music (I normally listen to orchestral) i'm a bit behind in my piano specific music knowledge.

I would like to listen to a composer a week (ie have Beethoven in the background around the house for a week, then Chopin, then Bach) just to get re-acquainted with the sounds and things. So its a bit of musical theory and knowledge and repertoire building all at once. I'm thinking future here.

Slightly more cheeky I guess... but has anyone got Spotify lists of Intermediate - low advanced grade pieces? grades 5-7 maybe. with a couple of grade 8

So far I am reading every single post on this wonderful forum and looking at all the piano suggestions and adding them to lists:-) very time consuming (though suits my OCD brain when its in OCD mode) just not so good when in creative mode..lol

Then i'm creating lists of appropriate pieces to listen to and when the start "singing to me" I have a look at the music.

If not I will continue on my own creating these lists, which no doubt, you will all say is the best plan anyway.

so far I have following in my list of might want to learn in near future:

Beethoven Rondo in c
brahms Hungarian dance 1 (although 5 is my fav orchestral)
Chopin Mazurka 14 g minor
Haydn piano sonata c major
Clementi sonatina in g major
Sleeping beauty suite...bhhaaaaaa lol
Beethoven minuet in g woO 10 no.2
Concerning hobbits from LOTR - but I have a feeling this might be above me as all the piano music I have seen from that movie is like concert piano stuff with fist thumps and the like.
Beautiful piano version of "kiss the girl" from the little mermaid WHEN I find the music....

also with NO KNOWLEDGE of what level it might be i'm trying to chase the piano version of the grand waltz from swan lake. There IS a version somewhere. anyone??

Thanks again, all your suggestions of pieces (in all the other posts that I have been reading) are amazing and I am soaking up all the suggestions.