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Topic: Chopin's Polonaise in G minor (op. posth) - what should be improved?  (Read 1732 times)

Offline mistralx

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Hello guys.
This is a work version of course of Polonaise G minor op. posth. (without repetitions and with some mistakes). I want to ask you to tell me what to should be improved?
I think this recording it is too flat in some parts if it's about dynamics.

What do you think?

Offline 109natsu

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Hello mistralx,

Fantastic performance! I loved your overall tempo, direction, and the feeling of this piece.Your phrasing is great. Even though I haven't played, I think you have brought out the important parts well, musically.

Talking about dynamics... I don't think you are too far off the course with your dynamics, but I guess, some places could be improved. Since there are rarely any dynamic markings on the score (at least the one I'm looking at), you can interpret them freely and do whatever that musically make sense. I can use a little less left hand accompaniment, but it is already okay as is.

I think you are doing a great job and this piece is coming along well.

Here are my other suggestions/opinions. (I am a student as well, so please do not take them seriously as a professinal teacher's comment)

-Have you looked at interpretations of others? When you are solid on your interpretation, you should take a look at others and see what you like. For example, most people do non-legato on the eighth notes in measures 3 and 4.
-At measure 6, I think you can create a more special feeling with the G sharp...
-I loved your grace note at measure 8.
-At measures 18 and 19, I need to hear a lot more melody... It is erased by the accompaniment. (Maybe it's the recording)
-I liked your playfulness at measure 23, but could use a bit more.
-At measures 23-26, 36-37, you can play the bass (1st note of each measure) heavier to emphasize the beats.

But overall, your performance was absolutely fantastic! Keep up your good work!
Other people might be able to help you more...


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