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5 Minutes on Franz Liszt’s Funérailles

Pianist Daniel Barenboim, now celebrating 75 years, has published a series of short videos titled “5 minutes on…” in which he discusses well-known piano pieces. In this episode he talks about Franz Liszt’s Funérailles from the piano cycle Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Kessler op.31 Preludes (and a question)  (Read 435 times)
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I heard Kessler's 24 Preludes op. 31 and, in its brevity, they seem to me adequate as teaching pieces. Sadly, I haven't found the score anywhere. Could somebody help?

Another question regarding Preludes: I watched some time ago a YT video with a pianist playing an enormous set (300, if I'm not mistaken) of really short preludes, but I can't remember the composer.
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