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Topic: Ornament in A flat OP 53 Polonaise, Chopin, measure 33  (Read 1964 times)

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Ornament in A flat OP 53 Polonaise, Chopin, measure 33
on: February 09, 2017, 03:26:06 AM
The trill in measure 33 has a small note, which is a repetition of the the principal note, before the trill.  Most editions I have seen, Peters edition by Scholtz for example indicate a fingering that implies the repetition of the principal note.

The one edition which contradicted that was an Alfred edition by Willard Plamer, where he specifically state that Chopin used the small note before the trill to indicate only that the trill begins on the principal note, and no repetition of the principal note is intended.

In this Youtube demonstration at 6:51 it shows the note being repeated before the trill

I am led to believe in this case the note should be repeated, since most documentation I have seen imply or indicate that.

Either way I execute it, the trill sounds fine, but curious if there is any consensus, not just on this trill, but ornaments in general?