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Topic: How is my repertoire for my piano competition?  (Read 1551 times)

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How is my repertoire for my piano competition?
on: March 23, 2017, 05:11:08 PM
I am picking out my repertoire for this picking piano competition next year.

Here is what they require:
One Etude chosen from the list of etudes.
Two sonatas by Scarlatti or Soler, or a complete work or a minimum of two contrasting movements of a work by J.S. Bach or Handel (for a suite or a partita, a minimum of three contrasting movements is required).
One movements of a sonata from the classical period or one work from the classical period (in one movement).
One work or a group of movements or one movement of your choice.

Here is what I picked so far:
Laypunov's etude op.11 no.8 (The etude requirement)
Beethoven Sonata no.8 mov.I or II (The classical sonata requirement)
I am not sure about what to choose for the second requirement which says to pick two sonatas of Scarlatti or Soler or a Bach or Haydn work. I am not so much a fan of Scarlatti or Soler Sonata's, but cannot decide on any Bach or Haydn works. Any suggestions on some good competition pieces? Lastly, which Sonata in your opinion is best for the competition out of the two Beethoven Sonatas that I listed.
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