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A Return (Read 609 times)

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A Return
« on: March 30, 2017, 11:55:26 AM »
Hello Again!

It's Josh here, happy to greet you all once more! I've been working on a number things and just generally distracted by a lot, but, I had good times on this forum so I'm coming back, at least, I hope to for a while until I get distracted again :P

So, if anyone would like to fill me in on the goings on that would be nice, I'd like to know how the place is doing and it'd also be good to hear from the familiar... I suppose faces is the wrong word... Familiar usernames perhaps?

I will admit openly that I'm also back for slightly self interested reasons as I'm hoping to share a number of recordings I've made and I'm also looking to network, but, this to me is a two way street and those who want me to look at their stuff or even discuss any possible collaboration are more than welcome to ask me whatever.

So yeah, I hope people don't mind me making this topic and feel free to speak up or even introduce yourself :)
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