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Topic: Most Effective Single Piano Concerto Movement?  (Read 1976 times)

Offline skywalker_06

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Most Effective Single Piano Concerto Movement?
on: May 04, 2017, 03:23:40 PM
Hello, all!

Each year my orchestra allows a senior to pick a concerto to audition with and if you're picked, you get to play your concerto with the school's orchestra. The only catch is it generally needs to be about 10 minutes (or less) so just one movement. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on a really fun piece to learn, and a really effective piece for the audience.

If it's any reference to my current abilities, in terms of concerti I've done Beethoven's 4th, the 1st and 2nd movements of Chopin's 1st concerto and Mendelssohn's 1st Concerto. In terms of solo rep over the past year or so: Chopin Etude Op 10. No. 4, Chopin Ballade No. 1/Scherzo No. 2/Heroic Polonaise, Prokofiev's Children Set, a couple Mozart Sonatas and Beethoven's Appassionata.

Also, I have about a year from now to learn a new/perfect an old piece.  

Offline beethovenfan01

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Re: Most Effective Single Piano Concerto Movement?
Reply #1 on: May 07, 2017, 05:33:26 AM
How about Beethoven 3, third movement? That's a good one.
Bach Chromatic Fantasie and Fugue
Beethoven Sonata Op. 10 No. 1
Shostakovich Preludes Op. 34
Scriabin Etude Op. 2 No. 1
Liszt Fantasie and Fugue on BACH
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