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International Piano – September/October issue

Boris Giltburg explores how his Russian roots have deeply influenced his cultural and artistic outlook, and explains why the music of Rachmaninov never fails to move him; we catch up with pianist and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy as he celebrates his 80th birthday; and the development of piano music and pianism in Russia in the turbulent years leading up to the October Revolution of 1917. Read more >>

Question: How consistently do you perceive quality in music ?
The sounds I consider good music are very clearly defined to me, and I expect them to remain much the same for the rest of my life. - 0 (0%)
My preferences and reactions remain stable, but I like being exposed to new sounds once in a while. - 0 (0%)
My likes and dislikes vary somewhat over time - 0 (0%)
In general, I find it hard to make up my mind if I like something, and my preferences vary a great deal over time. - 0 (0%)
I change my mind from one day the next, even about the same piece - 1 (100%)
Total Voters: 1

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Author Topic: Consistency of listening experience  (Read 967 times)
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I restrict "quality" to its personal perception only to avoid any debates about "greatness" or whether universal merit exists, and other such general considerations. In other words, whether sounds are good or bad in any external, social, statistical or historical sense doesn't matter for this poll, only the variability of your enjoyment.
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"When I was young they said, 'Ah, wait until you are old, then you'll see.' Well, now I am old, and I have seen nothing." - Erik Satie
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